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Hotlegs Entertainment Inc. Dance Company Profile
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Hotlegs Entertainment Inc. Dance Company Profile


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  • 2. HISTORY AND PROFILEHOTLEGS began as a break away group from the Metropolitan HOTLEGS has been around for over 20 years, starting andBallet, a classical and modern ballet company headed by Tony maintaining a tradition that is distinctly professional in itsFabella. This unusual group of dancers wanted to try out other forms approach. The dancers that have been carefully sortedof expression that appealed to a wider audience without losing its through based on their talent, commitment and dedication todedication or discipline that they had for ballet. So they changed their the craft, and character as a performer and as an individual.focus to jazz and other related contemporary dances and replaced The company has 4 resident choreographers, and severaltheir tights and pointed shoes with skin-toned stockings and high freelance choreographers. All of them are full timeheels. professional dancers.To top it all off, they went for a very "risqué" name, HOTLEGS, which HOTLEGS boasts of quality dancing- energetic and refinedwas, in a sense, a rebellion against the ballet tradition they stemmed moves that mold into every shows theme. The company’sfrom. They made their debut at an international performance for the range is diverse, covering dances from the learned classicalKing of Morocco. Since then, their performances moved on from the ballet to the earthiest styles. Its performances breathe with amore established theater performances to the concert stage, rhythm that makes everything come to life.television and other commercial venues. The company’s commitment to the craft, however, extendsThis group of dancers began a tradition that has since been a farther than just what goes on onstage. These people carrystandard linked with the name, HOTLEGS. Not only do they support the titles, choreographer and dancer, with an obvious pride.many featured artists, but they are also considered an act in itself. Their training has extended from the best dance educationWith extra detail and care put into their styling and costuming, these available in Manila to some of the best abroad. As for thedancers catch ones attention almost immediately onstage. Moreover, performances, they go an extra mile to make every detail justthey always perform with a noticeable passion and love for what they perfect. They prepare for every show as though it weredo. The result is an act that is a feast for ones senses, a true always the last-rehearsals taking as long as they need topleasure to watch. perfect each piece. And together with the commitment of shows is the responsibility to keep in optimum shape, a dutyThe group has become a breeding ground for fresh and innovative these individuals do not take lightly.choreographers. It has also produced some of the finest dancers thatManilas commercial dance scene has seen through the years. As a result, HOTLEGS has become a name synonymous toThe company graces most of Manilas finest performances, and first class dancing in Manilas entertainment scene. Thesecovers a range of media from the live concert stage to television to full time professionals are an act to watch out for in everycorporate events all over the Philippines and internationally. show they do.
  • 3. Today, no other dance company displays togetherness better With this fusion of talents, passion and focus, it is nothan this group of dancers. This is HOTLEGS strength and wonder that this group has come a long way from beingpride. From a distance, an entire ensemble seems to breathe "just dancers" to what it is today. "The possibilities areand move as one. The clarity of their movements, the energy endless"...this is the maxim these dancers live by. Andand rhythm of each individual is consistent to the next. It is as if the journey has just begun.they are linked to one another onstage. To this date, the tradition and standards set by the veryYet these individuals can stand on their own as soloists when first generation of HOTLEGS has been carefullyrequired. Their training and confidence as seasoned dancers are maintained. It is an ever evolving organisation withapparent in these instances. Not only are they equipped with dedicated choreographers and dancers that always willrefined terpsichorean skills, HOTLEGS also boasts of their be part of this company whether they are based inexcellent fashion sense, which is evidently revealed in their Manila, Hong Kong, London, New York or Los Angeles.constant fresh-off-the-runway look.Their well put together costumes, down to their modish hair and “make-up, never fails to capture each audiences attention - trulytrailblazers of style, whether it is in dance or fashion. I love Hotlegs. I do. I love the way they work, and I love the way they laugh. ”Moreover, there are many other talents found in each individual -from professional styling and designing, to acting, to directing-and the list goes on and on. Many times, these talents are also Floy Quintosintegrated into their performances. Stage Director
  • 4. CHRISTINE BLANDOManaging Director,Hotlegs Entertainment Inc.Christine’s talent was discovered when shewas a student of the famed MetropolitanDance Theater. She later continued her danceeducation in the United States beforereturning to the Philippines where she took upthe challenge as leader of the country’spremiere jazz dance company, Hotlegs.Under Christine’s leadership, the companybecame a melting pot of creative ideas, - arare forum of dance entertainment whereeach individual contributor and performer hadsomething special to offer to the audience.She is hailed by her peers as an innovativechoreographer and one of the greatest Jazzdancers this country has seen.Today, in addition to her career as aperformer and choreographer, Christine hasestablished herself as an Assistant Directorfor over 1000 TV commercials. She hasworked with both Filipino and foreign directorsthrough her 20 year career in advertising, andis considered one of the senior AD’s in theindustry. Christine is respected by some of thefinest directors around as a dedicated andunusually focused colleague. Her work coversthe full range of genres… action, glamour,musicals, lifestyle & narratives.Among the talented artists she has workedwith are Lea Salonga, Martin Nievera, GaryValenciano, Regine Velasquez, Piolo Pascual,Sharon Cuneta, Kris Aquino, CharicePempengco and Arnel Pineda.Christine’s is continuously making an effort toexcel in her career as a professional withinthe commercial industry and has worked onnumerous projects for major ad agencies suchas McCann Erickson, Ace, Saatchi & Satchi,J. Walter Thompson and Hemisphere L.Burnett. One of her recent assignments was aregional commercial for the San MiguelCorporation - featuring international actionstar Jet Li.Christine is a graduate of the University of the Philippines, Bachelor of Arts, Major in Humanities.
  • 5. NANCY CROWEChoreographerNancy, albeit petite, is like a big energy ball that never fails toliven up the most wearisome rehearsal. This remarkable vigoris also mirrored in her style of choreography, which strictlycalls for a great amount of strength and stamina. She isknown to push each dancer to his or her own limit andbeyond...skyrocketing them to their full potential. That said,expect no less than a seamless, high-spirited, eye-poppingdance piece from one of the chief assets of Hotlegs. CHARLES THOMPSON Choreographer Dancing to this gifted choreographers artistic composition is like going through a plethora of emotions. The simplest feeling or experience-- whether it is good or bad -- can stir up his creative juices. Clearly, Charles choreography comes not only from the deepest recesses of his mind, but from his heart as well. So, even if it takes longer for him to finish a dance (reason being that hes quite the stickler for detail), the end result makes it all worthwhile.
  • 6. PAUL GLORIAChoreographer – London basedDrawing much inspiration from his extensive backgroundin ballet, jazz, and tap, Paul is at his best when givenpieces that are either purely jazz or Fred Astaire-ish. Inthe eyes of many, Paul is Bob Fosse incarnate. His jazzdance style is somewhat similar to that of Fossessignature strong lithe steps that exude sexuality andmovements that seem to be uncomfortable but worksperfectly well into his dance pieces. Add that to Paulsown personal approach and youve got an elevated formof dance that will surely heat up any dance floor. JOIE TINSAY Administrator and Dance Captain Joie...pronounced as "zwaah". French, meaning joy. Based on her parents accounts, Joie has been dancing since she could stand on her own. But it was only when she was in college that she honed this talent and put her "exceptionally long legs" into good use, so to speak. Under the rigid tutelage of her first professional instructor, Joie gained knowledge in jazz and completely fell in love with dance. She loved it so much that she and her instructor formed a dance troupe at their university called "Footworks". After she graduated, she moved on to other professional dance groups, then finally to Hotlegs where she plans to stay and dance for as long as her body can allow it.
  • 7. SHEILA LACROAdministrator and DancerAlthough it wasnt only until Sheila turned 16 did she get hergroove going. It was at that age when "The perennial Hotlegsparty planner" signed up for formal training in jazz. Soonafterwards, she joined the dance troupe at her university andhasnt stopped dancing since. Sheila is primarily stimulated by thegiven fact that her chosen profession NEVER gets uninterestingbecause the learning also NEVER ends. Every so often a newstyle comes along for her to become skilled at and being in thecompany of good people to study it with is such an added bonusfor her. JAMES VALDEZ Dancer Whenever a part of the dance calls for moves that require skills in break dancing or gymnastics, the choreographers call on James. Do not be fooled by this dancers small frame. What he lacks in height is well compensated by his wide-ranging abilities and technique. His strongest point being that he is one of the companys sturdiest lifters - ever steadfast and always trusted by the choreographers and his female partners in the dance number. This extraordinarily alabaster-skinned dancer is never late for any rehearsal and is ubiquitous in all the company dance classes of Hotlegs. These are just some of the many examples that clearly display James professionalism. No wonder he is one of the companys most prominent male dancer.
  • 8. JOYCE REGALADancerJoyce is a real triple threat - having the perfect blend of beauty, brainsand talent. It comes to no surprise to atone that she has done numerouscommercials because of her drop-dead gorgeous looks, tanned flawlessskin and svelte frame. Brains – Armed with a degree in Literature of LaSalle, Joyce has a wit so sharp it can cut through steel. Talent -Aftertaking formal dance classes she danced her way into Hotlegs. During theauditions, she caught the eye of Christine Blando and immediately gotaccepted into the company. Through the years, Joyce has proven to bea very resilient performer. She loves dancing so much she said shedeven do it for free! ...Wow!God was definitely showing off when He created this breathtaking being.. ROBERT ADEL Dancer As a kid, Robert would stand in front of the television, mimicking each dance move hed see. He would do this from time to time until realizing that he was actually pretty good at it. Robert was more than determined and eventually became a member of the Philippine National Team that competed in Australia in the International Step Teams Championship. Today, you can still see the same gusto in his eyes. It was his eagerness to learn and thirst for knowledge that made him reach where he is now.
  • 9. JULIE EIGENMANNDancer - Los Angeles basedIn a baby blue and white flower-girl dress at her grandparentssilver wedding anniversary celebration, a 7 year-old Julie watchedin awe as her “auntie” Gigi and “uncle” Douglas (Nierras ofPowerdance) danced to a perfectly choreographed and executedadagio piece. Her thought bubble was, "I wanna be like them".Now in Hotlegs, Julie says that she has found her permanenthome. Boasting that getting to work and be around her closestfriends/second family whenever she is in Manila, is such ablessing that many would slay for. NICK TALLA Dancer – Hong Kong based With his lanky and slim body, Nick would appear to be frail or weak. But this dancer is everything else but weak. Would you believe that at one show he was able to steadily sustain an overhead lift for well over a minute? Considering that he has not much formal training in dance, expect no less than a fine performance from Nick. There really is "something about Nick" thats pretty hard to put your finger on. Is it his famous tiger-look, his signature dreadlocks, his ever-stylish clothes, or his magnetic personality? Whatever it may be, Nick is just really such a presence to behold when he performs.
  • 10. FRANCHESCA "TWINKLE" ZAMORACostumier and DancerTwinkles greatest influence in dance is her mother,Bellestar Promotions founder, Bella Dimayuga. "She wasthe first total performer I have ever seen!” she wouldproudly say. In addition to her dancing career Twinkle isthriving as a well respected costumier for the Manila theatrescene. Credits include costume executions for In TheHeights, Doubt, Disney’s Beauty and The Beast, Xanadu ,A Little Night Music and Next To Normal. Twinkle’swinsome smile can brighten up any gloomy day. Indeed,true to her stellar nickname. LITO CIPRIANO Dancer If in the middle of a tireless rehearsal and someone suddenly bursts into a song (full force with vocal gymnastics to boot) that would be Lito. If he werent a dancer, hed surely be a singer says the wide-smiling, ever-cheerful and funny man Lito. At 15 years old, he was already earning his own money performing in musicals. Considering that he had more opportunities as a dancer and armed with extensive ballet training, he auditioned for the Gener Caringal Dance Repertory. Joining that company really jump-started his career in dance, which later on landed him onto different groups that performed on television. Lito will bend over backwards for his family -- making them his number one priority. Altruistically he provides for their needs and is having his very own house built that he will certainly share with them. Big guy. Big dreams. Big heart.
  • 11. KRISTINE TANDancerWhen the group thinks of Kristine, there are some things that firstcome to mind... First, her long, shiny, black veil of ultra-straight hair -achieved through constant care and endless visits to the salon.With regards to her background in dance, Kristine feels that she will beeternally indebted to her mom. Not only for raising her on her own, butalso for patiently taking her to every single dance class and rehearsalshe had starting at age 5 (ending only when she entered high school).Her dedication to dance earned her a scholarship at the MetropolitanDance Company and she subsequently became an apprentice in thesame company. A well-deserved honor! LEAL-MARIE DIAZ Dancer This voluptuous woman eats, breathes, and lives R&B. The very second she hears any hiphop or R&B beat, her body starts to move and groove to the rhythm, completely throwing herself in the moment. That is how fast and how well Lemas body responds to her favorite type of music. For as far back as she can remember, Lemas house was always filled with music. Surrounded by dance enthusiasts, she was exposed to different genres of music at an early age. In nearly all the family get-togethers, Lemas grandmother would always wheedle her to dance for everyone. Without batting an eyelash, Lema would gladly oblige. Her grandmother was so amused, she enrolled Lema in a ballet school when she turned 5 and the rest was history. Her dear grandmother may not be alive today, but she still remains to be her inspiration. Lema is presently touring with Philippine All Stars.
  • 12. CELINE BILBAODancerNot long ago the company welcomed in a sweet, fun-loving, pixie-haired young woman named Celine. Equipped with ballet and jazztraining, she has certainly deserved to be amongst Manilaspremiere dancers. Although she admits that she still has much tolearn, she welcomes every challenge brought on to her by hersenior co-dancers with open arms. In fact, Celine gives highregard and respect to all her past and present choreographerssaying that she has learned to love, enjoy and to add more depthto dancing with the help of these people.This junior member knows how to balance her time well. When notworking she either spends quality time with her daughter and herdogs, window-shops or goes out drinking with friends. An equalbalance of work and play would best describe Celines lifestyle.She wakes up each morning believing that whatever it is that shesdoing or wherever she is, she will be having the time of her life. RICHARD ARGULLA Dancer One would probably think that this self-confessed naughty guy is either half Afro-American or half Indian. To the surprise of many, he is neither. Richard is purely Filipino and pretty much like your average male. When his work schedule permits it, he plays the part of a terrific dad to his son. And after a hectic day of rehearsals, he unwinds by having a few drinks with his friends and by playing his favorite sport, basketball. When the Metallic Gigolo (a famous dance step and contest on TV) was hot, Richard discovered his flair for dancing. He also looked up to (because of their funky moves) a well-liked all-male dance group called the "Knapsax". Eventually he became a member of that group, it was a dream come true. This big break paved the way for other opportunities -- leading him on to several dance groups before finally finding where he truly belongs, in Hotlegs.
  • 13. CARMELLE SISONDancer"I love to dance. I cant think of anything better to do in this world but doing what you loveto do".The best teachers in the finest schools in the industry have trained the newest addition tothe Hotlegs family, Carmelle. No less than Ms. Effie Nanas (Effie Nanas School ofBallet), Gina Katigbak and Nonoy Froilan (Ballet Philippines) to name a few --teacherswho are tantamount to the word excellent. JET SOLON Dancer and Choreographer Always dressed to the nines in impeccably well-coordinated, colored garb. Jet is a sight for sore eyes in a middle of a dull rehearsal. In a way it perfectly reflects this party animals total persona on and off stage. A high-spirited, colorful person, Jet sees the stage and the world as one big playground where in he can uninhibitedly spread the love and passing it on to every single person he bumps into. Jet is constantly on his toes, always testing himself and exerting much effort for him to reach his full potential as a dancer. He believes that there can always be someone out there who is better than you and can take your place...(snaps)...just like that. Nonetheless, Jet doesnt take it all THAT too seriously. For this playful artiste, is just enjoying the ride, having the time of his life seeing the world through rose-colored glasses.
  • 14. IDA RAMOSDancerSet with years of training in ballet, jazz, tap, modern ballet and folk, itis no shock to everyone that Ida has already accomplished so muchin her career as a dancer. Dancing has essentially led her to performin a variety of settings such as dance festivals, stage musicals,concerts, corporate events, television, movies, and commercials.With such experience as a performer under her (sequined) belt, Idastill desires to achieve more. She still dreams to be as good as herdance icons, aunt Carmel Tan, Christine Blando, Charles Thompson,and Nancy Crowe.In the years that she has been with Hotlegs, no one has actuallyseen Ida having a bad day. Seriously! She is like sunshine peeringthrough the clouds - her pretty face ceaselessly smiling, never everlooking neither angry nor sad, as if oblivious to the stress and frenzythat surround her at times. The very same effect is sensed when onesets their eyes on her when she performs on stage. GLAY PINEDA Dancer Glay grew up watching the shows of his mom and her sisters. Wanting to be as skilled and graceful, he decided to get into dancing as well. But what motivated him even more is the simple fact that he wished to learn to be able to interpret music the way he wants to. Ever-present in all the rave parties, Glay can strut his stuff on the ledge for hours on end. Raising a lot of queries among those below him like, "Is he on something?" Well, Glay is NOT on anything. Its just what everyone would call, a "natural" kind of high --a feeling that Glay gets when he immerses himself in the music, propelling him to dance like there is no tomorrow. For this dance junkie, dance is his elixir.
  • 15. JULIUS EBREOChoreographer – London basedOnly months after being accepted into the group, Juliuswas given the arduous task of choreographing forHotlegs. Seeing this as his chance to prove his artisticabilities, a nervous yet confident Julius readily took on thechallenge. The result of it was enough to establish hisvery own little niche as a junior choreographer in thegroup. He may be the latest addition to the breed oftalented instructors but he is not new to choreographingper se. For the past few years, he has been in-demand asa dance coach --putting together winning routines fordance and cheerleading competitions among schools anduniversities in the metropolis. ELSIE ANGELES Dancer Elsie is so quiet that hearing her speak is considered a Kodak moment in Hotlegs making her co-dancers say, "Oh youre there pala?". The incredibly bashful, simple and reserved Elsie stands out in the group in the sense that she is the only one who is always calm and well, silent. The truth is, she says that what she loves most about dancing is that she doesnt have to open her mouth to speak. She can express what she truly feels inside plainly through motion. For Elsie, "dancing is like living”. You go from one stage to the next and in every stage you learn something that brings yourself anew."
  • 16. DESIREE GUICODancer and DesignerDes is beyond doubt a gifted dancer, a loving friend and a woman of style. She is the type of person that leaves a lastingimpression on anyone that meets her for the first time. Blame it on her uncanny resemblance to Uma Thurman, her arrestingsmile and effortless sense of style (always a step ahead of the present season). Des credits all these to her first love,dancing. She says that dancing keeps her looking young, fresh and fabulous. And what a more opportune chance for her toflaunt it by wearing the various sexy costumes that she herself designed for the company.Desiree cherishes each day, seeing it as a chance for her to become better -as a performer and as a person. She is notmerely a woman of style, but of substance as well. Des is currently holding the position as Dance Captain for Disney’sproduction of the Lion King in Hong Kong. KENNETH TRULLENCH Dancer Dancing is not just a profession, but it also is a way of life for Ken. Discipline, he says, is one important characteristic that one must possess in order to stay in the dancing profession. He just doesnt apply discipline to dancing alone but he incorporates it in his lifestyle. He explains that to be part of Hotlegs is not a joke because you need to have the moral fiber and boldness to stay in this group of true professionals. Kenneth says that he is so proud of himself and is so happy for what he has become as a dancer and will eternally be grateful to the CCP Dance School, Powerdance, Adrenalin, but most especially to his present company, Hotlegs. He wishes to share the knowledge he has gained from these companies so he took on the much rewarding job of teaching dance to 7-19 year olds in his hometown, Cavite. If there is one advice that Kenneth can share to his fellow dancers is this, "Make each performance, a performance theyll never forget".
  • 17. VERONICA TRONODancer and Choreographer – New York basedPassionate in the field of art, Val has delved into singing, actingand yes dancing. Her versatility comes from the fact that shealways open to new challenges and is never reluctant to try newthings especially when it comes to improving her craft in dancingwhich made her a valuable member of Hotlegs.Val choreographed the Manila version of the Broadway show,Urinetown.Above: Hotlegs Dance Company and Ballet Philippines after the performance of“All That Jazz” at the CCP. Right: Christine Blando and Hotlegs.
  • 18. CONCERTS, TELEVISION SHOWS & CORPORATE EVENTS THAT FEATUREDHOTLEGS DANCE COMPANYHOTLEGS ENTERTAINMENT, INC. PRODUCTIONS REGINE VELASQUEZ CONCERTSFunkadelic Regine in SeasonHotlegs, in the flesh A Song for You The Dream Team Animated RetroMARTIN NIEVERA CONCERTS R2K On Stage seriesDream 1 Queens on FireNievera, the Son Reigning... stillVoices ReflectionsDream 2 Forever After (2006)On The Right Track Regine TwentyXVII, “Ang Ating Musika”Divine MadnessHBO Concert & TourXVIII, GARY VALENCIANO CONCERTSXV4everMartin and Pops Can’t StopXXV Sound of Life Heart & Soul Nagmamahal Rejoice Launch Shout Radical
  • 19. POPS FERNANDEZ CONCERTS FOREIGN TOURSTwogether w/ Martin Nievera USA & CanadaPops on High Pops Fernandez, Still the OneTeam Love w/ Martin Nievera Pops in ConcertShindig 2WYSIWYG DubaiWeekends with Pops Vina Morales & Gary V. in ConcertMartin and PopsIt Girl Hong KongQueens on Fire Leo Valdez in Concert JapanLANI MISALUCHA CONCERTS Martin Nievera in ConcertLani in Concert at Araneta ColiseumLani at the NBC Venue TELEVISIONLani Misalucha Concert,”Missing You” The Sharon Cuneta Show Tonight w/ Dick & CarmiOGIE ALCASID CONCERTS Martin After Dark P.O.P.S.OA sa Hits Eezy Dancing Non-StopOA Sa Puso Eat Bulaga (GMA 7)The Songbird and the Songwriter ASAP (ABS-CBN)Twenty/Twenty S.O.P. The Concert TV (GMA 7) Shall We Dance StarStruck 2007 FinalsTONI GONZAGA Philippine Idol Grand Finals Guess w/ The Philharmonic Orchestra“Catch Me” The Concert GK 777“Catch Me” The Repeat Composer Ryan Cayabyab Special ”Tango in Manila” MTV Bituin Escalante The Sea Games 2005ERIK SANTOS AWARDS NIGHTS/ BEAUTY PAGEANTS“WHEN ERIK MET RUFFA” Mutya ng Pilipinas,Erik Santos...SOLO at the coliseum 2007 Bb. Pilipinas Golden Dove Awards CMMASTAGE PERFORMANCES ALIW Awards Ms. Asia PacificCCPDS Summer Dance Showcase with the Ballet Philippines ARAW Awards“Pasion Y Fuego” Fundacion Centro Flamenco Concert Mutya ng PilipinasWanders: The Musical ARAW AwardsFlow (2010) MOWELFUND 1ST Ani Awards
  • 20. CORPORATE EVENTSPLDT Convention A salute to Filipino seafarers by Smart Link Satellite ServicesSan Miguel Beer Convention Dunhill Senses Launch PartyCoca Cola Convention Samsung DHA RoadshowNissan Vanette, Super Safariand Altima Launch Tide 50TH AnniversaryPhilippine Airlines Mla-LA Launch Maxim’s 100 Sexiest WomenKool 106.9 Relaunch, Motorola Glorietta 3 Store LaunchHope & Winston Draws Coor’s Light LaunchMuling Aawit ang Pasig Toyota VIOS LaunchAdidas MVP Awards Shell V-Power LaunchSara Lee Annual Convention Marlboro M PartyAdidas MVP Awards Night VEET Launch PartyAVON Annual Conventions Grand Prix China Shanghai 2007 Viewing Party by The BMWGuess: The Philharmonic In Jeans Car Club of the PhilippinesHewlett Packard Awards Night Trinoma Mall Grand OpeningHonda Civic Launch Sky Cable Supreme Channels Trade LaunchThe Versus Watch Collection by Versace Lufthansa Technik Philippines Hangar InaugurationBench Fever the under wear and denim show UBS: Embracing AfricaNew York: The Chivas Life SM 50TH Anniversary “I Dream Musical”Olay Total Effects Launch Jollibee 21ST FSC Star AwardsEquitable Titanium Card Launch Coke 2008 Sales Kick OffCharriol Kucha Launch Novartis Exforge LaunchSun Life Financial - Philippines Annual Awards L’Oreal Color Trophy AwardsGlobe-Innove Broadband Launch Series Hyundai Press LaunchContact information forHOTLEGS DANCE COMPANYEmail: Image © Hotlegs Entertainment, Inc.
  • 21. A Hotlegs Entertainment, Inc. Production
  • 22. A Hotlegs Entertainment, Inc. Production in cooperation with A special friend of the Hotlegs organization, Regine Velasquez, recording the 3-D video for the “Fly High When You Say Goodbye” aerial segment in FUNKADELIC. Copyright © 2011 Hotlegs Entertainment, Inc.