Air Travel
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  • 1. 5. Air travel
  • 2.
    • Aircraft
    • - any vehicle that can fly in the air: aircraft (plural aircraft )
    • a jet aircraft (= powered by a jet engine)
    • - a vehicle with wings and one or more engines that can fly through the air: plane, aeroplane (AmE airplane )
    • To travel by plane. A plane ticket. A plane crash.
    • A supersonic plane (= a plane that can fly faster than the speed of sound)
    • a large plane that carries passengers: airliner ; a very large jet plane that carries passengers: jumbo (jet)
  • 3.
    • a plane that carries goods: cargo plane
    • a plane that takes off and lands on the sea: seaplane
    • a small plane: light aircraft (plural light aircraft ); a small plane with two/four/eight, etc seats: two-seater, four-seater, eight-seater , etc
    • a type of very small and very light aircraft: microlight, ultralight (Am E.)
  • 4.
    • Travelling by plane
    • - to travel by plane: fly ; a journey on a plane: flight
    • Our flight to Australia was very long and tiring .
    • - a company that provides regular flights for people and goods: airline
    • Which airline would you prefer to fly with?
    • a flight made regularly according to a timetable: scheduled flight
    • a flight in a plane hired for a particular purpose or a particular group of people: charter flight
    • I'm going to take a charter flight; it's much cheaper .
    • - a plane that travels frequently between two places: shuttle
    • I'm catching the shuttle up to Edinburgh.
  • 5.
    • the amount of money you pay to travel by plane: (air) fare
    • - a ticket to travel by air: air ticket
    • A one-way ticket. A return ticket. A first-class ticket
    • a place where air tickets can be bought and where you can arrange your journey: travel agent's, travel agency
    • - an airport building where journeys begin and end: terminal
    • European flights leave from Terminal 3 .
  • 6.
    • - to go to an airline desk at an airport and say that you have arrived: check in (at sth ) ; the place where you do this: check-in (desk)
    • Where's the check-in for flights to Johannesburg, please?
    • bags, etc that you take with you onto a plane: hand luggage (AmE hand baggage )(noun U)
    • Can I take my guitar as hand luggage?
    • - money that you have to pay for bags, etc that are heavier than the weight limit: excess baggage (charge)
    • Will I have to pay excess baggage?
  • 7.
    • - a place in an airport where you wait before getting on your plane: departure lounge
    • a shop in an airport where you can buy goods which have no tax on them: duty-free shop
    • - an exit from the terminal building to the plane: gate
    • Passengers for flight ZX123 to Nairobi should proceed to gate 17 .
    • - (used about a plane) to be ready for passengers to get on: board
    • Flight SA999 to Rio de Janeiro is now boarding.
    • - to get on a plane: board
    • How much longer before we board?
    • - a ticket that you need in order to board a plane: boarding card, boarding pass
  • 8.
    • - a person who is travelling on a plane, : passenger
    • - the person who is in charge of a plane: captain
    • This is your captain speaking.
    • all the people who look after the passengers on a plane: cabin crew (with singular or plural verb)
    • - a person who looks after the passengers on a plane: flight attendant ; a man who does this is also called a steward ; a woman who does this is also called a stewardess, or air hostess
  • 9.
    • the part of a plane where the passengers sit: cabin
    • - the part of an airliner with the cheapest passenger seats: economy class (noun U); parts with more expensive seats: first class (noun U), business class (noun U), club class (noun U)
    • I usually fly economy. A business-class seat
    • - happening or provided during a journey on a plane: in-flight
    • In-flight movies
    • overhead compartment, airplane luggage compartment , overhead bin, overhead locker :  a luggage compartment above the passenger seats for holding carry-on luggage in an airplane (check youtube)
    • On a plane you can get an aisle seat, a middle seat or a window seat
  • 10. I definitely prefer the window seat. That way, I don't have to deal with people moving up and down the aisles or being crammed between two people I don't know. If I'm travelling with people I know, I don't mind the middle seat as much. What about you, where do you prefer to stay, window, aisle or middle seat?
  • 11. - to get off a plane: disembark - to stop for a short time on a plane journey: stop over ; noun: stopover We're planning to stop over in London. We had a two-hour stopover in Delhi on our way to Sydney. - a plane that leaves soon after another arrives and that takes you on the next part of your journey: connection If this plane is late, I'll miss my connection in Dallas. - to change to a different plane during a journey: transfer At Heathrow we transferred to a domestic airline.
  • 12. - a feeling of tiredness caused by travelling to a place where the local time is very different: jet lag (noun U); sb who suffers from this is jet-lagged
  • 13.
    • Flying a plane
    • - to control a plane and make it fly: fly (sth)
    • I've always wanted to learn to fly .
    • a person who flies a plane, etc: pilot ; a person who sits next to the pilot and helps to fly the plane: co-pilot
    • a person who uses maps, etc to find out which way a plane should go: navigator
    • - all the people who work on a plane: crew (with singular or plural verb)
    • The plane has a crew of seven.
    • - the part of a plane where the pilots sit: cockpit
  • 14. - to leave the ground and start flying: take off ; noun: take-off We took off at three-thirty. Take-off has been delayed for thirty minutes. - to come back to the ground: land, touch down ; noun: landing We should be landing in just a few minutes. The plane had just touched down when there was a bomb alert. It was a rather bumpy landing! - to move slowly along the ground before take-off or after landing: taxi The plane taxied up to the terminal building.
  • 15.
    • a place where passenger planes take off and land: airport
    • an area of land, smaller than an airport, where planes can take off or land: airfield
    • a piece of land that is cleared for planes to land and take off: airstrip, landing strip
    • a long piece of ground with a hard surface where aircraft take off and land at an airport, etc: runway
    • a place where helicopters take off and land: (helicopter) pad
    • a tall airport building from where planes are controlled: control tower
    • a person at an airport who gives radio instructions to pilots from the control tower: air traffic controller
  • 16.
    • - a system for finding out the position of aircraft, etc by using radio waves: radar (noun U)
    • a radar screen
    • - to go higher in the sky: go up, climb
    • Is the plane still going up?
    • We climbed to a height of ten thousand feet.
    • to go lower or come down: go down, (formal) descend
    • to fly downwards very quickly: dive
    • The fighter dived down to attack the enemy bomber .
    • if an aircraft flies without using an engine, it glides
    • - the height of an aircraft above sea level: altitude
  • 17.
    • Accidents in planes
    • an accident in a plane, etc: (plane) crash ; verb: crash (sth)
    • - to land an aircraft causing damage to it: crash-land (sth); the pilot or the aircraft crash-lands ; noun: crash landing
    • He was forced to crash-land in a field.
    • The plane ran out of fuel and had to make a crash-landing in the desert.
    • - if a plane falls from the sky or lands in a place outside an airport, it comes down
    • The plane came down in the middle of a field.
  • 18.
    • - broken pieces of a plane, etc that has been badly damaged: wreckage (noun U)
    • The rescuers managed to pull three survivors from the wreckage
    • a plastic or rubber jacket filled with air that keeps sb floating in water: life jacket
    • a thing that you put over your face to be able to breathe in an emergency in a plane: oxygen mask
    • - a piece of strong cloth that is tied to sb and that lets them fall slowly to the ground when they jump from a plane: parachute ; to use a parachute: parachute
    • He parachuted safely to the ground
  • 19.
    • More…
    • - a special route in the air which planes fly through: flight path :
    • Our flight path takes us over the South of France and the Mediterranean
    • violent or uneven movement of air, making flight uncomfortable: turbulence (noun U)
    • - the business of flying (building aircraft, flying them, running airlines, etc): aviation (noun U)
    • the aviation industry
    • - done from an aircraft: aerial (adjective, only before a noun)
    • an aerial attack/photograph
    • - an occasion when people can look at planes and watch them flying: air show