2013 InnerSea Discoveries and American Safari Cruises Un-Cruise Adventures


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2013 "Un-Cruise" expedition vessel and luxury yacht vacation cruises in Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, Columbia abd Sanke Rivers, and Washington and British Columbia

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2013 InnerSea Discoveries and American Safari Cruises Un-Cruise Adventures

  1. 1. Alaska u Hawaiian Islands u Mexico’s Sea of Cortés u Columbia & Snake Rivers u Washington & British Columbia Un-Cruise Adventures InnerSea Discoveries ✦ American Safari Cruises ™ Active u Luxury u Heritage u Charter Un-Cruise InnerSea Discoveries ✦ American Safari Cruises ™ November 2012 — April 2014
  2. 2. Dear Adventurers, An Un-Cruise adventure is unlike any other vacation. For many, it is a life changing experience. Nature and wildlife as you’ve never experienced it. As CEO and co-founder of the company, I’d like to share with you the inspiration behind the Un-Cruise. I grew up on boats, lived on boats, and have worked on boats most of my life. At 27 years old, I made a life changing decision to sell my marine business in Washington and take a job as captain of a day tour boat in Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park. My wife, baby boy and I made the long trip up on our Welcome sailboat—one of many adventures. Aboard! After a summer of showing visitors the grandeur of the glaciers, wildlife and wilderness and listening to park rangers talk about ecosystems, their vast knowledge seeped into my brain and opened my eyes to the natural world. The vast rivers of ice. The thundering sound when a chunk calves into the sea. Listening to the sound of whales blowing nearby. I was a changed man. I wanted to share its beauty with others in hopes of instilling that same wonder of nature and desire to conserve the wilderness for future generations. And that inspiration leads us to today. Uncover your Un–Cruise Adventure—then pack your bags and venture into some of nature’s most exciting playgrounds for active exploration, eye–to–eye wildlife encounters, and living history. I invite you to join us, and discover something special yourself. Choose to Un-Cruise! Dan Blanchard Captain & Owner2 | Un-Cruise™
  3. 3. The Un-Cruise Story Unrushed. Uncrowded. Unbelievable.What began in 1997 as yacht cruising in Alaska, pioneered by American Safari Cruises,has evolved and flourished into a style of exploration we call Un-Cruise Adventures—unmatched, hands-on small boat expeditions under the parent company of InnerSeaDiscoveries. Today, the Un-Cruise concept offers several styles to choose from: ActiveAdventures; Luxury Adventures; Heritage Adventures; and Charter Adventures—eachoffering an alternative to traditional cruising. Explore areas inaccessible to larger ships, stepashore in small communities, and get up-close with wildlife.Our mission is this: Provide our guests an enriching adventure travel experience and inspirean appreciation of local cultures and the natural world.Small group travel is the heart of what we do. Our small yachts and expedition boats serve asyour platform in Alaska, the Hawaiian Islands, Mexico’s Sea of Cortés, the Columbia & SnakeRivers, and in the coastal waters of Washington & British Columbia. Expert Captains and guideslead you on adventure—trekking into forests and engaging in local communities; kayakingand skiff rides through serene wilderness; exploring along shore and searching for wildlife.Un-Cruise Adventures are flexible and vary in order to limit impacts on fragile ecosystems.Filled with unspoiled encounters, they focus on activities and excursions that complement thewilderness, wildlife and culture in each destination—to change the way you see the world. Unexpected. | 3
  4. 4. Contents Welcome Aboard 2 A Ultimate Adventure 36 The Un-Cruise Story 3 A Ultimate Bays & Fjords 37 The Un-Cruise Difference 5 A Ultimate Coves & Passages 38 Un-Cruise Adventures 6 A Ultra Adventure 39 A Active Adventures 8 Activity Levels & Action Hawaiian Islands 40 L Luxury Adventure 10 L Hawaiian Seascapes 42 Comforts & Exclusivity A AdventureBound Hawaii 44 H Heritage Adventures 12 Living History Mexico’s Sea of Cortés 46 C Charter Adventures 14 L Baja’s Bounty 48 Kids in Nature ­ 15 Columbia & Snake Rivers 50 Delivering Experience 16 H Legacy of Discovery ­ 52 Life Onboard – Culinary & Wellness 17 Destinations Washington & British Columbia 54 L Pacific Northwest Passage 56 Alaska 18 Pre- & Post-Cruise Extensions 58 L Discoverers’ Glacier Country 22 Special Themed Departures 60 A L Northern Passages & Glacier Bay 24 The Un-Cruise Fleet 61 A L Inner Reaches Eastern Coves 26 L H Safari Boats 62 A L Inner Reaches Western Coves 28 A Wilderness Boats 66 H Gold Rush Legacy 30 Fleet Comparison 69 A L Wilderness Passages of Discovery 32 Responsible Travel & Affiliations 70 A L Famed Passages of Discovery 34 Reservation Information 714 | Un-Cruise™
  5. 5. The Un-CruiseDifferenceUnconventional. Uncompromising.Once you step on board, you’ll understand immediately. It’s the casual nature. It’s natureitself. It’s the rare encounter. It’s the attentive service, the fellowship, the extraordinarysense of place. It’s all these things and so much more.Creating an unbeatable balance between exploration and relaxation in inspiring places iswhat we do best. And whether you’re traveling solo, with a companion, as a family, or witha group sharing a common interest, Un-Cruise Adventures provide an irreplaceable wayof uncovering hidden worlds and learning while having fun. Our exceptional qualities:Adventures Onboardu Unique and flexible itineraries u Casual and relaxed atmosphereu Off-the-beaten path explorations u Fresh, handcrafted cuisineu Small-group, up-close discoveries u Personable, professional serviceu Unspoiled natural wonders u Unforgettable camaraderieu Insightful cultural encounters u No waiting in long linesExperience Dedicationu Licensed and certified onboard u Operate a sustainable businessu team u Follow “Leave No Trace” practicesu Skilled staff in the field and office u Positive impact in local communitiesu Insider knowledge shared by local u Support and promote local cultures experts u Inspire others to protect ouru Trained onboard leaders and guides u planetu Decades of experience in the uu industry Unrivaled. | 5
  6. 6. Un-Cruise Adventures Far From Ordinary This isn’t small ship cruising or big ship cruising. These are Un–Cruise Adventures. Uncommon casual adventures fully-focused on delivering unexpected experiences— quality over quantity, wildlife over nightlife, life changing encounters over momentary entertainment. Our one-of-a-kind, memory-making voyages are designed to be far from ordinary, and carry you outside of ho-hum tourist ports. Built on a reputation of quality and experience, each style of Un-Cruise Adventures features flexible voyages intended to inspire and satisfy your curious nature. Wildlife in its natural environment; personal exchanges behind the scenes with locals; unmatched moments melding with nature; and engagement in active adventure or living history presentations innovatively highlight your days. Whether you’re in the wilds of Alaska, sunning in the Hawaiian Islands or Sea of Cortés, or honing your inner explorer in the Pacific Northwest—we deliver. Guests rave about the Un-Cruise experience and often comment on how genuine our crew is, but our secret is really quite simple… we’re doing what makes us, and you, happy; we work in thriving environments; we promote good health in our bodies and on our planet; and we enjoy the freedom from perpetual hurry. We take life in and give it back—and the best part… is sharing it all with you.6 | Un-Cruise™
  7. 7. Styles of Adventure Active Luxury Heritage Charter u u u Four is a pretty significant number, and after a lot of thought, more pondering, and then careful consideration, we arrived at four noteworthy styles of Un-Cruise Adventures: Active, Luxury, Heritage, and Charter. Each style offers a distinct focus, personality, and range of activities. And depending on which style you choose and which boat you’re on, the amenities and activities included may vary, but they are all exceptional.With each of our adventure styles, the atmosphere is always casual, the service attentive, and our bridge is open. Once on board, you’re expected torelax, give in to the beauty of the moment, and leave the stresses of the world at home.   ur onboard Expedition and Legacy Leaders guide your way Oand the wildlife is always unleashed.    o without further ado, it’s time to consider your options: unwind each day with a microbrew or glass of wine; a Sbackdrop of cactus-clad desert rims or snow-capped mountains; kayaking, trekking, and snorkeling or seeing history come to life—the choice is yours. A Active Adventures H Heritage AdventuresExpedition-style explorations equipped for action and delivered from History comes to life afloat and ashore with Living History programs.aboard all three of our Wilderness boats: Wilderness Adventurer; Historical characters are revealed and included amenities unfoldWilderness Discoverer; Wilderness Explorer. aboard a replica Victorian-style steamship: Safari Legacy.Focused on experiencing life on the outside—rain or shine— Time doesn’t stand still, but at times it may seem so. In the wake ofactivities like kayaking, standup paddle boarding (SUP), treks some of North America’s early explorers, Legacy Leaders guide youashore, and explorations by inflatable skiff top the agenda. on a stimulating journey of colorful places and fascinating people. L Luxury Adventures C Charter AdventuresUpscale voyages loaded with extra amenities, soft-adventure, and There’s nothing like privacy! And chances are—with maximumexclusive excursions are offered aboard our yachts and yacht-style capacities of 22, 36, 60, 76, 86, and 88—we have the perfectboats: Safari Endeavour; Safari Explorer; Safari Quest. boat to fit your group size. Every boat afloat in the Un-Cruise fleet is available for a private charter.Indulge in the good life with included spirits and extra amenities.We balance adventurous activities by mixing them up with culturalencounters, and personal touches like evening turn-down service. The horizons—unlimited. Pages 8-14 uncover the differences of each style in greater detail. Unassuming. | 7
  8. 8. A Active Adventures Unbridled Explorations Come play. We play in the water. In the woods. Even in the mud. We think it’s pretty cool and our guests tend to agree. It’s all about the untamed wild and woolly wilderness and the many ways you get to discover it. No matter your interest, our goal is to provide you with a mix of outdoor opportunities while making it easy to enjoy moments or hours of escape and relaxation. The choice and pace are yours. Delivered from aboard our Wilderness expedition boats, our Active Adventures are for spirited, energetic explorers. So it’s only natural that they’re fitted out with an extensive assortment of equipment and amped up adventure to accommodate your unleashed energy. We provide the adventure, equipment, opportunities, meals, the fun, expert crew, and the boat—the rest is up to you. What sets them apart… u Higher, longer outdoor activity and more of it u More outdoor guides in crew complement u Healthy meals, most served buffet-style u Alcohol and massage are extra cost items u Snorkel equipment and wetsuits for rent u Port fees and taxes are separate charges u Economical price point8 | Un-Cruise™
  9. 9. Activity Levels &ActionGet Ready. Get Set. Go.You could be kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) one morning and snorkelingthe next. Another day may offer a gentle afternoon shore walk or have you feeling themuscles burn with a rigorous hike (even a little bushwhacking). And if you just feel liketaking it easy, that’s okay, too. For those who take their adventure on the lighter side,you can enjoy riding in the skiff or chatting up the Captain on the bridge.Whether you are looking for mild, moderate or rigorous outdoor pursuits, or amore Zen wilderness experience, we offer activities to suit a variety of skill levels.We rank our trekking excursions with an activity level to ensure the right fit: 1 – Easy;2 – Moderate; 3 – Challenging; 4 – Strenuous; 5 – Difficult. Depending on whereyou might be exploring, the Expedition Leaders and guides on board will providethe insight needed for you to make a safe and enjoyable choice.Gearing UpEach expedition boat is equipped with top-of-the-line kayaks and SUPs. There is anominal daily use charge for snorkeling gear (except in Hawaii) and wet suits. Limitedquantities of hiking poles, binoculars, mud boots, and rain gear are available on boardfor your use, but to ensure availability, fit, and comfort, we strongly encourage you tobring your own. A detailed packing list is available on our website.Activities may include: u Whale watching u Unbelievable kayaking and SUPing u Inflatable boat excursions u Morning yoga and stretching u Treks in the wilderness, to a cave, or along shore u Unequaled glacier viewing u Untamed wildlife observation u “Polar bear plunges” u Tropical beachcombing u Discoveries by underwater hydrophone and bow-mounted camera u Engaging cultural encountersAdventure opportunities abound, but just in case you want more, we’ve arranged someadditional excursions with local experts to further enhance your experience. Guidedfishing, flightseeing, camping trips (to name a few) are available for purchase on board. Unsurpassed. | 9
  10. 10. L Luxury Adventures Unparalleled Experiences It’s about the luxury of experiences—nature’s generous displays; timeless days; freedom to unwind; and indulging yourself, just a little. It’s a place where discriminating travelers embark on voyages that combine comfortable, upscale cruising with adventurous activities and exclusive, cultural discoveries. And as connoisseurs of experience, it’s something we take to heart. Aboard our Safari yacht-style boats, Luxury Adventures provide curious travelers with an array of included amenities and services that allow you to escape. And depending on where you are, the adventure toys you need—like kayaks, stand-up paddle boards (SUPs), sailboats, snorkel gear, hiking poles, and rubber boots—are always provided. Connecting with your environment happens naturally. Nature and encounters set the pace. What makes them special… u Exclusive arrangements and more included excursions u Indulging onboard relaxation u Gourmet cuisine and finer dining u Fine wine, premium spirits, and microbrews are included u All from-the-boat activities and equipment are included u No extra charge for port fees or taxes u Expanded private charter options­ 22 to 86 guests — u Moderate to high price point10 | Un-Cruise™
  11. 11. Comforts &ExclusivityLiving the Good LifeTake a breather. Have a fantastic, easy-going day—stroll along a beach or take a2-hour trek at modest elevation or to a “great to be alive” waterfall. Back on board,go for a shore-hugging spin in the kayak or skiff, then into the hot tub for a doublebubbly of muscle warming and complimentary champagne. Nothing too extremeand surely something you’ll feel good about. Inside and out.Our small guest numbers keep your experience exclusive and personal. We engagelocal experts to ensure you have an opportunity to learn as much about what you areseeing and experiencing as you want. Experiences on or off the boat are designed toprovide adventures few travelers ever experience.Personal ComfortsEach of our upscale boats is designed with your comfort in mind and appointedwith thoughtful touches that invite you to relax and unwind. Your crew sees to thesmallest details, each one eager to make your adventure extra special. u Full bathrooms with en suite showers, some Jacuzzi tubs / heated tile floors (Safari Endeavour suites; Safari Explorer; Safari Quest) u Tempur-Pedic ® memory-foam products (Safari Endeavour suites; Safari Explorer; Safari Quest) u Terry bathrobes, slippers, alarm clocks, and hair dryers u TVs with DVD players and iPod docking stations in each stateroom u Some two-room suites with French balconies u A complimentary massage (Safari Endeavour; Safari Explorer) u On-deck hot tubs and fitness equipment u Saunas (Safari Endeavour; Safari Explorer) u Wine bar or wine library (Safari Endeavour; Safari Explorer) u DVD and book library including educational, fiction and non-fiction titles Unpretentious. | 11
  12. 12. H Heritage Adventures Unfolding History Long, long ago and far away… there’s no actual time travel involved; however, you will transcend the modern era. Relive days of yore aboard a replica Victorian steamer on an unparalleled journey. History comes to life. Learn and feel the spirit of an illustrious past, with exhibits ashore and onboard Legacy reenactments, where our Legacy Leaders bring back heroes of yesteryear. Every destination has a beginning and when you sail aboard the Safari Legacy on one of our Heritage Adventures, we bring it all forward. Period décor defines an atmosphere as elegant and refined as the era; and modern amenities provide extra pampering. After a day of touring, enjoy an evening cocktail and spin on the dance floor or soak in the on-deck hot tub. What defines the experience… u Legacy reenactments bring history to life u Greater quantity of port calls or shore visits u Visits to museums and historical sites u Educational presentations by onboard Legacy Leaders u Gourmet cuisine and fine dining u Fine wine, premium spirits, and microbrews are included u No extra charge for port fees or taxes u Moderate to high price point12 | Un-Cruise™
  13. 13. Living HistoryVisions of the Past Nautical history, human history, the history of nations—it tells many stories. And history doesn’t just come to life—we bring it to life. It comes alive in historic ports steeped in legend and fact; on tours that guide you through time; during visits with local historians and native peoples who unfold the past; and with characters of yore who join you to share their stories… our Heritage Adventures beckon. Perhaps your very ancestors sailed the seas making discoveries of their own and meeting fascinating personalities. Sharing that same sense of adventure you could find yourself being greeted by Teddy Roosevelt, founderof the National Park Service; standing on the bow alongside John Muir, awed by thethunderous crack of a glacier; or finding inspiration, as a budding photographer andgeographer, listening to the tales of Eliza Scidmore.Timely ElementsYou won’t have to don buckskin or a coonskin cap, but you may encounter someonewho does. Either way, we’ll make your journey memorable in unimaginable ways: u Interpretive staff prepares you for visits ashore u Characters appear in period costume u Dance floor for entertaining evenings on board u Presentations by knowledgeable historians u Expert guest speakers step on board keeping history alive u See important artifacts in the regions visited u Local residents share their heritage u Informative activities enhance your place in time u Coastal steamer replica with Victorian-style decor Historical trail of the Klondike Gold Rush and Lewis & Clark Expedition Untarnished. | 13
  14. 14. C Charter Adventures Unforgettable Moments With a private charter, it’s all about you. Charters provide an excellent way to bring together family, friends, or a corporate incentive group without the hassle of arranging provisions, crew, or routes. With a wide range of sizes—22, 36, 60, 76, 86, 88—there’s a boat written with your group size all over it. Let us tailor a Charter Adventure with your special focus in mind—complete with activities, crew, and expedition staff. We handle all the details, leaving you to sit back and soak in the experience of a lifetime. Private Group Travel For groups of travelers who share a common interest or mission, whether it be an affinity group or a corporate team, we offer a full-service platform to meet your needs. Companies can tap into team building activities and U.S. flag tax breaks. The privacy afforded by a charter is unparalleled, and the natural settings and activities available for discretionary time are incomparable. Imagine finishing up a meeting or socializing and then stepping out on deck to photograph humpback whales or kayaking and sailing in a pristine cove. Private Family Cruises There are many reasons why families and friends take time to relax and travel together: birthdays, retirement, reunions, anniversaries, weddings, or “just because.” These events create lasting memories. Our boats are ideally suited for those unique occasions in life. We’ll work with you to customize a Charter Adventure in which all the pieces come together effortlessly. Simply tell us what you’d like, and we’ll make it happen.14 | Un-Cruise™
  15. 15. Kids in NatureFamily DiscoveriesReconnect and discover… in some of the most diverse playgrounds on earth. Our popular“Kids in Nature” program is geared toward entertaining and educating kids of all ages!Getting the family together for an adventure vacation is memorable and fun. Whether yourfamily wants to kayak near a tranquil beach, trek along temperate rain forest, or interact withlocals in a remote community, there’s something to spark everyone’s interest.Activities are available at a range of skill levels, and in a rare introduction to wildernesslifestyles, kids and the entire family also meet and interact with locals on an Un-CruiseAdventure. Kids 12 years and under save 25% on these select departures:Alaska’s Inside Passage:Discoverers’ Glacier Country Inner Reaches Eastern Coves Safari Quest Wilderness Adventurer u June 21, 2013 u June 22, 2013 u July 12, 2013 u July 6, 2013 u July 20, 2013 u August 17, 2013Hawaiian Islands:Hawaiian Seascapes AdventureBound Hawaii Safari Explorer Wilderness Explorer u March 9, 2013 u March 1, 2014 u March 30, 2013 u March 22, 2014 u March 15, 2014 u March 29, 2014Mexico’s Sea of Cortés:Baja’s Bounty Safari Endeavour u March 9, 2013 u March 23, 2013 u March 8, 2014 u March 22, 2014 Unbound. | 15
  16. 16. Delivering Experience Adventure-After-Adventure Experts in the Field In addition to getting extraordinarily close to nature and wildlife, we ensure that all guests have opportunities to learn about what they are seeing and experiencing. We engage local experts from the National Park Service to interpret, narrate, and share dinner. U.S. Forest Service wilderness rangers sometimes kayak right up to our boats and hop aboard to talk about natural history and their own special bond with the land. And local historians bring history to life. Supplementing our onboard expedition team, Captains, and other staff, these interpreters provide a tremendous resource for our small contingent of guests. Onboard Team The best in the industry—our Captains, chefs, expedition team, hotel staff, and mates are individually selected not only for their outstanding knowledge, customer service, and safety skills, but also for their genuinely welcoming and enthusiastic personalities. Our Expedition and Legacy Leaders are experienced guides with advanced training in natural and/or cultural history. Our customer service staff is made up of energetic men and women who are as excited about where you’re going as you are. Our Captains and engineers have the certifications and skills to provide you with a safe and confident exploration experience. We’ve deservedly earned our reputation—one guest at a time.16 | Un-Cruise™
  17. 17. Life OnboardEscape to WellnessTraveling is inspiring. It can also be nourishing. Refreshing. When you travel on an Un-CruiseAdventure, connecting with your environment—on board or off—happens naturally.Whether it’s the Captain’s Farewell Dinner or our complimentary yoga classes, we’vecarefully crafted each activity with every aspect in mind. Culinary Sensations Our Executive Chefs create exquisite meals, using locally sourced fresh ingredients to reflect the flavors of your destination. Each day includes an early-riser breakfast of fresh fruit, baked-onboard pastries and breads, and a full breakfast complete with specialty items. Lunches range from pasta salads and sandwiches to homemade soups and ethnic dishes. Dinners offer a choice of entrées, including fresh seafood and meats. Vegetarian dishes are available and special dietary needscan be met with advance notice. Hors d’oeuvres for the cocktail hour feature a variety ofappetizers and desserts are varied and plentiful. Fine spirits, wines, and microbrews areserved aboard all of our boats, with many even featuring sustainable cask wines on tap.Aboard any of our Safari boats, unless we’re having a barbeque on deck or some otherspecial event, your meals are always served over several courses—with particularattention to your personal preferences. A more casual-style dining experience is offeredon our Wilderness boats, where exceptionally high quality fare is generally served buffet-style. All of our meals ensure fresh, healthful dining experiences.Wellness, Fitness & RelaxationThroughout the fleet, our onboard amenities allow you to escape throughcomplimentary yoga classes, relaxing in on-deck hot tubs or saunas, enjoying a goodworkout on the fitness equipment, or being pampered by our Wellness Director/Massage Therapist. Nature’s splendor takes care of the rest. And at the end of yourvoyage, our onboard team will send you off with a renewed sense of beauty and spirit.A complimentary massage is an included amenity aboard three of our Safari boats:Safari Endeavour, Safari Explorer, and Safari Legacy. Massage is available aboard allof our Wilderness boats, however, there is an additional charge for the service.Depending on your massage therapist, your massage-style choices may includetraditional massage, lomi lomi, shiatsu, or a comfortable chair massage. (Safari Questdoes not offer massage or sauna.) Rejuvenate your body as well as your spirit. Uncorked. | 17
  18. 18. 18 | Un-Cruise™
  19. 19. Alaska’s Inside PassageSoutheast Alaska & Glacier Bay National ParkShaped by massive glaciers over millions of years, the temperate rainforest of Southeast Alaska (alsoknown as the Alaska Panhandle) reveals wildlife-rich fjords and spectacular scenery. The Tongass NationalForest—the largest in the US—is 16.8 million acres and constitutes the majority of area. Throughouthistory, the channels and waterways along Alaska’s Inside Passage have served as an important travelcorridor for Native Tlingit, Tsimshian, and Haida peoples and gold-rush era steamships.Recognized in 1986 as a biosphere reserve, in 1992 the 3.3-million-acre Glacier Bay National Park earnedits status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, 15,000-foot mountains rise straight out of the oceanand massive glaciers flow across the landscape, covering thousands of square miles. At different pointsin history, explorers John Muir, Joseph Whidbey, and Captain George Vancouver each discovered thisunforgettable natural laboratory—today, receding glaciers reveal a landscape that has been covered withice for tens of thousands of years.Rich in wildlife, brown and black bears, the endemic Alexander Archipelago wolf, Sitka black-tailed deer,humpback whales, orca, salmon, bald eagles, harlequin ducks, scoters, and marbled murrelets call the areahome. Other features of the region include the Alexander Archipelago and Misty Fjords National Monument.“We had the most amazing time of our lives and would recommend this cruise to anyone.” — ­ Anne R., Scotland Undiscovered. | 19
  20. 20. Alaska’s Heartland The Alaska Range & Denali National Park and Preserve Your Alaska experience wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Alaska’s interior. The Alaska Range is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. Forming an east-west arc, it runs 400 miles from central Alaska to the White River in Canada’s Yukon Territory. Parts of the range are protected by central Alaska’s Denali National Park and Preserve and Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. Low-elevation taiga forest, alpine tundra, and snowy mountains offer solitude, tranquility, and wilderness. Large and small wild animals roam these lands—grizzly bears, caribou, moose, and Dall’s sheep are just a few of the species that call the area home. Encompassing a 6-million-acre subarctic ecosystem of extraordinary beauty and astonishing wildlife is Denali National Park and Preserve, home to Mt. McKinley, whose 20,320-foot peak stands as the tallest in North America. Some of the densest bear populations in the state of Alaska are found down on Cook Inlet and the Kenai Peninsula near the entrance to Lake Clark National Park. Alaska’s Iditarod National Historic Trail runs northward through both parks all the way to the northernmost reaches of Nome. Combine your Un-Cruise Adventure with an Alaska Land Package or Hotel Stopover See page 58 for details.20 | Un-Cruise™
  21. 21. Timing is Everything! The Best Time to VisitThe “when to go” question comes up often. With Alaska travel, it’s almost always the first question asked.Rain, bears, birds, whales, salmon, insects, sunlight, temperature, snow level, flowers, northern lights—howmuch, how little, how long, what variety, how high, how low—these are all key interests when planning yourAlaskan vacation. It’s The Big Land, and therefore, there is no “cookie cutter” answer to these curiosities. The following guideline best describes when “skies are most blue” and when salmon change hue... “I’ve Un-Cruised twice and it is the best way to see Alaska; a small group up close and personal with a lot of whales, seals, sea lions, sea otters, bears, glaciers, etc.!” — Libby S., Paw Paw, MI ­ ­­ Undescribable. | 21
  22. 22. BRITISH Grand Pacific Glacier Bay COLUMBIA Discoverers’ Glacier Country Glacier National Park Margerie Marble Island C A N A DA Glacier Bartlett Cove Juneau 7 Nights — Roundtrip Juneau, Alaska — From $4,195 Reid Inlet Fords Terror Icy Strait Admiralty uJuneau u Glacier Bay National Park u Icy Strait Dawes Glacier Chichagof Island Island u Chichagof & Baranof Islands u Frederick Sound u Stephen’s Passage Endicott Arm u Fords Terror Wilderness u Endicott Arm u Baranof Island Thomas Bay Sitka In Southeast Alaska, our Luxury Adventure boats meander through the waters The Brothers Islands Frederick Sound Saginaw Bay surrounding the Tongass National Forest—the largest in the United States—home to grizzly and black bears, mountain goats, bald eagles, and wolves. Pass huge ALASKA icebergs en route to view massive thundering glaciers in Glacier Bay National Park. Enter some of the world’s deepest fjords to hike, kayak, and explore the natural wonders of this stunning landscape. Set your course for the whale-rich waters of Icy Strait, Frederick Sound and Stephen’s Passage, while keeping watch for the telltale signs of humpbacks, orca, porpoise, sea otters, and sea lions. Day 1 Juneau, Alaska – Embarkation Arriving in Juneau, you will be transferred from the airport to our hospitality area. Upon boarding, your crew greets you with champagne and smiles. Set sail for a week of scenic channels and secluded wilderness.Highlights: u Two exclusive days in Glacier Bay National Park with a Park Ranger Days 2-3 Glacier Bay National Park u Discover scenic coves and fjords by kayak, paddle board, and skiff Accompanied by a National Park Ranger, over your two days in the park you’ll u Wilderness treks in the Tongass National Forest travel nearly 60 miles cruising up-bay to the tidewater glaciers of Grand Pacific and u Captain’s Choice exploration of remote “not in the guidebook” places Margerie, which frequently calve huge icebergs into the bay. If conditions permit, u View stunning glaciers and listen for the “white” thunder we’ll lower the skiff and weave among the icebergs that have fallen from the face u Unhurried time for watching whales and wildlife of the glaciers. Enjoy an evening at anchor, and mornings paddling your kayak in u Daily insights from your onboard Expedition Leader and guides the quiet of this majestic wilderness. Here in the bay there are puffins and sea lions, mountain goats and bears, moose, eagles, and scenery more spectacular than any place on earth. Glacier Bay is at its best when explored by small groups with unfettered time for treks and kayaking inside the bay and wilderness areas.22 | Un-Cruise™
  23. 23. L AlasKa’s Inside passageDay 4 Icy Strait Day 7 Fords Terror / Endicott Arm and before turning in, your Expedition Leaders will share a “photo journal” of your trip together.Today is the ultimate day of exploration. Set your Cliff-walled fjords sliced into the mountainouscourse for arguably the richest whale waters in mainland are on tap today as you slowly slip intoSoutheast Alaska. Keep watch for the telltale blow an area widely acclaimed as the most beautiful Day 8 Juneau – Disembarkof the humpbacks as you scour the nutrient-rich in Alaska. With more designated Wildernesswaters in search of whales, porpoise, sea lions, Areas than any state in the nation, the finest Gather for breakfast before returning to historicand other wildlife. Join the Captain on the bridge include Endicott Arm and Fords Terror—a Juneau. Transfer to the Juneau airport or beginor go on deck with your Expedition Leader. Late pristine tidal inlet and fjord. Explore this majestic your Un-Cruise hotel stay or land tour. Safeafternoon, we’ll drop the skiffs and kayaks for fjord by kayak or skiff, a unique opportunity travels to all!closer inspection of the remote coastline with indeed. View rugged, ice-covered mountainseyes set on shore for possible bear sightings. This gleaming high overhead and a glacier that Due to the nature of our explorations, itineraries are guidelines andevening, take in the solitude relaxing in the upper actively calves into the ice-filled fjord of Endicott will change in order to maximize wildlife and natural encounters.deck hot tub or enjoy a nightcap with your fellow Arm. Toast your voyage with a festive Farewell Dinner, Variations in itinerary and the order of days may occur.yachtmates in the salon. 2013 L Discoverers’ Glacier Country — 7 nights, Roundtrip JuneauDay 5 Chichagof Island / Baranof Island Safari Endeavour Master Commander Captain Admiral Commodore Private MasterWith no binding agenda, today you’ll cruise the Sunday Departures Suite Charter Singlewaterfall coast of Chichagof Island. Marvel at Sept. 1, 8 $4,195 $4,495 $4,795 $5,395 $7,595 $422,195 $5,395the grand scenery of Alaska’s wilderness as the Jun. 2; Aug. 25 $4,795 $5,045 $5,395 $6,095 $8,545 $474,995 $6,095crew expertly guides you through those “not Jun. 9+, 16, 23, 30+ $5,295 $5,595 $5,995 $6,795 $9,495 $527,395 $6,795in the guidebook” places known only to the Jul. 7+, 14, 21+, 28locals. This evening, perhaps tucking away in a Aug. 4+, 11, 18+waterfall-laced fjord, there’ll be time for skiffing, Safari Explorer Master Commander Captain Admiral Commodore Private Singlebeachcombing or treks ashore, and kayaking to Friday Departures Suite Charter look for sea otters and bears before calling it a day Aug. 23, 30 $6,295 $6,795 $7,195 $8,095 $9,595 $248,995 $7,195near Baranof Island. Jun. 7, 14, 21, 28 $6,995 $7,495 $7,995 $8,995 $10,795 $276,995 $7,995 Jul. 5, 12, 19, 26 Aug. 2, 9, 16Day 6 Frederick Sound / Stephen’sPassage Safari Quest Mariner Commander Captain Private Single Friday Departures Charter Spend the day exploring in Frederick Sound and May 24 $5,495 $6,495 $6,895 $128,995 $6,295Stephen’s Passage—another excellent chance toview humpback whales and other marine wildlife. May 31; Aug. 23 $6,095 $7,295 $7,795 $144,995 $6,995Pass by Five Fingers Lighthouse and watch for Jun. 7, 14, 21#, 28 $6,795 $8,095 $8,595 $160,995 $7,795playful antics at a large sea lion haulout made from Jul. 5, 12#, 19, 26dozens of rocky islets. Later, cruise picturesque Aug. 2, 9, 16bays, where evergreen forests crowd the shores. # “Kids in Nature” family departure. + Theme departure - details on page 60. All rates are per person, double occupancy in US$. Any stateroom (except single) may be sold as a single for 175% of double rate. Triple rates available (Safari Endeavour / Safari Explorer). Charter up to 86 guests (Safari Endeavour), up to 40 guests (Safari Explorer), and up to 22 guests (Safari Quest).Note: The Safari Endeavour also visits Thomas Bayfor more scintillating wilderness adventure. LUXURY ADVENTURES include – All onboard meals; premium spirits, wine, beer; exclusive transfers and baggage handling between airport/boat; port fees and taxes; entry fees to national parks/preserves; all from-the-boat adventure activities and equipment; yoga classes; hot tub, sauna*, a complimentary massage* (*Safari Endeavour; Safari Explorer) Unbridled. | 23
  24. 24. BRITISH Northern Passages & Glacier Bay National Park COLUMBIA Grand Pacific C A N A DA Glacier Bay Glacier East Arm Margerie Marble Island Glacier Bartlett Cove Juneau 7 Nights — Juneau to Sitka, Alaska (or reverse) — From $2,795 Lamplugh Glacier Point Adolphus Icy Strait Chichagof Admiralty u Juneau u Glacier Bay National Park u Icy Strait u Chichagof Island George Island Island Island u Peril Strait u Sergius Narrows u Sitka u Peril Strait Chatham Strait Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve and remote wilderness exploration Sitka highlight this adventure. Spend days cruising among massive icebergs, trekking Baranof Island into wildlife-rich forest, and exploring glacial moraines. Paddle a kayak, SUP or , ALASKA ride a skiff along a dramatic fjord. Learn about Tlingit culture and go eye-to-eye with wildlife—whales, bears, sea otters, moose, eagles, and rare seabirds. Day 1 Juneau, Alaska – Embarkation Welcome aboard! Meet the crew, settle in, and relax with your new mates. In no time you’ll be cruising the scenic channels of the Inside Passage. Days 2-4 Glacier Bay National Park One of America’s crown jewel national parks is yours to explore and marvel at forHighlights: three days—Glacier Bay National Park, a UNESCO Heritage Site and Biosphere u Three exclusive days in Glacier Bay Reserve. A National Park Ranger joins you to explore coves and corners of the bay u View stunning glaciers throughout Glacier Bay National Park that most visitors miss. Tidewater glaciers sweep like rivers of ice down massive mountain valleys, terminating before you in the waters of Glacier Bay. u Park Ranger interpretation and Bartlett Cove Visitor Center u South Marble Island sea lion haulout and spectacular birding u Icy Strait whales and wildlife in Peril Strait Paddle a kayak and be awed at the face of a massive glacier. Go on a boot-sucking u Treks ashore in Glacier Bay National Park and along Chichagof trek through sandbars and rainforest. And ride a skiff along shore for an up-close exploration of Glacier Bay. You’ll find sea lions, mountain goats, sea otters, bears, Island’s waterfall coast moose, eagles, and spectacular scenic backdrops. Linger near South Marble Island u Explore via a custom-built paddle-and-peddle watercraft to spot the many species of rare seabirds that call this area home. Keep your eyes u Captain’s Choice exploration of remote “not in the guidebook” places on the water and the island for brightly-colored puffins and Black Oystercatchers. u Daily insights from your onboard Expedition Leader and guides Stop in Bartlett Cove for a visit to the Park Service’s Headquarters.24 | Un-Cruise™
  25. 25. A AlasKa’s Inside passageDay 5 Icy Strait passageway called Sergius Narrows and an opening at Hoonah Sound. This historic andSet your course for arguably the richest whale wildlife-rich waterway is a great place to watchwaters in Southeast Alaska. Join the Captain on the shoreline for bears, the waters for ottersthe bridge or the Expedition Leader out on deck and whales, and to look skyward for eagles.in search of marine mammals. Camera in hand, The passage narrows to only 300 feet in onebegin your land and sea exploration of these spot (24 feet deep). After an adventurous, butremote reaches. Ride the skiffs for a closer “un-perilous” day, toast your voyage with a festiveinspection of the rugged and wild coastline with Farewell Dinner and a “photo journal” of youreyes set on shore for possible bear sightings. trip presented by your Expedition Leaders.Day 6 Chichagof Island / Baranof Island Day 8 Sitka – DisembarkMeander along the spectacular waterfall coast Gather for breakfast this morning as you cruise intoof Chichagof Island. In the spirit of expedition Russian-influenced Sitka  for disembarkation.  Transferun-cruising, marvel at the grand scenery as to the airport or begin your Un-Cruise hotel stayour crew expertly guides you through unsung, or land tour.glacier-carved fjords. Anchor in remote watersfor an opportunity to lower the kayaks and skiffs.Explore the shoreline on an intertidal walk or Due to the nature of our explorations, itineraries are guidelines andforest exploration with your guides. will change in order to maximize wildlife and natural encounters. Variations in itinerary and the order of days may occur.Day 7 Peril Strait / Sergius NarrowsPeril Strait runs 50 miles from Chatham Straitto Salisbury Sound. This haven for small ships isscenically highlighted by a very narrow connecting 2013 A Northern Passages & Glacier Bay — 7 nights, Juneau to Sitka (*or reverse) Wilderness Explorer Trailblazer Pathfinder Explorer Private Trailblazer Saturday Departures Charter Single May 18, 25* $2,795 $2,995 $4,195 $228,995 $2,795 Aug. 31* Jun. 1 $3,195 $3,395 $4,295 $256,795 $3,195 Aug. 24 Jun. 8*, 15, 22*, 29 $3,995 $4,295 $5,495 $323,395 $3,995 Jul. 6*, 13, 20*, 27 Aug. 3*, 10, 17* *Reverse itinerary (Sitka to Juneau). All rates are per person, double occupancy in US$. Add $175 per person port fees and taxes. Any cabin (except single) is available at 175% of double rate. Charter up to 76 guests. ACTIVE ADVENTURES include – All onboard meals; transfers and baggage handling between airport/boats; entry fees to national parks/preserves; most from-the-boat adventure activities and equipment; yoga, hot tub, sauna Undisputable. | 25
  26. 26. Juneau Tracy Arm BRITISH ALASKA COLUMBIA C A N A DA Inner Reaches Admiralty Island Thomas Bay Eastern Coves Frederick Sound Wrangell Narrows Stikine River 7 Nights — Juneau to Ketchikan, Alaska — From $1,895 Sitka Wrangell Yes Bay u Juneau u Tracy Arm Wilderness u Frederick Sound u Thomas Bay Misty Fjords u Wrangell Narrows u Wrangell u Behm Canal National u Misty Fjords National Monument u Ketchikan u Monument Zimovia Strait Rudyerd Prince of Bay Glacial landscapes, sheer-cliffs, rainforests, and alpine-to-sea creeks paint the Whales Island Ketchikan backdrop. Kayaking, paddle boarding and skiffing along dramatic fjords and shores. Massive icebergs and wildlife viewing. Trekking and Tlingit cultural discoveries. Uncover Alaska’s inner reaches in the Alexander Archipelago. Day 1 Juneau, Alaska – Embarkation Welcome aboard! Meet your crew and get acquainted as you set sail for the Tracy Arm Wilderness. Day 2 Tracy Arm Wilderness / Frederick Sound At the end of Tracy Arm, a winding fjord with sheer granite walls, hundreds ofHighlights: cascading waterfalls, and some of the largest icebergs in all of Alaska, sits the u Explore the mainland—glacial landscapes, old growth and rainforest twin Sawyer Glaciers—Sawyer and South Sawyer. The fjord is home to brown u Wildlife and whale watching with a half-day in Frederick Sound and black bears, deer, wolves, harbor seals, mountain goats, and birds such as u Kayaking, paddle boarding and skiffing in remote scenic bays arctic terns and pigeon guillemots. Later, move into Frederick Sound—summer feeding ground for the northern hemisphere’s largest concentration of humpback u Enjoy wilderness treks, massive icebergs and calving glaciers whales. Keep watch for humpbacks, orca, and Steller sea lions. u Discover isolated coves and dramatic Misty Fjords National Monument u Visit Wrangell’s Kiksetti Totem Park and Chief Shakes Tribal House u Captain’s Choice exploration of remote “not in the guidebook” places Day 3 Thomas Bay u Daily insights from your onboard Expedition Leader and guides Choose kayaking and a lush forest trek on a scenic rainforest trail, or go big on a roundtrip 11-mile hike to the glacially-fed and rarely visited Patterson Lake for spectacular kayaking in the meltwaters of Patterson Glacier. Discover the origin of its “Devil’s Country” nickname during a reading from “The Strangest Story Ever Told,” about the area’s mythical, shape-shifting creatures called Kushtaka.26 | Un-Cruise™
  27. 27. A L AlasKa’s Inside passageDay 4 Glacial Landscapes / Wrangell corner of the world. This evening, join the Captain morning. Transfer directly to the Ketchikan airportNarrows in a farewell toast and reminisce about your Alaskan or begin your extended Un-Cruise hotel stay or journey over a sumptuous dinner. land tour.Step into the back country of Alaska’s wilderness, inan area known for glaciers and rich in gold and quartz. Due to the nature of our explorations, itineraries are guidelines andExplore glacial landscapes marked by moraines, Day 8 Ketchikan – Disembark will change in order to maximize wildlife and natural encounters.muskegs, and mud. Adventure and natural beauty are Variations in itinerary and the order of days may occur. Enjoy a farewell breakfast before disembarking thissure to please whether you choose kayaking, paddleboarding, skiff riding, or hiking today. An abundance ofbright red and green navigation lights guide you along 2013 A Inner Reaches Eastern Coves — 7 nights, Juneau to Ketchikan“Christmas Tree Lane” as you cruise the winding Wilderness Adventurer Navigator Trailblazer Pathfinder PrivateWrangell Narrows this evening. Saturday Departures Charter May 11; Sept. 14 $1,895 $2,395 $2,595 $135,295Day 5 Wrangell May 25; Aug. 31 $2,195 $2,795 $2,995 $157,295Home to native culture, wildlife, and wonder— Jun. 22#; Jul. 6#, 20# $3,195 $3,995 $4,295 $225,995Wrangell is one of the oldest towns in Alaska Aug. 3, 17#and the only one ever governed by four nations. Wilderness Discoverer Navigator Trailblazer Pathfinder Explorer PrivateBefore venturing into town, local islanders join you Saturday Departures Charteron board for an in-depth presentation on Tlingit and Sept. 7 $1,895 $2,395 $2,595 $4,495 $193,795Haida cultures. View recently carved totem poles at May 18 $2,195 $2,795 $2,995 $4,695 $221,995 Kiksetti Totem Park and step inside the famed and Jun. 1; Aug. 24 $2,595 $3,195 $3,395 $4,795 $249,995historically significant Chief Shakes Tribal House. Jun. 15, 29; Jul. 13, 27 $3,195 $3,995 $4,295 $5,995 $312,795 Aug. 10Day 6 Behm Canal Wilderness Explorer Trailblazer Pathfinder Explorer Private Trailblazer Saturday Departures Charter SingleWildlife abounds in Behm Canal and the surrounding Sept. 8 $2,395 $2,595 $3,995 $199,995 $3,593 Tongass National Forest—orca, porpoise, seals, sea # “Kids in Nature” family departure. All rates are per person, double occupancy in US$.  Add $175 per person port charges & fees.lions, brown and black bears, mink, marten, eagles, Select cabins are available for single occupancy at a 150% supplement; all other cabins are available at 175%.   and otters. Paddle along the canal or venture out Triple accommodations in select Explorer cabins offer the third person a 25% savings on the double occupancy rate.   Private charter up to 60 guests (Wilderness Adventurer) and 76 guests (Wilderness Discoverer / Wilderness Explorer).on an intertidal shore walk or low-elevation trek onthe Cleveland Peninsula. 2013 L Inner Reaches Eastern Coves — 7 nights, Juneau to Ketchikan Safari Endeavour Master Commander Captain Admiral Commodore Private MasterDay 7 Misty Fjords National Monument Sunday Departures Suite Charter SingleAffectionately called “The Yosemite of the North,” Sept. 15 $3,695 $3,895 $4,195 $4,695 $6,695 $368,195 $4,695Misty Fjords National Monument represents nearly Safari Explorer Master Commander Captain Admiral Commodore Private Singleevery ecosystem found in Southeast Alaska. Glacial Friday Departures Suite Charter valleys filled with sea water, and sheer 3,000 foot Sept. 6 $5,595 $5,995 $6,395 $7,195 $8,595 $214,995 $6,395cliffs are a haven for sea birds, brown and black All rates are per person, double occupancy in US dollars. Any stateroom (except Single stateroom) may be sold as a single for 175% of double rate. Private charter up to 40 guests (Safari Explorer) and 86 guests (Safari Endeavour).bears, mountain goats, Sitka black-tailed deer, mink,moose, river otters, and other wildlife. Glide through ADVENTURES include – All onboard meals; transfers and baggage handling between airport/boat; entry fees to national parks/Walker Cove or Rudyerd Bay by kayak or explore by preserves; most from-the-boat adventure activities and equipment; yoga classes, hot tub, sauna. LUXURY ADVENTURESskiff soaking in the splendor of this largely forgotten also include – premium spirits, wine, beer; port fees and taxes; a complimentary massage Unblemished. | 27
  28. 28. Juneau BRITISH Admiralty Fords Terror COLUMBIA C A N A DA Inner Reaches Western Coves Island Dawes Glacier Baranof Island Endicott Arm The Brothers Islands 7 Nights — Ketchikan to Juneau, Alaska — From $1,895 Sitka Frederick Sound Bay of Pillars u Ketchikan u Tongass National Forest u El Capitan Passage ALASKA u Klawock Native Village u Chatham Strait u Frederick Sound Chatham Strait u The Brothers Islands u Stephen’s Passage u Endicott Arm El Capitan Cave u Fords Terror Wilderness u Juneau u El Capitan Prince Ketchikan Passage of Wales Island Wild and woolly wilderness, mind-blowing natural wonder, humpback whales, and Klawock untamed wildlife explode your senses. Discover dramatic waterfall coasts and explore a cave. Kayak along shore looking for sea otters and bears and glide by 10,000-year- old glaciers. Learn the stories of the totem on this Un-Cruise Adventure. Day 1 Ketchikan, Alaska – Embarkation Welcome aboard! Meet your crew, get settled in, and keep watch for eagles as you cruise through the Tongass Narrows out of Ketchikan. Day 2 Tongass National Forest / El Capitan PassageHighlights: Wake in El Capitan Passage surrounded by breathtaking Tongass National Forest—the u Explore “wild and woolly” wilderness (“skookum” to the locals) largest national forest in the US. On a “wild” Alaska trek winding through high forest on an u Wildlife and whale watching in Frederick Sound and Stephen’s Passage old logging trail, find your way to El Capitan Cave, the largest known cave in Alaska and one u Glacier calving at the face of the glacier in Endicott Arm of the largest mapped caves in the Americas.  And if the stars are right (okay maybe it’s the u El Capitan Cave trek and exploration tides), you just may get lucky today and snag some organic oysters from a local grower. u Visit the carving school and totems at Klawock, a native Tlingit village u Kayaking, paddle boarding, and skiffing in secluded coves and passages Day 3 Klawock Native Village u Captain’s Choice exploration of remote “not in the guidebook” places Discover living history in Klawock—one of the most authentic Tlingit villages in u Daily insights from your onboard Expedition Leader and guides Alaska. Learn the importance of carving, gaze up at totem poles coloring the town, and hear their stories. Visit the carvers’ shed where the art of carving and restoring totems is passed on. Along with its small fishing fleet, this rustic community continues to thrive on the farthest reaches of the secluded Alaska coastline. Explore the area on foot keeping an eye for eagles and sea birds.28 | Un-Cruise™
  29. 29. A L AlasKa’s Inside passageDay 4 Chatham Strait you glide through Endicott  Arm you’ll likely find Day 8 Juneau – Disembark a few seals taking respite on the glacier’s smaller Bid adieu to new-found friends over breakfast beforeIt’s Captain’s Choice today as you explore the “bergy bits.” Tides permitting, explore the disembarking. Transfer directly to the Juneau airport orintricate passages and shores along Chatham Strait’s narrow passage of Fords Terror. Join the Captain begin your add-on overnight stay or extended land tour.Kuiu or Baranof Islands. Join your expedition team in a farewell toast during dinner.on (or in!) the water. Conditions permitting, taketo the water by kayak, skiff, or snorkel. Snorkeling-* Due to the nature of our explorations, itineraries are guidelines andis optional, but hidden beneath the surface lies a will change in order to maximize wildlife and natural encounters. Variations in itinerary and the order of days may occur.magical array of sea life only seen from below. Takea deep breath and go for it! Today’s discoveries willbe within some of the most untouched wilderness of 2013 A Inner Reaches Western Coves — 7 nights, Ketchikan to Juneauthe Tongass National Forest. (*Wilderness boats only) Wilderness Adventurer Navigator Trailblazer Pathfinder Private Saturday Departures Charter May 4 $1,895 $2,395 $2,595 $135,295Day 5 Frederick Sound Sept. 7Lush forest, spectacular views, play time, and May 18 $2,195 $2,795 $2,995 $157,295wildlife—they are all in abundance in Frederick Jun. 1; Aug. 24 $2,595 $3,195 $3,395 $187,295Sound. Keep watch along the coastline for birds,wolves, and black bears. With many secluded Jun. 15, 29; Jul. 27 $3,195 $3,995 $4,295 $225,995coves to choose from, you may slip into the Wilderness Discoverer Navigator Trailblazer Pathfinder Explorer Privatewaters of Deep Cove, Patterson or Saginaw Bay, Saturday Departures Charteror perhaps another hidden gem to explore by May 11 $1,895 $2,395 $2,595 $4,495 $193,795skiff or paddle a kayak. Gear up for snorkeling* May 25; Aug. 31 $2,195 $2,795 $2,995 $4,695 $221,995or guided treks. This evening, toast another day Jun. 8, 22; Jul. 6, 20 $3,195 $3,995 $4,295 $5,995 $312,795of amazing adventure with a cold microbrew or Aug. 3, 17cocktail. (*Wilderness boats only) Wilderness Explorer Trailblazer Pathfinder Explorer Private Trailblazer Saturday Departures Charter SingleDay 6 The Brothers Islands / Stephen’s May 11 $2,395 $2,595 $3,995 $199,995 $3,593 Passage All rates are per person, double occupancy in US$.  Add $175 per person port fees and taxes. Select cabins are available for single occupancy at a 150% supplement; all other cabins are available at 175%.    riple accommodations in select Explorer cabins offer the third person a 25% savings on TThere’ll be plenty of wildlife viewing today. The the double occupancy rate.  Private charter up to 60 guests (Wilderness Adventurer) and 76 guests (Wilderness Discoverer / Wilderness Explorer).Brothers, a pair of tiny, rocky islands at the confluenceof Stephen’s Passage and Frederick Sound, are home 2013 L Inner Reaches Western Coves — 7 nights, Ketchikan to Juneauto some of Alaska’s most abundant wildlife, including Safari Endeavour Master Commander Captain Admiral Commodore Private Mastera haulout for Steller sea lions. The area is also the Sunday Departures Suite Charter Singlesummer feeding ground for the largest concentration May 26 $3,695 $3,895 $4,195 $4,695 $6,695 $368,195 $4,695of humpback whales in the northern hemisphere. Safari Explorer Master Commander Captain Admiral Commodore Private SingleKeep watch for orca, humpbacks, and porpoise. Friday Departures Suite Charter May 31 $5,595 $5,995 $6,395 $7,195 $8,595 $214,995 $6,395 All rates are per person, double occupancy in US dollars. Any stateroom (except Single stateroom) may be sold as a single forDay 7 Endicott Arm / Fords Terror 175% of double rate. Private charter up to 40 guests (Safari Explorer) and 86 guests (Safari Endeavour).Snow covered mountains, glowing blues, and ADVENTURES include – All onboard meals; transfers and baggage handling between airport/boat; entry fees to national parks/the white thunder of calving ice takes your preserves; most from-the-boat adventure activities and equipment; yoga classes, hot tub, sauna. LUXURY ADVENTURESbreath away at the face of Dawes Glacier.  As also include – premium spirits, wine, beer; port fees and taxes; a complimentary massage Untamed. | 29
  30. 30. Haines Skagway Glacier Bay National Park ALASKA Icy Strait Chichagof Juneau BRITISH Island COLUMBIA Baranof Frederick Sound Island Sitka Petersburg C A N A DA Wrangell Narrows Wrangell Alaska’s Inside Passage Ketchikan Misty Fjords National Monument Gold Rush Legacy 11 Nights — Seattle, WA to Juneau, AK (or reverse) — From $7,895 Klemtu Butedale Waterfalls u Seattle u Salish Sea u San Juan Islands u Friday Harbor u Canada’s Lama Passage Pruth Harbor Inside Passage u Ketchikan u Wrangell u Petersburg u Chatham Strait Alert Bay Johnstone Strait u Frederick Sound u Sergius Narrows u Sitka u Chichagof Island u Icy Strait u Glacier Bay National Park u Haines u Skagway u Juneau u Canada’s Vancouver Island Inside Passage Gulf Islands Relive the days of the ‘98 Gold Rush aboard a replica Victorian steamer on this San Juan Alternative Islands unparalleled Heritage Adventure. Discover ever-so-close shores along the 900 Friday Harbor Adventure Route Seattle nautical miles of Canada and Alaska’s Inside Passage. Embrace snow-capped mountains, WA S H I N G TO N waterfalls, and tree-lined narrow passageways. View stunning glaciers and search for whales, bears, and eagles. Visit the old mining and trading towns of Ketchikan, Wrangell, Petersburg, Sitka, Skagway, Haines, and Juneau, and explore spectacular Glacier Bay National Park.  A journey steeped in wildlife, history, and culture. Day 1 Seattle, Washington – Embarkation Upon arrival, transfer to the Safari Legacy. Sailing from Seattle’s historic Fishermen’s Terminal, transit the historic Hiram M. Chittenden Locks and cruise along Seattle’s picturesque waterfront. Settle into the rhythm of the Salish SeaHighlights: and begin your journey of discovery along the path of the Gold Rush. u History comes alive with guided narration in Ketchikan, Wrangell, Petersburg, Sitka, Haines, and Skagway Day 2 Friday Harbor / Salish Sea u View stunning glaciers in Glacier Bay National Park Keep watch for the resident orca pods as the boat makes its way through the u Discover Native Tlingit culture and see carved totems San Juan Islands. Explore the shops, galleries, and intriguing whale museum in u Explore scenic winding channels and straits by Victorian-style steamer charming Friday Harbor, once an important whaling center. Shaped and molded u Visit the Whale Museum, shops, and galleries of quaint Friday Harbor by the last ice age, forested islands dot the seascape of this yachter’s paradise. u Unhurried time for watching whales and wildlife u Enjoy Living History presentations and daily insights from Day 3 Strait of Georgia / Johnstone Strait your onboard Legacy Leaders Nestled between Vancouver Island and the mountainous mainland of British Columbia, the Strait of Georgia’s islands, fjords, and intricate waterways unfold before you. Sail north into Johnstone Strait—summer home to approximately 150 orca whales. Onboard Living History presentations unlock the storied past of these wild shorelines.30 | Un-Cruise™