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Should I Short Sale My Home - Bios - Author Bios

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Should I Short Sale My Home - Bios

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. SHOULD I SHORT SALE MY HOME? HOMEOWNER’S GUIDE: HOW TO SURVIVE THE WORST REAL ESTATE MARKET IN HISTORY By Tom Damron and Tim and Julie Harris *This book and its content is not intended to give legal or accounting advice. Readers of this book are advised to seek additional information from their accountant and/or attorney. The authors and co-authors are not accountants or attorneys. 2
  3. 3. Table of Contents Chapter One. A National Epidemic Is Looming. Are You Ready? Chapter Two. How Bad Is It? Chapter Three. Ok, I Get It. A Short Sale May Be My Best Option. Tell Me More. Chapter Four. What Is A Mortgage Foreclosure? Chapter Five. You Have Been Warned: Foreclosure Scams. Chapter Six. What Are The Options For Homeowners In Foreclosure? Chapter Seven. You Now Want To Short Sale Your Home: Top 10 Short Sale Questions, Answered. Chapter Eight. I Thought Rates Were Falling. Won’t That Help? Chapter Nine. Life After Short Sale...When You Want To Buy A Home Again…FHA To The Rescue. Chapter Ten. Something You Should Know: The Death Of The Home Equity Loan - Millions Of Homeowners Shut Out. 3
  4. 4. Appendix A. Loss Mitigation Companies and Contact Info. Appendix B. What’s the difference between Short Sale vs. Short Payoff. Appendix C. (Abbreviated) The Complete State-by-State Guidebook on the most Common Foreclosure Procedures (FLORIDA ONLY) Biographies of Authors 4
  5. 5. About the Author Tom Damron, serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, loss mitigation specialist, author, founded MLS Direct Network of Central Florida, Inc. in 2007 and began developing the Foreclosure Protection Team. A resident of Silver Springs, Florida, Tom is growing his elite team throughout the state in an effort to save as many homeowners from foreclosure as possible. Tom says real estate professionals partnered with his team are positioned to make more money than ever, due to the system he has in place. Any agent associated with the team enjoys the benefits of highly skilled negotiators armed with “ R eserved Leverage ” when dealing with banks. Without “ R eserved Leverage, ” agents can’t get as many deals done, thus doing an injustice to themselves as well as the homeowner. Tom welcomes real estate professionals and homeowners alike to contact him directly to discuss the advantages of the Foreclosure Protection Team. He also hopes that everyone reading this book realizes the value of a T ogether E veryone Achieves M ore! Feel free to contact Tom at 5
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  7. 7. About The Co-Authors: Tim and Julie Harris have been leaders since day one of their careers. After selling more than 100 homes in their very first year and every year there after. They gained great acclaim when the National Association or Realtors named them Agents of the Year in 1997. They were consistently rated on the NARs lists of top 500 Agents in the US. They were also the youngest and fastest to achieve the Re/Max Platinum award. They are both Howard Brinton StarPower Stars, and have been long-time coaches for the Mike Ferry Organization. Having been involved in thousands of real estate transactions, Tim and Julie have shown their acumen not just for the business itself, but their abilities to impact their coaching clients. Tim and Julie Harris are unique in the coaching and training field because they have actually done what they teach. In an industry filled with professional ‘speakers’ and ‘gurus’ whom have never sold real estate or haven’t sold real estate in decades Tim and Julie stand out - Matter of fact, they are still involved in the real estate sales industry every day. Tim and Julie have contributed directly to the success of thousands of real estate professionals nationwide, through their unique and proven techniques. With over tens of thousands of coaching calls, they are proud to have some of the most successful agents in 7
  8. 8. the country enrolled at The Harris Real Estate University. Every day, over 11,000 agents participate in a Harris Real Estate University coaching program. For more information, find Tim and Julie Harris at: 8