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  • 1. Krishnendu
  • 2.  Introduction Augmented reality Examples of augmented reality highlights overview features
  • 3.  Technical specification Advantages Disadvantages Challenges Reference conclusion
  • 4.  Google Glass is a project based on Augmented Reality by Google. It is a very futuristic one, not only because of its future capabilities, but because of its small size Powered by Android OS Advanced Artificial Intelligence
  • 5.  It brings the real world and internet world together It has a camera ,microphone and a screen
  • 6.  Utilizes augmented reality to project images & information in front of your eye Similar products that use augmented reality to enhance user experience – Television and Smart Phones Sports vision has been a big proponent of augmented reality in sports telecasting Smart Phones have started utilizing it as a tool for consumers and businesses alike
  • 7. Examples of augmentedreality as an advertisingtool in sports/television
  • 8. Example of how smart phones use augmented reality to enhanceconsumers and businesses
  • 9.  Hands free Artificial Intelligence Google Offers High-speed data connection (3G/4G)
  • 10.  Android OS – Advanced Powerful OS Google Calendar – Mark your entries right from your GG Google+ Integration – Simplest and easiest way to be Social
  • 11.  Google Task – Don’t let you miss anything that is to be done Voice/Videos Calls – Make and Receive Video/Voice Calls right from your GG High Definition Video Camera – Save your life moments within no time
  • 12.  Directions and Location – Enjoy the freedom with Google Locations and Directions Music/Video Player – Built in music player and a video player Voice Commands – Communicate with GG using Voice Commands
  • 13.  Google Contacts – Get connected with your contacts directly 3G/4G Data Connection – High Speed Internet Connectivity Google Maps – Get 3D Street View maps directly
  • 14.  Touchpad – Mounted buttons to navigate and control the GG Bluetooth Connectivity – Communicate with the Smartphone easily Synchronization – Completely synchronized with Google Account
  • 15. http:// Video here
  • 16.  A display of High Resolution Camera : HD 720p video recording (~3.2M Pixels) Standalone processor: (1.5-2.0Ghz) On Board Memory: (8Gb-16Gb) Touchpad on the side for input
  • 17.  Microphone: Recording and voice-command functionality Speaker for feedback Sensors: gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer, GPS* Connectivity: WiFi and Bluetooth ~36 grams
  • 18.  You don’t need extra time to open your camera or smart phone to take a picture It is hands free You can TEXT and see the map while you are on your way.
  • 19.  Get distracted while walking or driving and may have a accident. Continuously wearing a phone next to your Brain may damage the brain cells. Not suitable for kids(tiny screen no good for watching movies)
  • 20.  Price may not be feasible Requires active data plan Privacy Bulky Design Irrelevant Ads
  • 21.  Wikipedia Internet (TechBlogs)
  • 22.  Sixth Sense Technology Google Synchronization The new way to look at the future world..
  • 23. THANK YOU