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Design Automation Software Model

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Hws Design Presentation01

  1. 2. <ul><li>About Symbiosis </li></ul><ul><li>What can HWS do for Designs? </li></ul><ul><li>How will HWS do it? </li></ul><ul><li>Why should your Business Automate? </li></ul><ul><li>Conclusion </li></ul>Design Automation http://www.huffwilliamson.com Automated 3D Playgrounds Technical Installation Documents Automated 3D Steel Buildings Examples
  2. 3. HuffWilliamson Solutions strives to solve the problems and needs of small to large sized business that work in the manufacturing, construction, architectural and engineering industries. Our product, Symbiosis, is an enterprise business automation platform used to increase the efficiency of a design & engineering workflow, increase the accuracy of information provided to manufacturing/construction/production and improve management decision making by providing better business and manufacturing intelligence in a combined web, desktop and server integrated environment. True Design Automation http://www.huffwilliamson.com/symbiosis/
  3. 4. What can HWS do for Designs? Automated Project Setup Font Styles, Dimension Styles, Folder & File Management, Version Control, Sheet Numbering, Drawing Item Locations Automated Title Block Annotations, Dimensions, and Logos Existing Database Tie-in, Customer Info & Logo, Company Info, Cover Sheet Info, Static Notes, Common Call Outs Automated Notes, Symbols, Legends, Schedules, Details Disclaimers, Construction Standards, Part Schedules, Symbols Legend, Job & Customer Custom Details and Notes Custom Drawing Objects and Smart Blocks Embedded Data, Automated BOM, Manufacturing, Part, and Buyout Reports, CAM Tie-in to Existing Equipment , Parametric Automate Company Standards Enforce Company Standards, Increase drawing consistency and readability for Customers, Manufacturing, and Installation Decrease Drafting Complexity Let Engineers Engineer, Decrease Training Cycle, Capture ‘Tribal Knowledge”, Drafting Objects Organization Automated Photo Traffic Enforcement
  4. 5. What can HWS do for Designs? Systems Integration Sales/Estimating, Design/Engineering, Manufacturing, Accounting, Shipping, Job Status, XML, Compatibility, SQL, Oracle Collaboration Site All Data One Location, Sales to Design, Design to Manufacturing, Manufacturing to Installation, Red-line on-line, Expedite Approvals Program Scalability Latest Programming Technology, MS .Net code base, Add Servers or Desktops in Real-Time, Easy Installation, Zero Maintenance Product Automation Custom GUI (Graphical User Interface), Custom CAD API (Application Programming Interface), Machine Integration Automated Reports Customizable for Sales, Estimating, Manufacturing, Shipping, Installation, Quality Control, Checking, … Email, PDF, Fax Comprehensive 3D Models Sales Drawings, Installation Comprehension, Smart Objects, 1:1 Models, Space Fit, R&D, Training, Interference Checks Automated 3D Wireframes
  5. 6. How will HWS do it? Microsoft Technology MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network), C#, SQL, XML, Open Source, MS Visual Studio, Smart Applications, Web and Desktop Autodesk Technology ADN (Autodesk Developer Network), Inventor, AutoCAD, Design Review Integration, Customized Objects, Vault Revision System Design GUI (Graphical User Interface) Automated Projects, Any One Can Use It, Templates, Title Blocks, Prototypes, Safe Access to All Design Data, Design Configurator Server Side Design Creation in Minutes, XML and Database Backbone, Compatibility with any CAD System Unification Page All Job Information in One Location, Electronically Access Information From Any Location, Job Status, Customer Access, Security Systems Analysis Know Your Product, Know Your Systems, Listen To Your People, Analyze Current Processes, Phase Implementation, Status Updates Automated 2D Plan Drawings
  6. 7. How will HWS do it? Mathematical Libraries Polar Calculations, 3D Vectors, Neural Networks, Matrices, 2D/3D Intersections, Coordinate Systems, Algorithms , Analysis Agile Software Architecture Customized Programs to Meet Business Needs, Continued Discovery, Analysis, and Review, Customer Communication Portal Organization Gant Charts, Process Flow Diagrams, Development Time-lines, MS Visio, MS Project, Program/Site Maps, Wire Frames, Use Cases Programming Tools MS Visual Studio .Net, C#, ASP.Net, AJAX, C++, Java, Application API’s, MS SourceSafe, XML, SQL, Modular Component System Componentized Solution Presentation Layer, Business Logic Layer, Data Access Layer, Web Services, SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), DLL’s, WPF, WCF ‘ Best Fit’ Technology Website Portal, Desktop Application, Smart Client, Out-of-the-box, Simplified GUI (Graphical User Interface), DXF, DWG, DWF, PDF 3D Renderings
  7. 8. Why should your Business Automate? Simplified Training Redundant Tasks Automated, Design File Locations Defined, Design Process Flow Clarified, Reports Creation Eliminated Increase Throughput Data Enter in One Place, Faster Revisions with Internal Tools, Fast Access to All Data, Faster Time-to-delivery Immediate Answers Automated Email, Automated Fax, Automated Job Status Updates, View In-progress Designs, Access Job History, Labor Hours Material Costing and Quantities Automated BOM by Job, Material Reports by Customer, Date, Plant, Cost, and Material Type, Auto-Update as Design Changes Designer Friendly Reduced Overtime, Reduced Stress, Known CAD programs, AutoCAD/Inventor Internal Menus & Tools, Easy Data Entry Cost Effective Improved ROI, Reduced Design Times Mean More Business and Happier Customers, Financing Available Customized 3D Parametric Models
  8. 9. Why should your Business Automate? Increased Design Efficiency 30% to 80% Drawing and Report Automation, Increased Accuracy, Enforce Standards, Drawing Consistency, Training Reduced Business Integration Sales, Estimating, Customer Service, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Installation, Accounting, Invoicing Decreased Complexity All Trivial Tasks Automated, Reduce Designer/Engineer Ramp Up, Easy Design Sharing, Revision System Enforcement Design Management Real-Time access to Designs in Progress, Everyone can see any Design From Any Where, Faster Management Decisions Error Reduction Enter Once Use Many, Quick Access to Job Data, Reduce Steps, Clearly Defined Processes, Less Questions, Less Phone Calls Our Experience Estimating, Design, Tracking, Job Status, Databases, Bi-Directional Systems, Accounting, Install, Scheduling, Manufacturing, SKU Customized AutoCAD And Inventor Design Tools
  9. 10. Conclusion With Symbiosis customers can automate the generation of 2D CAD drawings and 3D parametric models by collecting data from one or disparate sources. Customers also enjoy the benefits of automated and accurate manufacturing/productions reports that can be automatically generated real-time and in sync with the design phase. These capabilities result in reduction of labor, reduction in wasted materials due to more accurate information, better decision making due to more informative feedback, metrics and benchmarks and a faster time-to-delivery. HuffWilliamson Solutions ’ innovative founders’ work was recently recognized by Autodesk , Manufacturing Business Technology and Product Design & Development News for their automation work and workflows built using Autodesk’s DWF technology and were showcased at Autodesk University 2007. For an assessment of how Symbiosis will fit your business needs contact us at [email_address] .