TechDays 2014 : tour d'horizon de Java dans Azure


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  • Though it may seem surprising on the surface, the partnership between Oracle and Microsoft is one that is a very sensible response to customer needs:Customers want more choice in deployment options, including virtualization and cloud.Customers have counted on Windows to run Oracle software for years, and Oracle’s strategy and commitment is to support multiple platforms.Microsoft and Oracle are working together to help customers embrace cloud computing by providing greater choice and flexibility.How does this partnership align with Microsoft’s overall strategy?Microsoft’s strategy is to provide customers with private and public cloud platforms that enable the hybrid deployment strategies customers need. To realize that vision, our private and public cloud platforms need to support the broad array of mission-critical workloads our customers run on Windows Server, and this partnership helps Microsoft do just that.How does this partnership align with Oracle’s overall strategy?Oracle’s strategy and commitment is to support multiple platforms, and Microsoft Windows has long been an important supported platform.Oracle is now extending that to Windows Server Hyper-V and Windows Azure by providing certification and support for Oracle applications, middleware, database, Java and Oracle Linux software.Customers benefit from greater choice and flexibility, and can now deploy supported Oracle software on Microsoft private and public clouds, in addition to Oracle public and private clouds, and other clouds.Why is this partnership good for Microsoft?Customers can run supported Oracle software on Windows Server Hyper-V and in Windows Azure – giving customers greater deployment flexibility and choice. This enables Microsoft to continue delivering on its strategy, which is to provide customers with private and public cloud platforms that enable the hybrid deployment strategies customers need today, and to support the broad array of mission-critical workloads our customers run on Windows Server.Why is this partnership good for Oracle?This partnership gives customers more ways to deploy Oracle software and therefore enables increased usage of Oracle software. By offering customers certification, support and license mobility to deploy Oracle software on multiple platforms and multiple clouds, we are enabling more customers to run Oracle software.Oracle is pleased to offer Oracle Linux on Windows Azure and to see Microsoft supporting Java, as well as Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server.
  • Enterprises use both Microsoft and Oracle – this partnership is about doing what’s in the best interests of our joint customersWe want customers with Oracle workloads to be able to run them in a fully-supported way on Azure and Hyper-VMicrosoft and Oracle are diverse companies and we will continue to compete in other areas outside the scope of this partnership, such as in database and analytics toolsUltimately this competition is good for customers as well, giving them more choice in where to make their technology betsWhat are the key aspects of this partnership?Our customers can run supported Oracle software on Windows Server Hyper-V and in Windows Azure.Oracle provides license mobility for customers who want to run Oracle software on Windows Azure.Microsoft offers license-included, pre-configured virtual machine images with popular configurations of Oracle software including Java, Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server inthe Windows Azure image gallery.Microsoft will offer fully licensed and supported Java in Windows Azure.Oracle offers Oracle Linux, with Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server, as preconfigured bring-your-own-license instances on Windows Azure.
  • vmcreatedemotdjboss -o vmdepot-18848-1-32 -l "West Europe" tom --ssh --ssh-cert ./certs/myCert.pem
  • Créer un nouveau projet Dynamic Web genre Hello WorldLe lancer en local dans le Tomcat (projet tout normal)Créer le projet de déploiement Windows Azure ; montrer les optionsMontrer le package.xml généréLancer dans l’émulateur localRemettre à zéro l’émulateurPublier dans Windows Azure ; montrer le dialogue de publicationPendant que ça déploie, montrer les options sur le projet et sur le WorkerRole : cache, sticky sessions, etc.Si pas fini de déployer, montrer le projet déjà déployé
  • TechDays 2014 : tour d'horizon de Java dans Azure

    1. 1. Architecture/Azure/Cloud Java / OpenJDK sur WindowsAzure Thomas Conté Technical Evangelist, Microsoft @tomconte
    2. 2. Architecture/Azure/Cloud#mstechdays Depuis votre smartphone sur : De nombreux lots à gagner toute les heures !!! Claviers, souris et jeux Microsoft… Merci de nous aider à améliorer les Techdays ! Donnez votre avis !
    3. 3. Architecture/Azure/Cloud#mstechdays Java sur Windows Azure IaaS • VMs Windows ou Linux • Oracle JDK v6 & v7 • VMs préconfigurées • Oracle WebLogic, VM Depot Java Image, ou votre propre JVM PaaS • OpenJDK 64bit fourni par Azul (Zulu) • Ou partez d’une JVM standard • Plugin Eclipse pour le déploiement Services • SDK Windows Azure pour Java: Blob, Table, Queue, Service Bus, SQL, etc. • Outils en ligne de command azure-cli
    4. 4. Architecture/Azure/Cloud#mstechdays • Accord avec Oracle – Machine Virtuelles – Oracle JDK – WebLogic • Partenariats Open Source – OpenJDK / Azul – VM Depot – Cloud Services avec Tomcat – Windows Azure plug-in for Eclipse with Java Microsoft + Java “This initiative is all about bringing Java to the masses in the cloud. We will be providing a fully open and unconstrained Java environment – with open choice of third-party stacks – for developers and essential applications deployed on Windows Azure.” Scott Sellers, Azul Systems President and CEO En production le 12 mars !
    5. 5. Architecture/Azure/Cloud#mstechdays INFRASTRUCTURE AS A SERVICE Partenariat avec Oracle Machines Virtuelles prêts à l’emploi sur VMDepot
    6. 6. Architecture/Azure/Cloud#mstechdays Les poules ont des dents! “The two companies have decided to become friends in a way that's really good for their enterprise customers. Ultimately, any time the big software companies agree to work together, enterprises win.” JULIE BORT “Now, Hyper-V is clearly a near-first class citizen in Oracle’s world and that alone is worth a headline.” BARB DARROW
    7. 7. Le partenariat
    8. 8. Le partenariat
    9. 9. Architecture/Azure/Cloud#mstechdays IAAS JDK Oracle sur une VM VMs préconfigurées sur VMDepot
    10. 10. Plus d’informations…
    11. 11. Architecture/Azure/Cloud#mstechdays JENKINS DANS WINDOWS AZURE
    12. 12. Jenkins dans Windows Azure azure vm create tomjenkins -o vmdepot-23932-1-32 -l "West Europe" tom --ssh --ssh-cert ./certs/myCert.pem
    13. 13. Plug-in Jenkins pour Blob Storage
    14. 14. Architecture/Azure/Cloud#mstechdays PLATFORM AS A SERVICE Java dans les Cloud Services
    15. 15. Architecture/Azure/Cloud#mstechdays • Windows Azure Plugin for Eclipse with Java – (by MS Open Tech), October 2013 Preview • Zulu, an OpenJDK Build for Windows Azure • Windows Azure Libraries for Java, v0.4.6 • Exemple: Hello World avec le plugin • Exemple: Cloud Ninja pour Java sur Github Java dans Windows Azure Cloud Services
    16. 16. Architecture/Azure/Cloud#mstechdays • JDK 1.6+ • Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers, Indigo ou plus • Compatible avec le Windows Azure SDK 2.2 • S’installe directement depuis le « Install New Software » d’Eclipse • Ajoute automatiquement… – Microsoft JDBC Driver 4.0 for SQL Server – Package for Apache Qpid Client Libraries for JMS – Package for Windows Azure Libraries for Java – Windows Azure Access Control Services Filter Plugin Windows Azure pour Eclipse
    17. 17. Architecture/Azure/Cloud#mstechdays • Azul Systems est une société spécialisée dans les JDK hautes performances depuis 1995 • Zulu est une version d’OpenJDK supportée sur Azure tout en restant Open Source et gratuite • Compatible avec Java SE 7, vérifié avec le Java SE 7 OpenJDK Community TCK • Intégré avec le Windows Azure Plugin for Eclipse • Patchs et bug fixes sont rendus à la communauté OpenJDK par Azul • La licence runtime permet aux ISV d’inclure facilement Zulu dans leurs applications Zulu OpenJDK pour Azure par Azul Systems
    18. 18. Architecture/Azure/Cloud#mstechdays HELLO WORLD Plugin Windows Azure pour Eclipse
    19. 19. Architecture/Azure/Cloud#mstechdays • Blob • Create/Read/Update/Delete containers • Create/Read/Update/Delete blobs • Queue • Create/Delete Queues • Insert/Peek Queue Messages • Advanced Queue Operations • Table • Create/Read/Update/Delete tables • Create/Read/Update/Delete entities • Batch operation Storage • Queues • Create/Read/Update/Delete queues • Send/Receive/Unlock/Delete messages • Renew message lock • Message forwarding • Topics • Create/Read/Update/Delete topics • Create/Read/Update/Delete subscriptions • Create/Read/Update/Delete rules • Send/Receive/Unlock/Delete messages • Renew message lock • Message forwarding Service Bus Windows Azure Libraries for Java • Create/Read/Update/Delete access policies • Create/Read/Update/Delete asset files • Create/Read/Update/Delete assets • Create/Read/Update/Delete/Rebind content keys • Create/Read/Update/Cancel/Delete jobs • Add/Get job notifications • Create/Read/Update/Delete notification endpoints Media Services • Manage affinity groups Service Management • Retrieve information about the state of your Azure Compute instances Service Runtime
    20. 20. Architecture/Azure/Cloud#mstechdays • • The Cloud Ninja for Java application encompasses the following points: – Tenant on boarding – Tenant level customization (for example, managing logos) – Data isolation for Tenant – Metering for Tenant – Providing support for log-in via different identity providers (for example, Yahoo!, Google, Windows Live ID) • This application also demonstrates how to use the various Windows Azure Services such as: – ACS – Windows Azure Storage – SQL Azure database and so on. Cloud Ninja
    21. 21. Digital is business