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Ro R(2)


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  • 1. A presentation by
  • 2. contents • w is Ruby o n Rails ? hat • w does it all m hat ean? • w uses Ruby o n Rails ? ho • w to get som ant e? A presentation by
  • 3. w is Ruby on Rails? hat an o pe n s o urc e frame wo rks c o ns is ting o f 2 parts : Ruby –the program ing language m Rails –the fram orks that w inspired by Struts ew as A presentation by
  • 4. w is Ruby on Rails? hat us e d fo r ‘ag ile ’ we b de ve lo pme nt by allo wing a de ve lo pe r to us e the ‘Co C’ princ iple and RubyGe ms Co C –(Convention over Configuration) is a design principle that makes the implem entation and coding of a project simpler by making the developer only specify the unconventional aspects of a app. For instance if a developer creates a class in the code the DB table w be nam the sam by default and all calls ill ed e to that class w autom ill atically reference that table RubyGe m –a systemfor managing Ruby Software libraries. These libraries allow a developer to quickly add com ponents like form or m ber m s em anagem ent w ithout having to worry about dependences to other libraries since they are built to run as a independent package. A presentation by
  • 5. w does it all m hat ean? te ll me mo re abo ut Ruby • an object-oriented program ing inspired by Perl that w created in m as the m id-1990s and w initially developed and designed by Yukihiro as "M atz" M atsumoto. • created w the goal of m ith aking the program er do less w m ork. • very flexible program ing language m • features dynam typing. ic • built in garbage collector, this is used to keep from leaking m ory. em • can load libraries dynam ically based on need • highly portable: developed m ostly on GNU/Linux, but w orks on many types of UNIX, M OS X, W ac indow 95/98/M s e/NT/2000/XP, DOS, BeOS, OS/2, etc. • currently on build 1.8.7 A presentation by
  • 6. w does it all m hat ean? te ll me mo re abo ut Rails • it w extracted by David Hansson from his w on Basecam as ork p • a program er can use som m ething called ‘ scaffolding’ hich w autom atically generates basic pieces of code necessary for the ‘logistics’ (deleting, adding, reading) of a site. • built to use JS libraries out of the box so it is very behavior rich on the front end. • does a great job of separating the M VC, w hich allow a developer to s m ake ‘ eb 2.0’ W based apps that easily connects to the Server and DB, then packages the DB Rowinfo into an object on the View • w orks w ith • Server - Apache, lighttpd, or nginx proxying to M ongrel • Database - M ySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 etc. A presentation by
  • 7. w does it all m hat ean? what are the drawbac ks o f us ing it? • still newso things like security holes are being found all the tim e • setting up the Server to run Ro R can be very challenging • since so m any things are done autom atically out of the box - creation of DB tables, adding, m odifying, deleting info in the tables - program ers can get lazy and the m app can becom hard to scale (see Tw ) e itter • can be hard to find good program ers m • m program ers need to learn 2 newtechnologies, ost m Ruby and Rails A presentation by
  • 8. w does it all m hat ean? whe n s ho uld I us e it? • w hen creating a w app from scratch and need eb m any of the com ponents found in m odern W 2.0 eb offerings. Ro R gives you these out of the box. • w hen a w site is being driven by inform eb ation from a Database. • have a visual rich site, since Ro R does a good job separating the M changes can be m VC ade data- handling w ithout effecting the UI. • you have an aggressive tim efram for launching a e product A presentation by
  • 9. w uses Ruby on Rails? ho http://w w w .basecam / http://w w w .cam pfirenow .com/ http://w w w / http://w w w / http://w w w .yellow / A presentation by
  • 10. w to get som ant e? 1.866.542.7124 A presentation by