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  1. 1. A presentation by
  2. 2. contents • w is PHP? hat • where did it com from e ? • w does it all m hat ean? • w uses PHP? ho • w to get som ant e? A presentation by
  3. 3. w is PHP? hat open source object oriented scripting language especially suited for w developm eb ent. created by the PHP Group, serve as the standard because there is no specification. PHP is m ainly focused on server-side scripting, it is often used for things such as to collect form data, generate dynam page content, or send and receive ic cookies. A presentation by
  4. 4. w is PHP? (continued) hat can be used for Com and Line Scripting –do not m need a brow or server, only the PHP parser. ser exam ples are CRONs on Linux, Task Scheduler on W indow sim text processing tasks. s, ple not ideal, but can be used to w Desktop rite Applications using an extension such as PHP-GTK. can be used on all m ajor operating system runs in s, both 32 bit and 64 bit environments. A presentation by
  5. 5. w is PHP? (continued) hat supports and w orks w w a very large range of ell ith databases, as w as Open Database Connection ell Standard (ODBC) Outputs to HTM PDF, im L, ages, SW s, XHTM XM –all generated on the fly, F’ L, L enabling server-side caching. w orks nicely w com ith pression utilities (gzip), parsing text (XML), talking to other protocols (LDAP, POP3, HTTP). a w variety of extensions are w ide ritten for it 5.2.6 is current version, 5.3 is in alpha. A presentation by
  6. 6. where did it com from e ? originally stood for Personal Hom Page. w e ritten in C, by Rasm Lerdorf in 1994 to replace Perl scripts he’ been using for us d his w ebsite (syntax is sim to Perl, but m lim and sim ilar ore ited pler) since PHP 2 - form handling, ability to embed HTML, com unication w DB’ m ith s in 1998 the parser w rew as ritten by Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutm ans to form PHP 3 heavily influenced by C, Perl, Java, C++, C#, Python has becom w e idely used as an alternative to Microsoft’ ASP s and .NET A presentation by
  7. 7. w does it all m hat ean? w you’ typically need for server hat ll side PHP: PHP Parser (server module) W Server eb Database (optional) W Brow eb ser = L.A.M.P . A presentation by
  8. 8. w does it all m hat ean? Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP- (a popular open-source package of softw used to run dynam w are ic ebsites) Linux = Operating System Apache = Web Server MySQL = Database PHP = Programming Language (Perl and Python are sometimes substituted) A presentation by
  9. 9. w does it all m hat ean? Popular PHP fram orks ew A presentation by
  10. 10. w uses PHP? ho 20 m illion websites 1m illion w servers eb m any popular sites use PHP including: Kazow ie!, M entum Design Lab, Yahoo!, Flickr, om Facebook , W ikipedia, Friendster, Technorati, Techcrunch, Zillow Digg, leads the field in term of m s arket share for dynam w program ing languages at 30% ic eb m m any Blogs, Forum W s and CM s are s, iki’ S’ developed and run on PHP A presentation by
  11. 11. w to get som ant e? 1.866.542.7124 A presentation by