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Drupal(2) Presentation Transcript

  • 1. A presentation by
  • 2. contents • w is Drupal? hat • where did it com from e ? • w does it all m hat ean? • w uses Drupal? ho • w to get som ant e? A presentation by
  • 3. w is Drupal? hat an open source modular fram ork and ew Content Managem System (CMS) w ent ritten in the program ing language PHP m it allow the system adm s inistrator to create and organize content, custom the presentation, ize autom adm ate inistrative tasks, and m anage site visitors and contributors A presentation by
  • 4. w is Drupal? hat som etim described as a Content es M anagem Fram ork, its capabilities ent ew extend from content m anagem to enabling a ent w range of services and transactions. ide although Drupal offers a sophisticated program ing interface, basic w site m eb installation and adm inistration can be accom plished w no program ing ith m A presentation by
  • 5. w is Drupal? hat Drupal runs in m any environments, including W indow M OS X, Linux, Free BSD, Open s, ac BSD, Solaris 10, Open Solaris and any platform that supports either the Apache (version 1.3+), or IIS (version IIS5+) W server and the PHP eb language (version 4.3.5+). Drupal requires a database such as M ySQL or PostgreSQL to store content and settings A presentation by
  • 6. where did it com from e ? originally written by Drie s Buytae rt as a bulletin board system Drupal becam an open source project in , e 2001 Drupal is an English rendering of the Dutch word “ druppel,” hich m w eans “drop,” in droplet as from M 2007 to April 2008, Drupal w dow ay as nloaded from the Drupal.org website m than 1.4 m ore illion tim an increase of approxim es, ately 125% from the previous year as of August 2008, Drupal 6.4 is the latest release. Drupal is a winner of several Packt Open Source CM Aw S ards A presentation by
  • 7. w does it all m hat ean? Drupal Co re - the official release, know as n "Drupal c o re ", contains basic features com on to m CM these include the m ost Ss. ability to register and m aintain individual user accounts, adm inistration m enus, RSS- feeds, custom izable layout, flexible account privileges, logging, a blogging system an , Internet forum and options to create a , classic“ brochurew are“ (static, rarely updated) W site or an interactive com unity W eb m eb site A presentation by
  • 8. w does it all m hat ean? W site content can be contributed by eb registered or anonymous users Drupal core also includes a hierarchical taxonom system w y hich allow content to be s categorized or tagged w keyw ith ords for easier access Drupal m aintains a detailed changelog of core feature updates by version A presentation by
  • 9. w does it all m hat ean? core modules-The core Drupal distribution provides a num of features including: ber access statistics and logging advanced search functions caching and feature throttling for im proved perform ance under load com ents, forum and polls m s, descriptive URLs (for example,“ ww.facebook.com/quan” w ) m ulti-level menu system A presentation by
  • 10. w does it all m hat ean? core modules (continued)-The core Drupal distribution provides a num of features including: ber RSS Feed and Feed aggregator security/newrelease update notification user profiles various access control restrictions (user roles, IP addresses, email) workflowtools A presentation by
  • 11. w does it all m hat ean? core themes- The Drupal core includes several "c o re the me s ", w hich custom the aesthetic look-and-feel of the ize site. these them can be chosen by the es adm inistrator via a special menu The Co lo r Mo dule , w hich w introduced in Drupal as core 5.0, allow adm s inistrators to change the color schem of certain them via a W e es eb-brow ser interface. this feature w added to allowa higher as level of custom ization for the average non-coder A presentation by
  • 12. w does it all m hat ean? core translation- as of February 2008, translations for Drupal's interface w available in 44 languages plus ere English (the default). Drupal 6 provides im proved support for content and content adm inistration in m ultiple languages A presentation by
  • 13. w does it all m hat ean? extending Drupal core- designed to be m odular w a system of "hooks" ith and "callbacks", w hich are accessed internally via an API. this design allow third-party s "contributed" (often abbreviated to "contrib") m odules and them to extend or override es Drupal's default behaviors w ithout changing its’core's code A presentation by
  • 14. w does it all m hat ean? extending Drupal core (continued)- Drupal's m odular design, w hich isolates its core's files from contributed m odule and them increases flexibility and security and es, allow Drupal adm s inistrators to cleanly upgrade to newreleases of Drupal core w ithout potentially overw riting their site's custom izations A presentation by
  • 15. w does it all m hat ean? to som using Drupal is a challenge e, lack of object orientation-Drupal exclusively uses procedural program ing, not object-oriented program ing (OOP). results are m m less efficient code reuse since object inheritance is "weak" and polym orphism is only approxim ated in the rendering layer poor usability- aspects of Drupal's administration interface can be confusing and intimidating, particularly for newadm inistrators. some say Drupal lacks an intuitive, easy adm inistration user interface steep learning curve-Drupal may be powerful, but it is also complex. The key is overcom its steep initial learning curve. m casual ing ost users are w illing to sacrifice features for ease of use making Drupal less popular than m user-friendly CM despite its enhanced ore S's functionality A presentation by
  • 16. w uses Drupal? ho image galleries (them and w es ebsites) http://drupal.org/screenshots A presentation by
  • 17. w to get som ant e? hello@momentumdesignlab.com 1.866.542.7124 A presentation by