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Django Python(2)
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Django Python(2)


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  • 1. & A presentation by
  • 2. contents • w is Pytho n? hat • w is Djang o ? hat • where did it com from e ? • w does it all m hat ean? • w uses it? ho • w to get som ant e? A presentation by
  • 3. w is Python? hat Pytho n is an open source, high level program ing language. m supports multiple program ing paradigm and autom m s atic m ory em m anagem ent, sim to Ruby, Perl, and Tcl ilar it com w an extensive standard library (the “ es ith batteries included” philosophy) and offers strong support for use w other libraries and ith tools. intended to create uncluttered visual layout by using English keywords instead of sym bols and using w hitespace indentation. extensions and modules easily written in C, C++, Java for Jython or .NET for IronPython Pytho n runs on Window Linux/Unix, M OS X, OS/2, Am s, ac iga, Palm Handhelds, and Nokia m obile phones. Pytho n has also been ported to the Java and .NET virtual machines. A presentation by
  • 4. w is Django? hat an open source (BSD) Pytho n We b fram ork. It ew boasts rapid developm and high ent perform ance. Djang o ’s m goal is to ease the creation of ain database driven w ebsites by automating as m uch as possible and adhering to the DRY (don’ t repeat yourself) principle. it allow you to build elegant, high-perform s ance applications quickly w less code, purely using ith Pytho n . A presentation by
  • 5. where did it com from e ? originally developed to manage fast-moving news oriented sites. developed by the W departm at W eb ent orld Online in Lawrence, KS. nam after the gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhart ed the m recent, Django 1.0, w released ost as septem 3rd, 2008 ber A presentation by
  • 6. w does it all m hat ean? 7 easy steps to w a database-driven w rite ebsite using Djang o : • design your model- you can use Djang o w ithout a database, but it com w an object-relational m es ith apper in which you describe your database layout in Pytho n code. • install it • enjoy the free API • “ just the scaffolding, the w not hole house!” -Django can automatically create a professional admin interface. • design your URLs • w your view rite s • design your templates A presentation by
  • 7. w does it all m hat ean? bundled applications and added features that include: an extensive authentication system a caching fram ork ew a syndication fram ork (tools for generating RSS ew and ATOM feeds) a flexible com enting system m tools for generating Google sitemaps support for m ultiple languages A presentation by
  • 8. w uses Django? ho http ://www .was hing to npo s t.c o m / http ://www .e ve ryblo c k.c o m / http ://po wnc e .c o m / http ://www 2.ljwo rld .c o m / http ://www .tabblo .c o m /s tudio http ://www .de s ko g raphy .o rg / A presentation by
  • 9. w a Django fram ork? ant ew 1.866.542.7124 A presentation by