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  • Acquiringcpsinhed tomleonard

    1. 1. Acquiring eInstruction’sClassroom Performance SystemIn Higher Education
    2. 2. Classpacks vs“Bookstore” Model
    3. 3. Classpacks Vs Bookstore Model• Classpacks o Pads sold in kits or “Classpacks” o Pad ID and channel programmed into pad o Kits include pads, receiver, and CPS software CD• “Bookstore “ Model aka “Student Owned” o Pads sold to bookstore, who resell to students o Pad ID and channel determined by roster & instructor setup o Instructor receives free demo kit o Students pay enrollment fee to use pads o Note : Pad=Clicker o Note: Bookstore is most often used. It can be another entity
    4. 4. How Student-Owned Pads are registered 1. Manage registration & enrollment CPSOnline Server 2. Store class roster 3. Store student results Internet 1. CPSO registration 1. CPSO class creation 2. Class enrollment 2. Poll students 3. View posted results 3. Post student results Student PC Instructor PC CPS Pulse pad
    5. 5. In the bookstore Model , each instructorreceives a free Faculty Kit• 1 Receiver• 1 Demo CPS Pulse pad• Quickstart guide• Instructor Set Up Guide• Software CD• Demo code card• Instructor setup code on packing slip
    6. 6. How it works: Teacher View- Demo Code Card
    7. 7. How it works: Instructor View- Instructor Setup Code
    8. 8. How it works: Instructor View- Roster Setup • Instructor creates class with online component • Students added to the roster in CPSO server • Instructor syncs roster onto their own PC • Roster info changed by students in CPSO accounts o No roster management required by the instructor!
    9. 9. How it works: Student View- Getting Started• Purchasing pads• Setting up CPSOnline student account• Enrolling in class
    10. 10. How it works: Student View- Enrollment Options• Account creation vs enrollment• Enrollment Options o Enrollment code = pre-paid online access o Pay Online = direct payment online
    11. 11. How it works: Student View- Enrollment• Option 1: Enrollment Codes o No online payment required o Like an iTunes gift card o Two possible values: o One-Term Codes o Lifetime Codes o Getting Code o Purchased separately from bookstore
    12. 12. Enrollment Code Example
    13. 13. How it works: Student View- Enrollment (cont)• Option 2: Online Payment o Pay using credit card or virtual check o No physical enrollment code o Access granted automatically after payment o 2 possible values (chosen at adoption) o One Term o Lifetime
    14. 14. eInstruction Student Enrollment PaymentStructure• Two eInstruction Payment Structures: o Non-Standardized pricing o Standardized pricing: oReduced from non-standardized if school adopts campus-wide There are videos about how the student-owned, (Bookstore) model works here:
    15. 15. I am the eInstruction HED Consultant designated for South CarolinaBill McIntoshPhone :843-442-8888Email :WKMcIntosh@Comcast.netTo find the eInstruction Higher Education Consultant forYour area, call the eInstruction toll-free Number :888-333-4988