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Buddhism Blue Cliff Record Meditation Koan

Buddhism Blue Cliff Record Meditation Koan

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  • 1. 加拿大佛教會 湛山精舍  學佛班 禪坐 入門 Introduction to Chán Meditation 2010/07/17 Buddhist Association of Canada Cham Shan Temple
  • 2. Buddhist Association of Canada Cham Shan Temple ná mó fó tuó 南 無 佛 陀 Namo Buddha ná mó dá mó 南 無 達 摩 Namo Dharma ná mó sēng qié 南 無 僧 伽 Namo Sangha
  • 3. Meditation with Four Immeasurable Minds 四無量心
  • 4. Contemplation on Loving-Kindness 淨念慈無量心
    • Loving-Kindness, without desire to possess, knowing well that in the ultimate sense there is no possession and no possessor: this is the highest Loving-Kindness . 淨念慈 - 無佔有慾 , 三輪體空 ( 無施者 , 無受者 , 也無施物 ) 為最高慈的境界。
    • Loving-Kindness, without speaking and thinking of “I”, knowing well that this so-called “I” is a mere delusion. 淨念慈 – 無我相 , 無人相 , 無眾生相 , 無壽者相 , 知法無我 , 所有相皆虛妄。
    • Loving-Kindness, without selecting and excluding, knowing well that to do so means to create love’s own contrasts: dislike, aversion and hatred. 知行慈愛會生慎恨 , 不滿與妒忌 。修慈要離二端 , 不揀擇 , 可除煩惱。
    • Loving-Kindness, embracing all beings: far and near, be it on earth, in the water, or in the air; not only those who are useful, pleasing or amusing to us or those who are noble-minded or low-minded, good or evil. 修慈要包括一切六道眾生 , 不論遠近 , 好壞 , 至親或 冤家對頭 , 無分別心。
  • 5. Contemplation on Loving-Kindness 淨念慈無量心
    • Loving-Kindness, that lies like a soft but firm hand on the ailing beings, ever unchanged in its sympathy, without wavering, unconcerned with any response it meets. 修慈要精進有恆。對苦難者不斷伸出援手 , 永無退心。
    • Loving-Kindness that is comforting coolness to those who burn with the fire of mental suffering and passion; that is life-giving warmth to those abandoned in the cold desert of loneliness, to those who are shivering in the frost of a loveless world; to those whose hearts have become deepest despair and dead dry by the repeated calls for help. 修慈要給予心靈燙傷的眾生清涼的安慰 , 寂寞的眾生溫暖的問候 , 失望的眾生歡躍的希望和愛心。
    • Loving-Kindness that treats all sentient beings as your beloved Buddisattvas. Their happiness is more important than yours. 修慈要愛護一切眾生如對待你最仰慕的菩薩。 眾生的快樂比自己的還重要。
  • 6. Contemplation on Loving-Kindness 淨念慈無量心
    • Loving-Kindness, that is a sublime nobility of heart and intellect which knows, understands and is ready to help. 修慈是要有至極莊嚴的清淨心及無上的智慧 , 隨時隨地伸出援手 , 樂助世人。
    • Loving-Kindness, that is strength and gives strength: this is the highest Loving-Kindness. 修慈要有無比的力量 , 也給予別人無比的力量 , 這是最高層次的慈無量心。
    • Loving-Kindness, which by the Enlightened One was named “the liberation of the heart”, “the most sublime beauty”: this is the highest Loving-Kindness. 覺者從智慧解放出來的自在心是至高無上的慈無量心。
    • The highest manifestation of Loving-Kindness is to show to the world the path leading to the end of suffering, the path pointed out, trodden, and realized to perfection by the Buddha. 佛陀教人如何離苦得樂 , 顯示如何達到完滿人生之大道 , 這是最偉大的慈無量心 。
  • 7.
    • The Vajra Prajnà Pàramità Sutra
    • 金剛般若波羅蜜經
    The Vajra Prajnà Pàramità Sutra 金剛般若波羅蜜經
  • 8. Chapter 6 Proper Belief is Rare 第六品 正信希有分
    • Subhūti addressed the Buddha, saying: "World Honored One, will there be sentient beings who are able, upon hearing these words and sentences, to give rise to true faith?"
    • The Buddha said to Subhūti, "Do not even say such a thing. Five hundred lifetimes after my passing away, there will be those who observe moral discipline and cultivate merit, who will be able to give rise to the mental state of faith and take these words to be the truth.
    • 須菩提白佛言。世尊。頗有衆生得聞如是言說章句生實信不。 佛吿須菩提、莫作是說。 如來滅後後五百歲。有持戒修福者。 於此章句能生信心以此爲實。
  • 9. Chapter 6 Proper Belief is Rare 第六品 正信希有分
    • “ You should know that such people will have planted good roots with not just one Buddha, two Buddhas, three, four, or five Buddhas, but will have planted good roots with measureless millions of Buddhas. All who hear such phrases and produce even one thought of pure faith are completely known and completely seen by the Tathàgata. Such living beings thus obtain measureless blessings and virtue.
    • 當知是人不於一佛、二佛、三、四、五佛、而種善根。已於無量千萬佛所種諸善根。聞是章句乃至一念生淨信者。 須菩提、如來悉知悉見是諸衆生得如是無量福德。
  • 10. Chapter 6 Proper Belief is Rare 第六品 正信希有分
    • “ And why? Those living beings have no further mark of self, of others, of living beings, or of a life; no mark of dharmas and no mark of no dharmas. If living beings’ hearts grasp at marks, then that is attachment to self, to others, to living beings, and to a life. For that reason you should not grasp at dharmas, nor should you grasp at no dharmas. Regarding that principle, the Tathàgata often says, ‘all you bhiksus should know that the Dharma which I speak is like a raft. Even dharmas should be relinquished, how much the more so no dharmas.’”
    • 何以故。是諸衆生無復我相人相衆生相壽者相。無法相亦無非法相。何以故。是諸衆生、若心取相則爲著我人衆生壽者。 若取法相卽著我人衆生壽者。 何以故。若取非法相。卽著我人衆生壽者。是故不應取法。不應取非法。 以是義故、如來常說汝等比丘。知我說法如筏喻者。 法尚應捨、何況非法。
  • 11.  
  • 12. Case 18 The Seamless Monument 無縫塔
    • Emperor Su Tsung asked National Teacher Hui Chung, “After you die, what will you need?” 
    • The National Teacher said, “Build a seamless monument for me.”
    • The Emperor said, “Please tell me, Master, what the monument would look like?”
    • The National Teacher was silent for a long time; then he asked, “Do you understand?”
    • The Emperor said “I don't understand”
    • The National Teacher said, “I have a disciple to whom I have transmitted the Teaching, Tan Yuan, who is well versed in this matter. Please summon him and ask him about it.”
    • 舉:肅宗皇帝問慧忠國師:百年後所須何物?國師云:與老僧作個無縫塔。
    • 帝曰:請師塔樣。國師良久。云:會麼?帝云:不會。國師曰:吾有付法弟子耽源,卻諳此事,請詔問之。
  • 13. Case 18 The Seamless Monument 無縫塔
    • After the National Teacher passed on, the Emperor summoned Tan Yuan and asked him what the meaning of this was. Tan Yuan said, South of Hsiang, north of T'an; ( Hsueh Tou added the comment , “A single hand does not make random sound.”) In between there's gold sufficient to a nation. ( Hsueh Tou added the comment , “A rough-hewn staff.”) Beneath the shadowless tree, the community ferryboat; ( Hsueh Tou added the comment , “The sea is calm, the rivers are clear.”) Within the crystal palace, there's no one who knows.”( Hsueh Tou added the comment , “He has raised it up.”)
    • 國師遷化後,帝詔耽源,問此意如何?源云:湘之南,潭之北,(雪竇著語云:獨掌不浪鳴。)中有黃金充一國。(雪竇著語云:山形柱杖子。)無影樹下合同船,(雪竇著語云:海晏河清。)琉璃殿上無知識。(雪竇著語云:拈了也。)
  • 14. Case 18 Verse: The Seamless Monument 無縫塔
    • The seamless monument – it is hard to see.
    • A clear pool does not contain a blue dragon’s coils.
    • Layers upon layers, shadows upon shadows –
    • Throughout all time it’s shown to humankind.
    • 無縫塔,見還難,澄潭不許蒼龍蟠。
    • 層落落、影團團,千古萬古與人看。
  • 15. Case 18 Verse II: The Seamless Monument 無縫塔
    • The seamless monument stands up without shadow.
    • Filling the nation with gold likes a rough-hewn staff.
    • It can’t be found from south of Shiang to north of Tan.
    • Throughout all time who encounter?
    • It is difficult to draw the seamless monument.
    • When can you see dragon’s coils in a clear pond?
    • Coloured-glaze hall does not have any Buddhisattvas.
    • Layer upon layer of shadows, years of offerings are in vain.
    • 無縫塔立塔無影,黃金充國杖山形;
    • 湘南潭北找不到,千古萬古誰遭逢?
    • 塔樣無縫劃也難,澄潭幾時見龍蟠?
    • 琉璃殿裡無菩薩,層層落落空長供。
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