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Kidneyin me

  1. 1. You Must be Kidneyin MeCopyright 2009 by Yang Qigong and Thomas McGrew All rights reserved.
  2. 2. The Kidneyin Massage The ancient Taoist sexual practices included numerous techniques that involved stimulation ofthe womans yin energy to “heat the pot of water on the stove” (=feminine energy) using the “big fire inthe stove” (=masculine energy). A series of massage points were stimulated and rubbed to start theprocess building to eventual orgasms. The Yang participant would always start at the extremities andslowly work inward. If done properly with the correct intent, the woman will have very intense orgasmand usually multiple ones. It should be understood from the outset that the practice of “thunder and rain” (intercourse) wasnever done in a rushed manner and required patience and skill of both partners. These Taoist sexualpractices are just that practices to increase jing energy and help the male gain back precious life forcelost from ejaculation over the years. If his female partner follows the entire practice she would lengthenboth his and her life. The key to any practice is communications between the two partners. When involving touch ofanothers body it is important that you discuss how much pressure and where the pressure is to beapplied. You are going to be massaging three key points along the Kidney meridian. Chinese use theterm "jing luo" which means, channels, conduit, meridian etc. According to acupuncture, these are theinvisible channels through which qi circulates throughout the body (see images below). Theseacupuncture points (or holes as the Chinese term xue is more aptly translated means) are the locationswhere the qi of the channels rises close to the surface of the body. Some of these points are the onesyou are going to massage to increase yin sexual energy and get the qi flowing through the channels.The increase of qi flow will result in these subtle energies to flow better resulting in enhance health andsexual satisfaction.
  3. 3. These three points are going to be sensitive to pressure in fact this is one of the ways you locatethe points. The pictures and charts are going to be general locations of the point. You will need topress down and ask your partner if you have hit the point. They will know by how the area respond tothe touch and pressure. You can put more pressure on the point only if they want but be careful thesepoints have a lot of energy flowing through them.. Starting with one of the feet you should attempt to locate the “bubbling well.” The BubblingWell (yongquan) is the starting point of the kidney meridian, and is located in the concavity of the soleof the foot. The Bubbling Well is the "fountain of qi" of the Kidney Meridian. The kidneys are the placewhere the prenatal jing is stored. This is the energetic foundation of the body. When placing the yinsfocus on the Bubbling Well point, prenatal jing can be nourished and life-force enhanced.
  4. 4. Massage the Bubbling Well (Point 1) with the tip of your thumb in small concentric circles 18 clockwise and 18 counter clockwise. Move your thumb up along the arch and toward the back of the ankle.
  5. 5. When you get it to the lower part of the ankle you are going to circle around clock wise three times.Now trace your thumb along the line and circle the ankle bone with steady and firm pressure.
  6. 6. Trace along the center of the leg until you are around 3 inches from the ankle and slightly ½ inch back from shin bone.When you reach the “Three/Triple Yin” (Point 2) you will spend some additional time doing the same message technique you did on the first point concentric circles 18 clockwise and 18 counter clockwise.
  7. 7. Then continue along the meridian up the center of the leg until you get to the bottom where the knee cap starts. Run your thumb toward the back of the knee joint. At this next point (Point 3) and repeat the message technique again.
  8. 8. You may follow up her inner thigh but do not have contact with the Jade Gate or pubic area.Stop right before you get there. One more thing about the amount of pressure you should use. Thethree points can have more pressure than you apply along the rest of the meridian. Woman who havepracticed Qigong or other mind body arts can take more pressure but they will need to guide you onthat part of the practice. After completing one leg start again at the “Bubbling Well” and do the otherleg. This exercise will increase the flow of her sexual “kidney” energy and after doing this for thirtyto ninety days her orgasms will be stronger and more numerous. Copyright 2009 by Yang Qigong and Thomas McGrew All rights reserved.