Building a Digital Library
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Building a Digital Library



Presentation of JeromeDL given at Irish Digital Libraries Summit in April 2007, Galway

Presentation of JeromeDL given at Irish Digital Libraries Summit in April 2007, Galway



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Building a Digital Library Building a Digital Library Presentation Transcript

      • Tomasz Woroniecki
      • [email_address]
    JeromeDL Building a Semantic Digital Library
  • Outline of the presentation
    • Introduction to Semantic Digital Libraries
    • Overview of JeromeDL
    • Architecture of JeromeDL
    • Working with JeromeDL
    • Demo
  • Social Semantic Digital Library
    • A library stores and provides access to resources (books)
    • Qualified staff updates catalogues and helps users
  • Social Semantic Digital Library
    • Machine-readable resources
    • Full-text index improves searching
    • Easy access
    • Availability
  • Social Semantic Digital Library
    • Resources are accessible by machines, not with machines
    • Metadata is rich and extensible
    • Searching reflects meaning of terms
    • RDF is a standard for representing information
    • Not just resources but also knowledge is shared
  • Social Semantic Digital Library
    • Involves the community into sharing knowledge
    • Utilizes social network in searching
    • Allows for comments, blogs, shared bookmarks
    • Easy tagging
  • Evolution of Libraries Social Semantic Digital Library Involves the community into sharing knowledge Semantic Digital Library Accessible by  machines, not only with machines Digital Library Online, easy searching with a full-text index Library Organized collection
  • Semantic Digital Library
    • Semantic digital libraries
      • integrate information based on different metadata, e.g.: resources, user profiles, bookmarks, taxonomies
      • provide interoperability with other systems (not only digital libraries)
      • deliver more robust, user friendly and adaptable search and browsing interfaces empowered by semantics
  • JeromeDL - Motivations
    • Support for different kinds of bibliographic medatata, like: DublinCore , BibTeX and MARC21 at the same time.
      • Making use of existing rich sources of bibliographic descriptions (like MARC21) created by human.
    • Supporting users and communities:
      • user s ha ve control over their profile information ;
      • community-aware profiles are integrated with bibliographic descriptions
      • support for community generated knowledge
    • Delivering communication between instances:
      • P2P mode for searching and users authentication
      • Hierarchical mode for browsing
  • JeromeDL – Social Semantic Digital Library
    • JeromeDL fulfills requirements of:
    • Librarians
      • precise annotations
      • rich metadata
    • Researchers
      • easy publishing
      • searching related topics
    • Average users
      • efficient search and browsing
      • online collaboration
  • JeromeDL - Architecture
  • Ontologies in JeromeDL
  • Using JeromeDL
    • Uploading a resource
      • provide title, abstract, author etc.
      • provide structure of the resource (e.g., chapters)
      • choose domains of the subject
      • choose keywords for the resource
      • set additional properties
      • upload digital parts of the resource
  • Using JeromeDL
  • Using JeromeDL
    • An administrator either approves or rejects a published resource
  • Sharing bookmarks
  • JeromeDL for a regular user
    • Browsing resources
      • by type, author, keyword, domain
    • Downloading the resource and its bibliographic description in various formats
    • Subscribing to RSS feeds
    • Searching
      • simple, advanced, distributed, semantic
  • JeromeDL for a regular user
  • Summary
    • An easy solution for putting resources online
    • A community around your repository
    • Support for many languages
    • Integration with Bibster and OpenSearch protocols