14 Ideas for Promoting your Business Online


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14 Ideas for Promoting your Business Online

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  • The Online business is gaining ground every day in the modern economy and Ideas for Promoting your Business Online is an excellent guide for all who retrace the real world virtual or intend to venture into it. The authors of the Website and these ingenious ideas, I wish you could follow austerity for illuminating the complex tapestry of links and jumps into the new and unknown.

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14 Ideas for Promoting your Business Online

  1. 1. 14 Ideas for Promoting your Business OnlineHow to turn your businesss news into publicity, visibility and more customers.If youve ever struggled with ideas to promoteyour business, youre not alone.Try online news releases.They put your name where customers look—search engines. They can get your name to the very top of aGoogle page so potential customers find you faster. They have a broader reach than email marketing andthey reach people way beyond your email list, like prospects, journalists and bloggers.Don’t think you have any news?No matter what industry you’re in, or how many employees you have, your business makes news regularly.And you can turn any piece of news into an online asset that helps you increase awareness, attract morecustomers and win more business.Just think of everything you do.You started your company. That’s news right there. Perhaps you recently launched a new product orservice, or are offering a great promotion. Maybe you hired a new employee, created a website for yourbusiness or moved to a new building. Theyre all opportunities to make news. So spread the word, and getyour story out there with an online news release.Here are 14 ideas to get you started.
  2. 2. 1: Tell everyone about your latest accomplishment or award. The next time you win an award or have a major breakthrough – or win an award for your latest major breakthrough – let the world know about it. An online news release can take the story beyond your industry in all sorts of ways and connect you with all sorts of people, including journalists looking for a story, and customers looking for a well-reviewed, credible product or service. PRWeb Tip: Why not publicize an award that one of your suppliers has won? You’re selling award-winning products; you should shout about it like the Arnie Bauer auto dealership does: http://bit.ly/egazta2: Share an inspirational story.For inspiration for your next release, look no further then… inspiration. Readers love to hear about peoplegoing the extra mile, overcoming adversity, and becoming successful–and the publicity can generateeven more success.PRWeb Tip: This idea works well for almost every business. Here’s an educational institution that does a greatjob of promoting itself while promoting students’ success: http://bit.ly/dIBxYW3: Offer useful, free educational resources.Educate the public about your latest initiative, event, product or service. No one likes to be lectured, but you canpresent helpful, useful information by telling a story. This sort of news can build your credibility with readers andprovides a resource they might share.PRWeb Tip: You can give an educational story more newsworthiness and traction by framing it against acommon misperception, like National Alliance on Mental Illness does here: http://bit.ly/ig0ANZ4: You’re “going green.”Even if you’re not in the environmental industry, you can still win customers with a ‘green’ story. People like it whenbusinesses help the environment. They search online for green products too – so get your eco-news out there.PRWeb Tip: We’re not saying you should ‘recycle’ old stories, but you can make green news with a fresh angleon an existing product or service. This release from Vacations by Rail does it perfectly: http://bit.ly/h6Vh275: Your recent event was a hit. You’re organizing an event – that’s a neat story. But why only get one news release out of it? Recapping its success once you’re all done gives you a brand new story angle for no extra legwork. Who attended? Which speak- ers stood out? What was the highlight? Let the world know. PRWeb Tip: Details. Details. Details. Not only do they make your story interesting; they also help make an impression that sticks in readers’ minds. For example, take a look at this recap of the Palustris Festival: http://bit.ly/kQHvuG
  3. 3. 6: Debunk a myth.Don’t go outside without a coat; don’t crack your knuckles; and whatever you do, don’t swallow your gum. There aretons of myths that relate to your industry, and an online news release is a great platform to debunk them. It’s thekind of “told-you-so” link that people love to send to their friends.PRWeb Tip: Learn to debunk and brand at the same time. This is perfect if you’re in fashion or lifestyle. Thissalon is debunking the myth that all women end up with naturally beautiful “silvery-white hair” while marketingtheir brand as the salon that can make your hair beautifully gray: http://bit.ly/j12T0O7: Announce a charitable contribution. A news release about your latest charitable contribution can help generate awareness and credibility for the cause you believe in. But it can really help you drive business, too. It can win you positive media coverage and con- nect your business with the many consumers that believe in your cause. PRWeb Tip: Use keywords to promote your charity or organization. Take a look at this AMIkids release: they’ve got keyword phrases like AMIkids, New Orleans Saints, and Anthony Hargrove in the headline and opening paragraph. That’s exactly what you need to do improve your search rankings: http://bit.ly/kqfCfi8: Broadcast your upcoming holiday event.There are tons of holiday events every year and for every type of company, organization and industry. There are alsotons of people searching the Web for events, shows, gifts and more. The competition is fierce but the rewards arewell worth it, so complement your existing publicity with a news release.PRWeb Tip: Make your announcement sooner rather than later. Vocalist Joe Bourne announced his Christmasconcert with three weeks to go—that’s how to do it: http://bit.ly/edaisa9: You won a legal case.This idea isn’t just for lawyers. If your business or organization wins any lawsuit or court ruling that can bring yougood publicity, the public ought to know about it.If you’re a lawyer or law firm, think of an online news release about your latest litigation victory as a piece of youronline resumé. It’s a great way to get each bit of work you’ve done in the courtroom out to the public, the media, andcustomers looking online for legal representation in your town.PRWeb Tip: Minimize jargon to remain inclusive to non-legal readers. Take a look at the headline in this releasefrom Kaye Scholer: there’s nothing too technical and when you read it, you know exactly what happened:http://bit.ly/fzjXEE10: Hook your story to a technology trend. A CEO making an announcement – that’s nothing new. But it is when they do it on YouTube, or Twitter. Tech is one of the most talked-about industries today, and you don’t need to have a high-tech product to get in on the ac- tion. Seriously, you can capitalize on the buzz out there with just a notepad: http://bit.ly/jdWCoM. PRWeb Tip: Don’t just talk tech—use it as part of your story. Take this release, for example, which uses social media traction as a measure of a TV show’s popularity. This is interesting stuff: http://bit.ly/jALA0j
  4. 4. 11: Recap a successful podcast.In podcasting, the battle for a consistent listening audience is tough. Summarizing and promoting a successfulpodcast online helps you turn up the volume. A news release can help brand your podcasts, get the word out to abroader audience and win you more listeners (which means more leads).PRWeb Tip: Give the readers a sneak peek with a video or audio snippet of a fun bit of the show. ForemostInsurance Group does it will here; check it out: http://bit.ly/e6INMa12: Share new market studies, research, surveys or polls.Everyone loves stats and surveys, particularly journalists who find ready-made stories in this type of news release.Readers also love sharing them in a big way, via links, tweets, Facebook and just about every other communicationchannel.Just one good figure can do it, like Legacy Publishing Company’s stat that 48% of parents say their child fights themover simple requests: http://bit.ly/lI1BoHPRWeb Tip: Get straight to the point and put the best nugget from your research, study or poll is right in yourheadline, front and center. The release above does it perfectly.13: Provide helpful tips.Publishing a few helpful tips can turn a search engine user into a potential customer, so get your industry knowledgeout there. If you sell fitness products, provide tips on how to use them. Or if you sell computers, publish a list of key-board shortcuts or a guide on how to avoid online scams. You have the tips and people are out there searching forthem. Get publishing and get connected. Remember though: just one or two brilliant tips is much better than a longlist of useless ones.PRWeb Tip: ABM: Always Be Marketing. If your product relates to the tips you provide, promote it. FindTheBest.com does it right: their tips to get in shape for the summer highlight their apps: http://bit.ly/h74g0A14: Promote your event or team sponsorship A great way to reach local customers is to sponsor a local team or event, and then publish a news release promoting your involvement. It’s added publicity for them, and it’s great publicity for you – especially when it con- nects you to customers and journalists looking for the team/event. PRWeb Tip: Announce ongoing sponsorships, too. A 25th anniversary of a sponsorship is as newsworthy (if not more so) as a first-year sponsorship. Waveney Truck Parts knows what we’re talking about: http://bit.ly/iiATlbNew to writing news?Heres a free guide on how to write a great news release: http://bit.ly/bD836f
  5. 5. About PRWebPRWeb gives you everything you need to get attention, improve your search engine ranking and drive more businessto your door.You create an announcement about your organization. We send it across the Web and around the world.Even if you’ve never written a news or press release before, you can create one in minutes with our resources. All youneed is something great to say about your business.We’ll send it to all major search engines—where millions of potential customers are looking for businesses likeyours—as well as to thousands of news sites, and to more than 30,000 journalists and bloggers.Create a free account at www.PRWeb.com today. Big time publicity and new customers are only a click away!