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WACS Magazine

  1. 1. Worldchefs Issue 02 anno 2010 Official Magazine Of the WOrld assOciatiOn Of chefs sOcieties July - December WaCs 2010 Culinary WaCs Women Chile Competitions New Recognition in WaCS gaining Highlights Special Program Wo/mentum
  2. 2. TRUE TASTE. GLOBAL EXPERTISE. Products developed by our chefs to deliver made-from-scratch taste. Prepared exclusively for foodservice, Custom Culinary® products are crafted with uncompromising detail and feature only the finest ingredients from across the globe for true, authentic flavor in every experience. True Versatility For amazing entrees, soups and sides, our food base and sauce systems offer endless opportunities. True Performance Consistent and convenient with made-from-scratch taste and inspired results in just minutes. True Inspiration Chef-developed, on-trend flavors that take your menu, and your signature dishes, to the next level. PROUD SPONSOR OF THE HANS BUESCHKENS JUNIOR CHEFS CHALLENGE AS WELL AS THE TRAIN THE TRAINER PROGRAM REPRESENTED IN AUSTRALIA P CANADA P COLOMBIA P C O S TA R I C A P HONG KONG P INDIA P M A L AY S I A P MEXICO P MIDDLE EAST P SINGAPORE P SPAIN SAUCES BASES COATINGS SEASONINGS
  3. 3. World Chefs magazine publisher WOrld assOciatiOn Of chefs sOcieties Contents WaCs 04 WelCome by tHe PReSIDeNt of WaCS Contributors 52 avenue victOr hugO f-75116 Paris t. + 33 (0)6 64 22 33 21 f. +33 (0)1 70 44 84 18 WaCs and you Chefs of the WWW.WOrldchefs.Org 08 WaCS NeWS editorial 11 get WaCS RegogNISeD! ragnar fridrikssOn World on the move Wacs Office Manager 12 WomeN IN WaCS IS gaININg Wo/meNtum design & layout 14 Small tHINgS CaN make gReat tHINgS HaPPeN tOMas BOlli hafthOrssOn 15 a HaPPy Week foR oRPHaNS IN myaNmaR g2Media 16 WaCS CoNgReSS 2010 - HIgHlIgHtS fRom CHIle Cover photo 12 ragnar fridrikssOn Dear friends and colleagues around the world, Culinary Competition speCial do you Wish to advertise or sara harrel euda morales 24 keePINg tRaDItIoNS alIve publish artiCles in World CaNaDa guatemala What a year this has been! Since our Congress in Chile we have Chefs magazine? 25 HIStoRy of Ika moved very fast with different programs and work for WACS. email: offiCe@WorldChefs.org 26 PRePaRe foR SuCCeSS 26 10 tIPS aND CommoN mIStakeS The First Edition of the World Chefs Magazine had a blast 27 SettINg tHe StaNDaRDS foR with over 10,000 copies printed and almost the same amount exeCutive Committee CulINaRy ComPetItIoNS downloaded off the WACS website, and as the news continues president 28 WINNINg tHe global CHefS CHalleNge to flash forth, it continues to gain popularity internationally. gissur gudMundssOn 30 tHe taSte of PeaCe ComPetItIoN I would especially like to congratulate our Office Manager, viCe-president Ragnar Fridriksson and his team for their amazing work on this hilMar B. JOnssOn 31 ComPetItIoNS NeWS 16 endeavor. We look forward to a very successful Second Edition. seCretary general 32 exPogaSt 2010 helgi einarssOn 33 maJoR ComPetItIoNS Through this Magazine, we want to give our members an treasurer opportunity to showcase their thoughts, work, passion and nOrBert schMidiger Catherine bergeron susanne metz in&out of the KitChen gissur gudmundsson businesses, so we are reaching out to all Chefs and Culinary- board members ICelaND uSa 34 vegetaRIaN aND vegaN mealS - PReSIDeNt related Institutions or Businesses to step forward and reserve a dr. Bill gallagher gRoWINg tReND oR faDINg faD? of WaCS hOnOrary life President space for their articles and advertisements for the next magazine 35 RaISINg aWaReNeSS of CoelIaC DISeaSe as soon as possible. I encourage you all to share photos, ideas, ferdinand e. Metz Past President We invite external columnists to submit 36 tHe RISe of tHe mICRo gReeN stories with the office to make our Chefs World spicier. It will lOuis PerrOtte articles and express their views on issues 37 tHe NeW CHefS gaRDeN open eyes and grant new opportunities to many. cOntinental directOr - aMericas related to the culinary industry. These 38 ReCIPe arnOld tanzer articles are not the official view of the 40 fRom tHe PReSIDeNt’S lIbRaRy Don’t let anything stop you from being a part of the Chefs cOntinental directOr World Association of Chefs Societies. 26 movement. We, the management and board of The World - africa/Middle east 41 tHe RIte of flavouR Association of Chefs Societies, are proud to serve and support glenn austin 42 SHaRINg a PaSSIoN foR all If you wish to express your point of view our industry worldwide. cOntinental directOr tHINgS CulINaRy - CHIleaN Style - Pacific regiOn please contact us at office@worldchefs.org 44 aNCIeNt CHIlI PePPeR With Culinary Friendship, JOhn slOane 45 toP 10 fooD tReNDS of 2010 cOntinental directOr - asia Contributors to this issue: Connie Hackathorn – USA 46 10 Real queStIoNS about WINe Gissur Gudmundsson Brendan O’neill cOntinental directOr Dean Kropp – USA 48 HIStoRy of tHe CHef´S uNIfoRm WACS President - eurOPe nOrth Gary Miller – New Zealand 49 WaCS eveNtS CaleNDeR 2010 Gert Klotzke – Sweden, MirOslav kuBec Gilles Renusson – USA 50 DICk kNIveS PRemIeR WaCS SeRIeS cOntinental directOr Jenny Tan – Singapore 51 WaCS membeRS WoRlDWIDe - eurOPe central Jodi Pearson – South Africa, sreckO kOklic Mirjam Van Ljssel – Egypt 32 cOntinental directOr Oliver E. Soe Thet – Myanmar - eurOPe sOuth Robert Oppeneder – Germany Sara Louise Payne – England Steve Billingham – South Africa. Special thanks to: Chefs Hat Convotherm Custom Culinary Dick Knives Expogast KDU College Villeroy & Boch. 44 04 World association of Chefs Societies www.worldchefs.org 05
  4. 4. WaCs and you “those who are one in food are one in life” – Malagasi saying Meet the Chefs What is WaCs? The World Association of Chefs Societies, first founded in back from left: CD arnold tanzer, vice President hilmar B. Jonsson, office manager ragnar fridriksson, Past President ferdinand Metz, Secretary general helgi einarsson, CD srecko October 1928 at the Sorbonne in Paris, is a global network koklic, CD Brendan O’neill, CD glenn austin, CD louis Perrotte, Hotel manager glenn of member nations; each represented by the countries’ most Bond and WaCS President gissur gudmundsson. important and prestigious Chef Association or Federation. Today, this global body is made up of over 93 international WaCs WelComes neW member nations. It is managed by an elected Executive Committee consisting of the President, Vice-President, Continental direCtors Secretary General and Treasurer – as well as a board Two new Continental Directors were voted in during the consisting of the Honorary President, Past President and WACS Congress in Chile. Louis Perrotte from the USA seven Continental Directors from Africa/Middle East, was voted in by the Americas, replacing Jorge Monte and the Americas, Asia, North, Central and South Europe Miroslav Kubec from the Czech Republic was voted in and the Pacific Region. In addition, special committees by the Europe Central region, replacing Reinhold Metz. oversee all WACS projects: The Culinary Competitions Committee, the Education Committee and the Marketing Other continental directors were confirmed in Luxexpo S.A. Experience a magnificent show when the best and Communications Committee. their positions: 10 circuit de la Foire Internationale of the best present their World Cup creations – CD Africa/Middle East: Arnold Tanzer L-1347 Luxembourg-Kirchberg on ’Premium Porcelain CERA‘ by Villeroy & Boch. mission statement CD Pacific Region: Glenn Austin CD Asia: John Sloane The World Association of Chefs Societies is a non-political Prepare to be inspired. CD Europe North: Brendan O’Neill professional organisation, dedicated to maintaining and CD Europe South: Srecko Koklic improving the culinary standards of global cuisines. We accomplish these goals through education, training and The newly elected board’s first general meeting was hosted professional development of our international membership. by The Sebel Albert Park Hotel in Melbourne, Australia. As an authority and opinion leader of food, WACS represents a global voice on all issues related to the culinary profession. 06 World association of Chefs Societies www.villeroy-boch.com/hotel
  5. 5. humanitarian WaCs aWard 2010 president´s aWard goes to olIveR e. Soe ReCeIveS World Chefs Without borders announCement HoNouRS fRom WaCS PReSIDeNt Chef norbert gISSuR guDmuNDSSoN sChmidiger Norbert Schmidiger, WaCS treasurer receives the The Humanitarian Award was presented to Oliver E. Soe from the Myanmar mission statement President’s award. Chefs Association, in recognition of his World Chefs Without Borders is a humanitarian aid initiative by The “His outstanding broad and impactful response benefiting World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS). WCWB collaborates work in the interest so many less fortunate and the victims with any and all aid agencies and organizations, international, govern- of WaCS and of natural disasters. The day after the mental and private. WCWB is an initiative impartial to race, religion, terrible cyclone of May 2008 in Myanmar, gender, political views and any other dividing concept. It aims at saving his perseverence together with the Myanmar Chefs lives, alleviating suffering and restoring dignity and basic human rights has helped build a Association, and he contacted Gissur by providing nutritious food and clean water to the hungry and the stronger organisation” Gudmundsson to set out a plan to help. malnourished, in response to national as well as international situa- said President gissur tions. WCWB works with employers to ensure that volunteering chefs Within weeks the Myanmar Chefs will have their jobs secure until their return from the field. WaCs Judging seminar gudmundsson. Association under the umbrella of over 4 Continents WACS distributed food and materials to a dream for many beComes reality the most isolated areas of the country, On the first day after the Haiti earthquake, I was watching televi- Two judging seminars have already been organised this year, in and cooked food for thousands of people sion and witnessed that my country, Iceland, was the first on site. Egypt and in Singapore. Another two will be held this autumn, in every day. Then the disaster in Haiti This made me question, “But where are the Chefs? Why are we not Luxembourg and in Ecuador. struck. Within 35 hours he contacted participating in helping the rescuers and the needy?” Gissur with an offer of 50 tons of baby 30 representatives from 14 different countries attended the seminar food; within 48 hours he offered one Coming from a country where disaster can strike at any time, I truly under the supervision of Chef Rick Stephen, for a day-long theory million dollars of needed medical believe that we, chefs of the world, should always be ready to help, and mock judging followed by an allocation to witness teams equipment. He is to be recognised for his serve and support anyone in need. judging at FHA2010 for a practical hands-on experience. compassion, action and impact. I also know that being first on site, requires of us more than just cooking skills. Therefore, we have created a four level program for World Chefs Without Borders to ensure the success of a compre- hensive, inclusive, far reaching, long term and strategic plan. WaCs neWs Thanks to the active and supportive work from my team we have cre- ated the following Programs: so hoW Will We get our members to partiCipate? home front program Junior development team Chefs to work with shelters for the homeless, AA programs, soup 1 – Offices will be assigned for WCWB in all Chefs Associations kitchens, support your neighbor and local rescue units, through and Chapters around the world which is estimated to be around Driving the Junior Development Team forward is the Chairman Andy Cuthbert. WCWB and local Chefs Associations. 1500 chapters. When asked what will the focus be for the team in the initial stages, his response was a frank one. ”The social networking is a huge task for us to tackle; building development program 2 – Full-time personnel will be employed in WACS head office to up our junior club memberships/interaction; and having an engaging commu- Skilled, qualified, semi or fully retired chefs to work closely with gov- ensure the implementation of the program according to plan, handle nication going between Junior Chefs and the WACS Junior Development Team. ernments on both national and international levels for the purpose fundraising, support the officers, report on worldwide developments This will give us a strong foundation and will enable us to be more effective in of assisting with the infrastructure and building of educational and and achievements, manage the multilingual website and all communi- addressing Junior Chef issues as we move forward.” The newly formed Junior training programs for chefs. cations with the rest of the world. Development Team will consist of the following members: first aid program Your assistance and support is invaluable in ensuring the activa- Andy Cuthbert, U.A.E. (Chairman) Chefs to train and cooperate with local rescue units to acquire first tion and success of this worthy humanitarian initiative. We need the Alan Orreal, Singapore aid skills essential for deployment to the field. support of individuals, managers, owners, celebrities, companies, Andreas Kurfurst, U.A.E. governments, Princes, Princesses, Presidents, Kings and Queens. Dale Lyman, Australia relief program Jodi Pearton, South Africa Chefs to serve in refugee camps, disaster areas and/or other crises Hand in hand, we can make this dream a reality. Kelly Lee Conwell, U.S.A. (Young Ambassador) where humanitarian aid is needed for short or long periods of time Sarah Primrose, New Zealand (Young Ambassador) operating through the logistical support of other organizations such Gissur Gudmundsson More announcements and initiatives will be forthcoming from the WACS Junior as Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross/Crescent, UN, etc. serving WACS President Development Team in the coming weeks. both the victims and humanitarian aid teams on site. 08 World association of Chefs Societies www.worldchefs.org 09
  6. 6. WaCs eduCation get WaCs reCognised! aWard goes to get youR SCHool foRmally ReCogNISeD aND Chef miChael INteRNatIoNally PRomoteD by WaCS! basKette the education Committee’s Chef michael baskette was WACS is excited and proud to announce the launch of a new land- presented with the mark program that officially recognises Quality Culinary Education of schools on an international level. education award for his work and “This is the first program of its kind to formally document, recognise dedication to the and promote International Quality Culinary Education Standards”, says Gissur Gudmundsson, President of WACS. “This will give go green With Chefs “train the trainer” schools a real advantage to attract the best candidates on an interna- by WaCS education tional level and employers will gain added assurance that internation- tHeme foR tHe INteRNatIoNal CHefS Day. Chair John Clancy and al candidates were educated at schools that met global standards.” the Chilean President International Chefs Day has become one of the most important michelle bachelet. eduCation – The program was developed by the WACS Education Committee after much consultation and consideration for global diversity and days for Chefs all over the world since 2004. The main objective train the trainer commitment to culinary excellence. “Our goal was to make the of establishing this day was to create widespread awareness for the profession and for the profession to give back to society through The WACS Education Committee is cur- standards of the program meaningful and rigorous across the diver- charitable events, culinary competitions and demonstrations. rently accepting applications for the Fall sity of our member countries and cultures”, says John Clancy, Chair and Winter 2010/2011Train-the-Trainer of the WACS Education Committee. The World Association of Chefs Board has made the decision to program which is operating its third year focus on “Go Green with Chefs” this year at our International under the generous sponsorship of Cus- WACS recognised schools will be permitted to use the “WACS Chefs Day on the 20th of October. This is a great opportunity for tom Culinary™. WACS member country Recognition of Quality Culinary Education” logo on their website, any chef around the world, in small or big business, to take part in chefs associations interested in hosting promotional materials and diplomas. They’ll also receive a listing on this campaign to support our industry and work. President Gissur an expert chef for a two or three week the WACS website (with link to their school), listing in the WACS Gudmundsson explains: “Its our hope that Chefs around the world culinary exchange, and interested chefs magazine, discounts and more. will take part in this initiative for the year 2010 and try to shape and eager to pass on your knowledge and take part in creating a better world for us all.” skills to others are encouraged to apply. For more information, visit www.worldchefs.org or contact office@worldchefs.org WaCs neWs WaCs Quality Culinary eduCation standards – detailed information and doCumentation reQuired. WaCs young Chefs Club 1. Qualified culinary director 2. Qualified faculty and instructors tWo NeW youNg CHefS ambaSSaDoRS aPPoINteD. 3. Record of offering continuous classes or At the recently held World Association of The Culinary Institute of New Zealand (Bay programs, with adequate student population Chefs Societies board meeting in Melbourne, of Islands, Northland) and is now practis- 4. Formal lesson delivery models Australia last week the WACS President ing her art at The Pear Tree restaurant in 5. Adequate facilities Mr. Gissur Gudmundsson ratified the ap- Kerikeri, New Zealand. 6. Institutional commitment and support pointments of the two new Young Chefs Am- 7. Clearly defined mission statement, goals bassadors for the term of office 2010 to 2012. Both of them recently attended the 34th and objectives WACS biannual Congress in Santiago, Chile 8. Sanitation, food safety and hygiene The successful candidates chosen are: where they participated in the Dr Billy Gal- 9. Learning centres, libraries or other Ms. Kelly Lee Conwell from the United lagher WACS Junior Chefs Forum, where over education support centres States of America, representing the Ameri- 60 young chefs from throughout the world 10. Industry support can Culinary Federation. Kelly’s training participated in seminars, round table discus- 11. Formal policies and procedures place was Johnson County Community Col- sions and competitions. The two candidates re complaints lege. She now uses and shares her acquired will take up their positions with immediate 12. Is a legal operating business with the WaCS education Committee. from left: graham crump, Paulino schembri, sara harrel, eva danielsen, John clancy, gissur gudmundsson, skills at Raphael Hotel in Kansas City, USA. effect. They will be reporting directly to the licenses required by their country Patrick diethelm, Michael Baskette and Patrick O’Brien. Ms. Sarah Primrose representing the New chair of the young chefs liaison committee Zealand Chefs Association. Sarah trained at Mr. Andy Cuthbert. 10 World association of Chefs Societies www.worldchefs.org 11
  7. 7. WaCs – WomeN IN WaCS WaCs – WomeN IN WaCS Women in WaCs is profiles, post events and promotions of women chefs from their region on the Facebook site, seek sponsorship and aid in creating fundraising opportunities for the initiative,” explains Metz. gaining Wo/mentum!           the initiative has three major objectives for the next 12 months: The first Women in WACS objective focuses on getting the commitment of the leadership of all 93 WACS member countries to establish a chair and committee dedicated to making the increasing number of women or minority members an integral part of their europe – north europe – Central europe – south organization. In some countries women comprise up to 30 percent of their organization’s membership. But they are not found on the ulla Pedersen dr. gaBriela Berechet gaBriella Bugari denMark rOMania italy board, in the committees, or in their national delegations. “It is lecturer at Culinary School, general Director of Chef/owner important for our professional organizations to reflect the actual Silkeborg.teamchef: Danish the Center for tourism vice President of Italian make up of our industry,” says Metz, “not by implementing a quota National Culinary Junior team education in bucharest, Chefs’ federation. President system but by actively recruiting women and minorities who are Romania; lecturer in of Italian lady Chef.           Culinary art, Nutrition and set on having life-long careers in food and supporting them in food Safety vice President developing the necessary skill set, which includes leadership skills.” of aSPRogaSt-Romania upe@silkets.dk gabriela.berechet@cit.org.ro info@hotelprogresso.it tel: +45 2230 3940 tel: +40 5492891 tel: +39 0735 83815 Chef Sara Harrel, the Women in WACS contact for North America, proposed a bylaw change to the CCFCC that was unanimously supported by the assembly at the Canadian Culinary Federation’s Annual General Meeting in the first week of June. To mirror the WACS initiative “Women in WACS”, that recognizes the unique challenges that women have in the culinary industry, including mentorship, career planning, and assuming senior roles in their chefs organizations, Harrel asked that A “Women in CCFCC” Chair and committee be established to help the increasing number of women members become more visible, active in senior roles, solicit and welcome new women members, and support afriCa – north afriCa – south asia them in their professional advancement in the CCFCC and in their career through networking and mentoring. nerMine hannO antOnette kennedy ty leung egyPt sOuth africa hOng kOng The Women in WACS initiative was founded after the 32nd WACS we aim to expand the organization’s ‘menu’ to make it speak to the tv culinary show presenter Director of Plan b food Culinary & Hotel Congress in Auckland, New Zealand, where women had taken an growing number of women chefs and food professionals worldwide, The second objective is to raise funds for travel stipends to bring for takhayal entertainment. and beverage Consultants. management Student outstandingly active role in the organizing committee. But among and entice them to bring their vast talents into their national and more women food professionals from each WACS region to the 2012 managing Director of President of the Hong menutainment (Pty) ltd; kong young Chefs Club. the delegates from over 70 member countries were only a handful international organizations.” WACS Congress in South Korea. “It is of particular importance to owner of frog terrace of women chefs, most notably perhaps Sirkka Ruottinen, the chef of enable the chairs of each national women or diversity committee to bistro. Director – Sa Chefs the Finnish President. Supported by the past WACS Board, Susanne The exchange of ideas at the Women in WACS Roundtable, held at attend the Congress to participate in the exchange of experiences and association. Metz set out to make the women members of the organization more the 34th WACS Congress in Santiago in January of this year and strategic planning for the years ahead,” says Metz. nermine.hanno@gmail.com akennedy@mweb.co.za vity.leung@gmail.com visible through a series of profiles of accomplished women food attended by about 40 wo/men , has given the initiative momentum. tel: +966 503 693272 tel: +27 (0) 11 791 7231 professionals around the world. The third Women in WACS objective is to establish an international the mission statement was revised to mentoring program, which will give women a chance to learn what it Culinary schools and professional kitchens have changed embrace not just chefs but all food professionals: takes to enter the next stage or a different arena in the food industry. dramatically since Metz attended The Culinary Institute of America Women in WACS is an initiative within the World Association of Women in WACS already started by responding to a chef from in the 1990’s: equal numbers of male and female students are now Chefs’ Societies to make the increasing number of women members Macedonia, who wanted to participate in a culinary competition and enrolled in culinary programs in the United States; more women more visible, retain their talents for the food industry by introducing asked for pointers on updated presentations. Her regional contact work in professional kitchens and not just at the garde manger and them to different career paths, and support them in their professional and an experienced competitor coached her to success. “While patisserie stations. It is just a matter of time before a larger number advancement through networking and mentoring. mentoring allows you insights into areas beyond your current scope of them assumes leadership positions, in kitchens, in companies, in of experience, it also serves as a support network, an exchange of how their professional organizations. To facilitate social networking, Women in WACS has recently different women on different career paths in different parts of the become a presence on Facebook growing to over 300 wo/men world tackle the same issue: how do I balance my professional goals ameriCa – north ameriCa – south paCifiC “If you run a restaurant whose close competitor draws larger crowds members from 38 countries. “Our goal is to engage as many member with my personal life? Mentoring on a one on one basis strengthens sara harrel euda lisseth MOrales cassandra hayden even though the quality of the food and service are about the same, countries as possible and create a forum for discussions on how to your inner resolve,” states Metz. “When we asked food professionals canada guateMala australia you try to get to the bottom of your competitor’s success, right?” best bring diversity from the kitchens into our organizations.” who follow our initiative whether or not they would be willing to owner of the veg Company food & beverage Professor general manager of Just asks Metz. “When you realize that your competitor’s offerings be a mentor to a woman, I am very proud to say that both women Inc. vice President, escoffier at landivar university; Cooking, www.justcooking. accommodate the changed demographics of your neighborhood-- To better promote the initiative in all of the 93 WACS member and men stepped to the plate. In the near future, we will publicize Society of toronto. general Director of alta com.au. marketing & PR Cocina. Past President for x-treme Consulting & more children, more teenagers, more seniors, whatever it is--, won’t countries, regional Women in WACS contacts have become key the names and contact info of these mentors. Please contact me at of guatemalan Chefs´ associates. you tweak your menu to draw that clientele into your restaurant?” players. “They are active in their respective regions. They speak at women@worldchefs.org, if you are interested in becoming a mentor.” association least one of the local languages and can promote Women in WACS “Chefs are good in menu engineering. This skill is what we count on and answer questions regarding the initiative on a more personal Submitted by Women in WACS sharrel@vegcompany.com altacocina@altacocinagt.com cassandra@xtremechef.com.au tel: +416.488.5097 tel: +502 52038741 tel: +61403484775 for Women in WACS. With the great support of the WACS Board, level. They scout for candidates for the Women in WACS monthly 12 World association of Chefs Societies www.worldchefs.org 13
  8. 8. World Chefs Without borders – guatemala World Chefs Without borders – myaNmaR small things Can maKe great things happen WaCS ameRICaS PReSIDeNtS vISIt a SCHool CaNtINe IN guatemala. a happy WeeK by euda morales for orphans While organizing the first WACS Americas Continental Presidents in myanmar Meeting last year in Guatemala, I thought that it would be worth visiting a school kitchen close to the coffee plantation where we had by oliver e. soe planned a tour. I knew from the beginning we would all be touched by the chil- After the Waterfestival and Myanmar New Year holidays were over, dren there and we had a great day. Gissur Gudmundsson, WACS which led the country to a 14-day holiday, we could start distribu- President, told the students the story about the Santa Clauses from tion of over 7000 kg of Nutritious Child Food to 8 orphanages in Iceland. They did not know where Iceland was but he told them to Yangon as well as in the 2008 Nargis Cyclone-struck Delta. think of his country each time they had ice cream. After this, Claude Buzon from Canada invited them to have ice cream and since then, “Borderless Chefs” - WACS , represented here by World Chefs it has become a sweet tradition to have an ice cream on special occa- Without Borders, could start another initiative to support orphans sions over there. with an extra rich and high nutrition meals stock for several weeks, in Myanmar, through the Myanmar Chefs Association - MCA. I was also aware that in the school they did not have a stove to cook their meals. So, beyond sharing a good moment with the children We started at the 8 Miles Boys Home, where 180 boys aged 5 to and handing out cookies, ice cream and refreshments, my hope was 18 live as well receive primary and higher education, a place MCA that we could help them in other ways too. has visited regularly over the past 14 years, usually with a rich Myanmar Mohingar Breakfast. This time we were more than happy A few weeks later, we installed for them a brand new stove, thanks to a to come with an extra special gift prepared by Mr. Frank Frank and the school kitchen before. donation from the WACS Humanitarian Fund and a generous partici- Mrs. Marie Luise Thuene, President and Vice President of LOG, pation from WACS Past President, Ferdinand Metz. The Keller family, Germany’s Wings of Help. owners of the nearby coffee plantation also fixed the kitchen to have a suitable place to work in. This true story proves that we, as a WACS The Child Food specialist HIPP, Bebifit as well as Coppenrath family, can indeed make a difference in many ways. Feingebaeck fine pastry, all from Germany, brought, with the kind support of DB Schenker Germany, a 40 foot container ( the 11th The big difference is not only that we brought fun and a new kitchen in 18 months ) to Myanmar. High Nutrition, vitamin-rich cookies, to the children but also that they now deeply appreciate the way their special enriched Chocolat and Fruit Puddings, ready-to-eat baby meals are being served! meals, and a wide range of butter and egg-rich cookies came with the delivery. It was a real change from the usual “Asian Cuisine" menu the children at the orphanages get as their daily diet. With a system as efficient as an ant colony, the whole delivery was un- loaded in less than 30 minutes and stored safely in the meeting room of the orphanage. The stock we delivered to the 8 Mile Boys Home will last for 3 to 4 weeks on a daily ration of one portion per child. This is a healthy surplus to their usual daily ration of 3 to 4 meals through the orphanage management. We would like to thank once again the Myanmar Ministries concerned for their full cooperation and best arrangements, which allowed this aid container to reach the school kitchen after the renovation. Myanmar without delay. 14 World association of Chefs Societies www.worldchefs.org 15
  9. 9. WaCs Congress 2010 – HIgHlIgHtS fRom CHIle WaCs Congress 2010 – HIgHlIgHtS fRom CHIle tHe WoRlD aSSoCIatIoN of CHefS SoCIetIeS (WaCS) HelD tHeIR 34tH INteRNatIoNal CoNgReSS IN SaNtIago, CHIle fRom JaNuaRy 24 – 28, 2010. NeW CouNtRIeS WeRe INDuCteD, CHefS WoN PReStIgIouS ComPetItIoNS, aND maJoR NeW INItIatIveS WeRe aNNouNCeD. WaCs is noW 93 Countries strong Ten new national Chefs Asso- ciations were formally inducted into WACS at their 34th world congress in Santiago, Chile Janu- ary 24 -28, 2010. The new coun- tries are Bosnia and Herzegovi- na, Ghana, Honduras (affiliated member), Namibia, Macedonia, Micronesia, Pakistan, Peru, Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan. “We’re delighted to welcome these new countries who have joined the WACS family to promote and share international culinary initiatives including education, training and competi- tions” says WACS President Gis- sur Gudmundsson. “To support our growth we are embracing new initiatives and industry partnerships, including three international WACS commit- tees (Education, Culinary and Marketing) with representatives from all continents. 16 World association of Chefs Societies www.worldchefs.org 17
  10. 10. WaCs Congress 2010 – HIgHlIgHtS fRom CHIle WaCs Congress 2010 – HIgHlIgHtS fRom CHIle indonesia Wins first plaCe bill gallagher in global Chefs Junior Chefs forum Challenge attRaCtS 44 youNg CHefS Indonesian chef I Wayan Wicaya won first place in the prestigious Glo- bal Chefs Challenge, beating out all 6 other continental winners. The fRom aRouND tHe WoRlD. competition, one of the largest in the world, is held every two years. To participate, chefs from each country compete to win their national The Junior Chefs Forum in Chile attracted 44 young chefs from title, and then compete to win the WACS continental title. Those seven around the world. The junior forum delegates were entertained by winners then compete in the Global Chefs Challenge every two years, some very talented chefs and presenters that encouraged interaction preparing a four-course dinner for twelve people. The pair also won a with their presentations along with some light relief of quick fire concurrent wine pairing competition with their meal. quizzes that made paying attention worth while. Chef I Wayan Wicaya, Executive Sous Chef of Bulgari Hotel in Bali, Dr Bill Gallagher states “The forum is a platform for the young chefs was assisted by Alex Tanuhardja, a Commis Chef at Bulgar and Presi- of the world to air their views. The encouragement and development dent of the Bali Young Chefs Club. Executive Chef Andrew Skinner of junior chefs is an important part of WACS. WACS President was the team coach. Gissur Gudmundsson declared “This forum represents a unique opportunity for learning, friendship networking. It has been the Second place was awarded to Chef Wim Klerks of the Netherlands. trampoline for many young chefs to pursue their career goals.” Wim is currently chef at restaurant Les Jumeaux. 18 World association of Chefs Societies www.worldchefs.org 19
  11. 11. WaCs Congress 2010 – HIgHlIgHtS fRom CHIle WaCs Congress 2010 – HIgHlIgHtS fRom CHIle Canada Wins first plaCe in hans buesChKens get Junior Chefs ready Challenge for south Canadian Chef Trevor Ritchie won first place in the Hans Bue- schkens Junior Chefs Challenge, beating out 15 competitors. The Korea junior competition, also one of the largest in the world is limited to one competitor per country 25 years of age or less on the day of the 2012 competition, and who is either an apprentice or not more than one year post apprenticeship. norWay 2014 WaCS 36tH CoNgReSS to be HoSteD by NoRWay IN 2014 We are looking forward to seeing Trevor Ritchie is currently Restaurant Chef at Queen’s Landing you at the next WACS World Hotel. Trevor was mentored by Chef James Olberg, Executive Chef Norway won their bid to host the 36th WACS Congress in 2014 by Congress that will be held in Dae- at Queen’s Landing Hotel. a vote by WACS members. “We’re delighted and thrilled to have the jong, South Korea in May, 2012. honour of hosting this congress” says Kristine H. Hartviksen, Presi- Second place was awarded to Malcolm Goh Sok Sion of Malaysia. He dent of the Norwegian Chefs Association. “Our aim is that the Taste We promise a new and exciting works as a culinary lecturer at KDU College SDN.BHD. of Norway 2014 will serve as an important meeting place not only for format with activities and key the professional WACS members, but also for any accompanying par- speakers that will attract chefs Third place was awarded to Joseph Clarke of New Zealand. He is ticipants”. WACS 35th congress will be held in 2012 in South Korea. from every corner of the world. currently a Demi Chef de Partie at Blanket Bay Lodge Glenorchy, Central Otago. INSPIRING With over 23 years of history, KDU College’s School of CHAMPIONS Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts (SHTCA) is constantly in the limelight with awards from various competitions such as Hans Bueschken World Junior Chefs Challenge, Food and Hotel Asia (FHA), Food and Hotel Malaysia (FHM), International MIHAS Apprentice Chefs’ Competition (MACC) and Hong Kong International Culinary Classic, just to name a few. SHTCA rmly believes that challenges facilitate a student’s learning experience and with that in mind, continually inspire students to reach for greater heights. 25% energy saving PROGRAMMES • IMI Diploma in Golf Resort Management with ecoCooking • IMI Diploma in International Hotel & Tourism Management • IMI Diploma in Professional Chef Training • IMI Diploma in Culinary Arts • IMI 3+0 B. Arts in International Hotel & Tourism Management • Southwest Minnesota State University 2+2 B. Science in Culinology • IMI Executive MBA in International Hospitality Management KP/JPS(KR10536)01/15 KP/JPS(KR10536)01/15 KP/JPS(KR10348)08/14 KP/JPS(KA6426)11/10 KP/JPS(KA6291)05/10 KP/JPS(KR7302)07/11 KP/JPS(KA9017)07/13 KDU COLLEGE SDN BHD (76997-T ) www.convotherm.com DJ Campus: SS22/41, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Section 13 Campus: 76, Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Tel: +603-7953 6688, +603-7728 8123 Fax: +603-7726 9941 www.kdu.edu.my Penang Campus: 32, Jalan Anson, 10400 Penang, Malaysia. Tel: +604-226 6368 Fax: +604-228 0362 www.kdupg.edu.my 20 World association of Chefs Societies www.worldchefs.org 21