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How to remove drive fragmentation
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How to remove drive fragmentation


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  • 1. How to remove driveFragmentation? Drive Fragmentation
  • 2.  Click to edit Master text styles  Second level  Third level  Fourth level  Fifth levelDrive Status Before Defragmentation Drive Status After Defragmentation
  • 3. What is Disk Fragmentation? When data is saved in a HDD, it gets broken into different parts and these different parts are saved in multiple locations. This causes Fragmentation of files. It is also known as disk aging. Lots of and unused space are created on the HDD and this affects the processing speed and performance of Computer. To remove disk fragmentation we need to defrag it.
  • 4. Effects of Fragmentation? Processing speed and performance of the Mac OS X decreases. Reading and writing speed on hard drive gets slower. Drive space gets unused and due to fragmentation lots of unused space slots gets created on the hard drive. Fragmentation reduces the life-span of hard drive.
  • 5. How to defragment HDD? In Mac, there is a automatic defrag tool. This tool will defrag all the files having size upto 20MB. To defrag files above 20MB you need to install a third party software in Mac. Stellar Drive Defrag is a very effective tool to defragment the Mac hard drive and volumes. It is compatible with the Mac OS X Lion, 10.6,10.5 and 10.4.
  • 6. Stellar Drive DefragSalient features of this tool: It works very effective for defragmentation of Mac hard drive and volumes. It can also defrags boot volume by creating the bootable DVD. This tool can execute full defragmentation of the hard drive and data. It can also do meta data defragmentation. This software has the feature of quick defragmentation that eliminates the need to perform full defragmentation.
  • 7. Things to remember beforedefragmenting HDD!! Defragmentation of HDD should not be done very frequently as it can shorten the life of the hard drive. Defragmentation process of the drive takes a lot of time. Take proper backup of data before doing defragmentation as there is a possibility of losing the data.
  • 8. By: Tom AddisonAuthor Bio:Tom Addison is an expert in data recoverytechniques and he provides information andsolution for Mac OS X related products.