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  • Slide Objective: This welcome deck is designed to be used when all the modules will be presented sequentially, not as individual modules. Each module’s PowerPoint deck also has its own agenda and learning objectives so they can be presented individually when appropriate. Time: 2 minutes Target Introduction Duration: 10 minutes Talking Points/Notes: Welcome participants to the module and go over any logistics related to the training. As the facilitator, introduce yourself and share your background to establish credibility with the audience. Time permitting, have participants introduce themselves and their organizations.


  • 1.  
  • 2. 全球商業智慧市場趨勢
    • BI is #1 on the CIO spend list for 2005
    • 60% of scorecards are homegrown
    • Average customer has 6-10 BI systems
    Sources IDC Worldwide Business Analytics Software 2004 Vendor Shares UMM + Enterprise IW Market Forecast IDC December 2004, WW End-user Business Analytics 2004-2008 IDC March 2005, WW Business Intelligence 2005-2009 IDC November 2005, Data Warehousing Tools 2005-2009 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 16% 14% 1% 10% 8% 6% 4% 2% 0% Business Performance Management Query, Reporting and Analysis and Portals Data Warehousing 3.6 4.1 5.0 14% 10% 11% Market Size (USD $B) Growth Rate $14B Total Revenue in 2004/5, 8.5% CAGR* Gartner: “Business Intelligence will surpass security as their [CIOs] top technology priority this year.”
  • 3. 微軟商業智慧解決方案 Performance Management Specialization Business Intelligence Specialization new! END USER TOOLS & PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT APPS Excel PerformancePoint Server BI PLATFORM SQL Server Reporting Services SQL Server Analysis Services SQL Server DBMS SQL Server Integration Services SharePoint Server DELIVERY Reports Dashboards Excel Workbooks Analytic Views Scorecards Plans
  • 4. 提供更好的策略執行力 持續性的成長與改進 , 不只是例行性的作業 Continuous business improvement, not just an annual exercise Monitor What happened? What is happening? Analyze Why? Plan What will happen? What do I want to happen?
  • 5. 微軟商業智慧架構 Data Marts CRM LOB ERP Source Systems Integrated Enterprise BI Platform Data Analysis (OLAP, Data Mining) Familiar, Powerful BI Tools Client Portal Enterprise ETL Third Party Applications Enterprise Reporting 報表 Data Warehouse 整合 分析 Process Integration & Orchestration 管理 Devices Performance Scorecard Interactive Reports Business Insights Business Analysis Enterprise Reporting Performance Management Alerts & Escalations Business Rules Engine
  • 6. Delivering on customer needs
    • Performance Management
      • 應用程式 , 模組 ,Workflow, 對公司 Business 進行評量及追蹤
    • Reporting & Analysis
      • 報表工具 , 分析及分享資料資訊
    • Data Warehousing
      • 整合工具及伺服器 , 儲存及查詢大量資料
    Reporting and Analysis Performance Management Data Warehousing
  • 7. PerformancePoint Server 2007 商業智慧與企業績效管理
  • 8. 監控 “ Monitor” 讓所有的使用者都能立即看到組織效能,並採取適當行動 訂定指標 Centralized authoring and access rights management of scorecards and KPIs 分析問題 Contextualized analysis of scorecards, KPI’s, reports and unstructured data 溝通與行動 Strong integration with portal and 2007 Microsoft Office system 落實管理 Data-driven e-mail notifications for scorecard and KPIs
  • 9. 分析 “ Analyze” 強大視覺化和分析使能您容易地快速瞭解複雜資訊 操作容易 ProClarity simplifies how decision makers receive information and gain insight into their business 功能強大 ProClarity provides organizations with the tools they need to conduct powerful analytic modeling 具有彈性 ProClarity works with a company’s existing business and technical infrastructure and adapts to ongoing needs and changes. 提供完整的商業智慧平台 Fully integrated with SQL Server, Business Scorecard Manager, SharePoint and Office applications
  • 10. 規劃 “ Plan” 讓所有的使用者皆能持續投入和參與規劃、預算和預測流程 能夠廣泛地應用 PerformancePoint Planning utilizes Office Excel as its primary user interface providing rich planning and forecasting, contribution and reporting capabilities 強化效率 PerformancePoint Business Modeler puts the creation of Plans, Budgets, Forecasts in the hands of the business users dramatically lowering time and investment on new model creation 功能多樣化 PerformancePoint provides support for both simple and complex business modeling scenarios with constant and shareable business rules and calculations 落實經營策略 PerformancePoint supports a companies Performance Management business processes with flexible and powerful business rules and routing capabilities
  • 11. PerformancePoint Server 2007 商業智慧與企業績效管理賣點
  • 12. PerformancePoint Server 2007 商業智慧與企業績效管理 Today September 2007
  • 13. Delivering on customer needs
    • Performance Management
      • 應用程式 , 模組 ,Workflow, 對公司 Business 進行評量及追蹤
    • Reporting & Analysis
      • 報表工具 , 分析及分享資料資訊
    • Data Warehousing
      • 整合工具及伺服器 , 儲存及查詢大量資料
    Reporting and Analysis Performance Management Data Warehousing
  • 14.
    • 使用功能完整及熟悉的工作進行資訊分析工作
      • New Office Excel Pivot Tables for analyzing information using business terms
      • Tight integration between Office Excel and Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services
      • ProClarity for additional advanced analysis and visualization capabilities
    • 該使用者可以自行進行報表之開發工作
      • Report Builder for ad hoc reporting of relational or OLAP data
      • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services for personalized views of management data
      • ProClarity for personalization of reports and briefing books
    • 透過 Internet & Intranet 進行報表分享及資訊分析
      • Excel Services for web based viewing of analysis
      • Scorecards and dashboards for quickly disseminating information
      • Report Center for centralized report management and repository
    Reporting and Analysis Broad reach tools for insight
  • 15. SQL Server 2005 報表服務架構 SQL Server Catalog Report Server Programmatic Interfaces Delivery Delivery Channels (E-mail, SharePoint, Custom) Security Services (NT, Passport, Custom) Security Data Processing Data Sources (SQL, OLE DB, XML/A, ODBC, Oracle, Custom) Rendering Output Formats (HTML, Excel, TIFF, Custom) Browser Web UI Report Processing Office Custom App Report Builder & Designer Report Model
  • 16.
    • Scalable Server
      • Rich, Enterprise Reporting Platform (static and interactive)
      • 可整合各種異質資料庫 , 資料來源 (Multiple data sources with multiple delivery options)
      • Scalable, manageable and embeddable Web Services architecture
      • 可進行報表排程 (Scheduling),
      • Snapshots, Caching
    • Advanced Authoring Tools
      • Visual Studio IDE
      • XML specification (RDL)
      • 3rd party extensibility
    • Strong Management Story
      • SOAP Web Service APIs
      • Report Manager portal
      • Extensible security model
      • Integration with AS, IS, management tools
    • 提供報表訂閱 , 歷史報表機制
    SQL Server 2005 報表服務
  • 17.
    • 提供 End-User ad hoc Reporting
    • 提供類似 Microsoft Excel 的操作介面
    • 提供多種報表樣版 (table, matrix, chart)
    • 使用者無需了解資料庫結構及開發程式語言
    • 使用 Report Builder 可進行 :
      • 新增或修改報表
      • 可抓取 Relational 或 OLAP 資料進行報表之設計
    • 使用者可直接將報表公佈至報表網站
  • 18.
    • Unified Dimensional Model ( UDM), 大大提昇 OLAP 效率
    • 提供 real-time cube 查詢 (Pro-active caching )
    • 提供進階的商業智慧機制
      • KPI/Perspectives
    • 提供 Web services
      • XML/A 標準
    • Data Mining in the platform ( 10 種演算法 )
    • 整合開發工具 ( Visual Studio 2005)
    • 高可用性架構 (Failover Clustering)
    更強大 的 OLAP 和 Data Mining 能力 Decision Trees Clustering Naïve Bayes Introduced in SQL Server 2000
    • plus…
    • Logistic Regression
    • Linear Regression
    • Text Mining
    Time Series Sequence Clustering Association Neural Net
  • 19.
    • 完整且整合的 BI Application 開發環境
    • One tool, multiple technologies:
      • Relational, OLAP, DM, SSIS, Reporting, Code, Web pages…
    • 企業軟體開發環境 :
      • Integrated into Visual Studio.NET
      • Team development, source control, versioning, developer isolation, resource independent coding
    • Development cycle lifetime support
      • Develop, Test, Deploy, Modify, Test…
    • 容易使用及學習
  • 20. Excel 2007 全球使用率 No.1 的 BI 前端工具 Easily find trends in data Excel Conditional Formatting Knowledge, Discovery & Insight Excel 2007 offers complete support for SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services BEST with SQL Server 2005
  • 21. Excel Services 概觀 Excel 2007
    • 設計製作活頁簿
    • 發布至網站
    • 一致性的操作經驗
    • 不須使用本機資源
    • 具互動性 : 輸入參數 , 排序 , 篩選 , 瀏覽
    檢視與操作 Custom applications
    • 透過 web services 設定參數 , 計算 , 並且取回計算結果
    • 存取整份活頁簿
    • 用 Excel 開啟可以使用更豐富的分析功能
    • 開啟快照
    Excel 2007 使用 Excel 開啟
    • 計算並且將活頁簿輸出為網頁
    • 取得外部資料以及提供快取
    • 100% 正確的計算成果
    Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 儲存活頁簿
  • 22. 資訊分享平台 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) Dashboards and Web Parts Easily create powerful BI portals Report Center Centralize storage of business reports BEST with SQL Server 2005
  • 23. Delivering on customer needs
    • Performance Management
      • 應用程式 , 模組 ,Workflow, 對公司 Business 進行評量及追蹤
    • Reporting & Analysis
      • 報表工具 , 分析及分享資料資訊
    • Data Warehousing
      • 整合工具及伺服器 , 儲存及查詢大量資料
    Reporting and Analysis Performance Management Data Warehousing
  • 24. Data Warehousing Centrally managed, integrated, single version of the truth
    • 整合各種資料來源 - 強大的 ETL 工具
      • Access corporate data in a heterogeneous environment
      • Cleanse and transform data with high performance
      • Ensure high quality data
    • 儲存及管理巨量資料
      • Maintain high performance for multiple users with varying workloads
      • Tap multiple terabytes of atomic data for analysis
      • Access granular and aggregat e data for reporting
    • 提供完整且一致的商業需求
      • Proactive Caching for real time analysis
      • A centrally managed KPI engine for usage across the business
      • Data mining for predictive analytics to determine what “will” happen
  • 25.
    • Enterprise data integration
      • 連結各種異質資料庫及資料來源
    • 提供各種複雜的資料轉換機制
    • 使用 Integration Services 可以在作業過程將需要資料庫處理的部分,直接處理完畢
    • 所有的作業包括文字採礦、彙總、合併、資料比對等都可以整合在同一個服務中
    • 分離增加資料庫與 ETL 工具的作業範圍,強化資料庫的高可用度及延展度
    • 直接透過 Integration Services 進行問題的警示與回報
    • 高擴充性
      • Custom tasks
      • Custom enumerations
      • Custom transformations
      • Custom data sources
  • 26. 商業智慧 遠景 與 策略 透過提供企業 所有 成員商業洞察力,以提昇企業組織能夠更快速、更正確的產生營運決策
    • 完整且高度整合的商業智慧解決方案
    • 可透過 Microsoft Office 傳遞商業智慧訊息
    • 符合預算考量的企業級解決方案