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Tom Quick Inn Reviews         7/9/2011         1Its great to have this local landmark, closed for so long, back in busines...
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Tom Quick Inn Reviews


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Tom Quick Inn Reviews.The reviews are from many sources.Yelp and Yahoo Travel.

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Transcript of "Tom Quick Inn Reviews"

  1. 1. Tom Quick Inn Reviews 7/9/2011 1Its great to have this local landmark, closed for so long, back in business with Dick and Pam, the former owners, and their family welcoming us as they did for so many wonderful years. We in Milford have our "Cheers" once again. We went in tonight just wanting a light meal. The Rueben and the Club Sandwich were first rate, and the menu had many dinner choices we look forward to exploring, including some old favorites. The staff was warm and courteous and the prices are all user-friendly. Well be in again often. If you are just visiting and want to experience the best of small town hospitality and great American cooking, the Tom Quick is worth the trip. If you live in the area, I dare you not to smile when you walk in and see Pam and Dick ready to welcome you.The Tom Quick Inn reopened by Pam and Dick Lutfy and their two awesome sons!! they will absolutely thrive as theydid 8 yrs. before. The Inn looks awesome! The food served by chef Matt is absolutely incredible, it looks too good toeat and tastes even better. The staff is inviting and hospitable. I am so thrilled that they are back. P.S. I had theceasar salad and macaroni and cheese, I have NEVER had better.So excited the Tom Quick has life again!! Even though it was raining we opted to sit out on the porch.It was still verynice.I started with the chowder soup.It was very good.I I ordered the bourbon burger & i was not disappointed! Greatflavor.My partner had a reuben and also was very happy with it.Great friendly service.Was at the Tom Quick Inn on July 7 th 2011. The place has recently been reopened by the Lutfy family, whomanaged the place successfully for a long time. I can see why the place was awesome. I had clam chowder and aturkey club. The chowder was first rate, but the turkey club was truly the best i have ever had. I am so happy thatthere is a great place in Milford again. I ll definitely will be back.