Two door cinema club


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Two door cinema club

  1. 1. Two Door Cinema Club Analysis of artist development
  2. 2.  This is Two Doors Cinema Club’s Song: I Can Talk second music video of their debut album. Two Door Cinema Club are still establishing themselves as an artist so they’re putting information about themselves such as their record label and the name of their song.This song is performance based as itshows the artist playing theirinstruments and singing in time withthe song. This may also be conceptbased, the idea behind the song isabstract. They look like they are justhaving fun; like a party.
  3. 3. Mise En Scene Lighting (Location) The mise en scene may represent the artist andIn this video, the lighting is mainly low key with what their subculture (Indie) do. For example inspot lights on the artist to help establish them and the above shot there is a shot where there’smake them stand out on the video. smoke. This smoke may mean the band smokesThroughout the video there is bright flash edits to and the indie subculture can relate to this as achange each shot. This may be used to represent convention of indie is to smoke.the artists as ‘stars’. The costume is smart casual. This is what mostConsumers may aspire to the artists in this video indie people wear and the artist wear this toas the flash and spotlights shows stardom and define what genre their music is and relate to theirmay represent paparazzi. audience by dressing similar. The mise en sceneThe lighting in this video also has a vintage look to suggests the artists are having a party, thisit. suggests a car-free attitude which is conventional.
  4. 4.  This is Two DoorSong: Come Back Home Cinema Club’s 4th music video There is no opening credits in this music video, this could show how the artists have developed and have a recognised image.Unlike the music video previously, this music video is less performance based andmore narrative; the artists aren’t playing their instruments in the song. This could bebecause their consumers already know they play those instruments and there can be amain focus on the artists. Although the main artist in the band is singing his verse andthere is someone playing the drums during the narrative. This could be to reinforce themain artist and what instruments are used in the song. This music video opens up to awider target audience than the previous music video as there is less conventions of theindie subculture.
  5. 5. Mise En SceneLighting (Location) In this video there isn’t a main focus on the conventions ofThe lighting in the music is indie like the previous video. This could be so the audiencenatural lighting. The previous can focus more on the narrative of the video; this can also be to attract a wider audience who aren’t just from an indiemusic video used it’s lighting subculture. This will cause the artists to be moreto emphasis the focus on them recognised by people. The outfits they wear are similar inbut this lighting is general. the two videos. This could represent what the indieThis may be used to show that subculture wear. The artists still want to relate to their indie subculture aswell as a wider range of consumers.the artist has developed and The indie subculture may feel closer to the artists as theybeen established that they wear similar clothing. This location is a normal street. Thisdon’t need media techniques is different to the previous music video. The audience will be able to relate to the location more. This may be used tosuch as lighting to help attract a audience that isn’t just from a indie genre. Thismaintain the focus on them. will help develop the artist’s image as they will be recognised by a range of people.
  6. 6. CameraIn the previous music video, there was frequent use of hand held cameramovement. This shaky movement gave the viewers a sense of confusion andexcitement which the beat of the song needed, if the shots were steady, it wouldbe boring for the viewer.This gave the video a party theme which the indie subculture would relate to.In the second video, there was no use of hand held. This could show thedevelopment of the artist, use of hand held could be unprofessional.
  7. 7.  This is Two DoorSong: What You Know Cinema Club’s 5th music videoThis music video has differences and similarities to the last two music videos.This song has a performance based but also a narrative to it. The artists areperforming with their instruments which causes more of a focus on them and lesson the narrative of the song. This may have been used to support their genre;indie.Intertextual reference to the Beatles-60s
  8. 8. LightingFrom the above shots you can see that the artist’s have used lighting to helpdevelop their image. From spot lights to natural light to high key lighting, theartists have used lighting less to focus on them than they need to. This isbecause as they develop, they become more recognised so they don’t needto use media techniques like lighting to keep the focus.The use of high key lighting makes the artists look more professional and looklike a celebrity. This might attract different audiences than the usual indiegenre because more people will aspire to the artist.
  9. 9. Mise En SceneIn this music video there are more females. In the first music video there was nofemales, in the second, there was few and in this music video there are alot. Thisshows that the artists have developed that the viewers can focus on other thingslike the women as they are already established artists. The white backgroundcontrasting with the vibrant clothing allows females to stand out. This will create awider target audience. As there are more women, men may be attracted to thevideo to watch the women dancing in short skirts. This may also be building a storyabout the artists.In the second shot the female is wearing a hat with feathers. Although this isassociated with American Indians, this can represent the Indie genre as the namesare alike. This can show that although Two Door Cinema Club is attracting adifferent audience, they still allow their indie genre to relate to them, although thereisn’t as much conventions of indie as the first video.
  10. 10. Mise En Scene The dark colours of the band contrasts in this video and the dancers around the band create a pathway towards them representing their importance as they are central. The women dressed the same suggests the stereotype that all females are the same. The location has changed through the three music videos..
  11. 11.  Although there are many changes, the artists do keep things to same. For example they are always together in the video.. They also wear similar clothing These show that the band sticks together