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Modular House Factory Tour

Modular House Factory Tour

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  • 1. Blu Homes Factory Tour Mare Island, Vallejo, CA May 22, 2012 by Timothy C. Olson RPM Mortgage Homebuilder Group 1835 First Street ▪ Napa, CA 94559
  • 2. Modular Building: Moving into the Future• The era of building every home or commercial building onsite is over. Modular, offsite construction is gaining momentum and traction.• While pieces of buildings have been made offsite for years, progress has been haphazard and old habits die slowly.• Driven by demands for better cost management, greater energy efficiency, green building initiatives and plain old business practicality, things are changing.
  • 3. Blu Homes• Part of the future is here in Vallejo in the form of Blu Homes (• Blu Homes opened their Modular factory in November 2011. They prefer the term “Precision Built” instead of Modular and you will see why.• They have taken Modular building to a whole new level…
  • 4. Henry Ford and Transformers• At first glance, this is something right out of Hollywood, the first Transformer House.• The houses are built on an assembly line that roll through the factory. Instead of pieces, the entire house is built into two or three segments that fold together for shipping and are unfolded onsite.• If Henry Ford had been a homebuilder, he would have dreamed of doing something like this…
  • 5. Blu Homes FactoryHoused in a 10 story building on Mare Island in Vallejo, CA that built andrepaired ships during World War II and nuclear submarines after the war.
  • 6. Homes Built on Rolling Casters
  • 7. Model of Folds and Hinges
  • 8. Hinges
  • 9. Custom Stud MachineThis machine models in 3D and can incorporate custom design changes for plumbing, wiring or windows into finished studs.
  • 10. Flat Metal Goes In
  • 11. Metal Studs Come Out
  • 12. Metal & Wood 2 x 4’s
  • 13. Metal Stud Wall Units
  • 14. Interior Wall FramingThe walls are non-load bearing, which eliminates the need for headers.
  • 15. Load Bearing Steel Framing
  • 16. House in Mid Assembly
  • 17. Roof Shot
  • 18. Kitchen Construction
  • 19. Kitchen Assembly
  • 20. Pre-Fold Preparation
  • 21. Ready to Ship
  • 22. Basic Facts• Blu Homes was founded in 2008 by Bill Haney and Maura McCarthy and is privately held.• Blu Homes are more energy efficient, quieter, create less waste and are less destructive to the environment than the average home.• All Blu Homes are LEED certifiable and save up to 70% more energy than traditional stick built homes.• Blu Homes factory is a zero landfill construction plant.
  • 23. Links• Website:• FAQ’s:• Blu Homes Videos:• More About the Factory: events/about-our-factory/• Available Models:• Contact:
  • 24. Homebuilder Group• RPM’s motto is “Can Do. Will Do.”• With roots that extend back to 1986, RPM Mortgage is a proud family-owned company that was founded in the East Bay Area.• RPM is a Fannie Mae direct lender with retained servicing and has the flexibility to act as both Mortgage Banker (Direct Lender) and Mortgage Broker.• RPM currently has over 60 offices and 400 loan officers lending in 6 states. RPM Mortgage is on target to originate $6 billion in combined conventional and government mortgage loans in 2012.
  • 25. Homebuilder Group• RPM’s Homebuilder Group can provide construction and/or permanent financing for new home construction including Stick Built, Factory Built, Modular Built and Precision Built Homes.• For questions or additional information, please contact: Timothy C. Olson Certified Mortgage Planner 707.321.9640 DRE# 00826427 ▪ NMLS# 895869 RPM Mortgage, Inc. CA Dept. of Real Estate DRE# 01818035 ▪ NMLS #9472