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Searching for articles using ERIC
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Searching for articles using ERIC


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Published in: Education, Spiritual, Technology

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  • 1. Searching for articles using ERIC:
    Finding scholarly, recent, and full-text articles using an online article index
  • 2. Using ERIC to find articles
    ERIC is an online article index. Searching in ERIC enables you to search the tables of contents of many education journals, all at once.
    This presentation will show you how
    To find scholarly, recent, and full-text articles
    To email, print, and save your article citations
    How to cite using ERIC
  • 3. To get to ERIC, and other education article indexes…
    You have 3 options:
  • 4. We’re going to go for the first option=Choosing ERIC from the menu
  • 5. What do we search?
    Suppose you are searching for articles about the impact of television watching on young children. How would you format this search?
    Here’s one way: young children and television
    Type this search in, and press Go to run the search.
  • 6. Interpreting the results screen
    Results of search
  • 7. Too many results? Use Limits=scholarly/peer reviewed and date
  • 8. Where’s the article?
    Sometimes, the full-text of the article will be available, as part of the article’s record, as in this example. Click the full-text link to see the article.
  • 9. Where’s the article?
    Sometimes, there won’t be full-text included with the citation. For those records, you want to click on the Find It button, as with this example.
  • 10. Where’s the article?
    Here is the Find It window, from the previous example. To get to the full-text of the article, click on the full-text online link.
  • 11. Where’s the article?
    Click on the Get PDF link to pull up the article.
  • 12. Where’s the article?
    Most of the time, the article you want will be available as part of the article citation or via Find It; however, there will be times when the article will not be available online.
  • 13. Where’s the article?
    Here, there is no full-text available for this article.
  • 14. Where’s the article?
    For this citation, full-text is not available. Further investigation [clicking on the Holdings Information link] reveals that this issue is in print at Wilson Library. So, getting this article means a trip to Wilson.
  • 15. Emailing/printing/saving articles
    Select the article citations you want by clicking Add to Folder for each [already done here].
  • 16. Emailing/printing/saving articles
    When you’ve selected all the articles you want, click Folder View.
  • 17. Emailing/printing/saving articles
    At this point, you can email, print, or save the article citations.
  • 18. Emailing/printing/saving articles
    This is what an emailed list of article citations looks like. To get to the linked text, click on an article link.
  • 19. Citing articles
    When you email article citations, you can choose to have the citations formatted for you [go back to the previous screen to see what this looks like].
  • 20. Citing articles
    Another option to cite articles using ERIC to use the Cite option:
  • 21. Citing articles
    Select the style you need, then cut and paste it into a document.