LUCY PREFECTURAL ADVISOR                                Nani-ken, Nani-shi, Nani-nishi 1-11-5, Japan 400-8386             ...
•   Travel and Volunteering: house-building volunteer (India, 2008), solo travel (S.E. Asia, China,         Korea), hostin...
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JET PA Resume (MS Word)


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Sample resume for a Prefectural Advisor (PA) on the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET)
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JET PA Resume (MS Word)

  1. 1. LUCY PREFECTURAL ADVISOR Nani-ken, Nani-shi, Nani-nishi 1-11-5, Japan 400-8386 +81-90-xxxx-2622 ∙ lucy@pamail.comPROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Japan Exchange & Teaching (JET) Programme Gifu Prefecture Board of Education Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan Prefectural Advisor (English Teacher) August 2009-July 2010 Selected to serve on 5-person team to implement JET Program in Gifu Prefecture Responsibilities:• Supported 80 JET participants from 8 countries to contribute to schools and local Boards of Education in Gifu Prefecture• Designed and conducted training conferences for up to 140 English teachers, JET and Japanese; conducted Orientation for new JET participants on living and working in Japan• Provided work-related and personal counseling and consultation for 80 JET participants• Facilitated understanding and problem-solving between English-speaking JET participants and Japanese co-workers, utilizing bilingual ability and cross-cultural knowledge• Led team of 10 Regional Advisors from across Gifu Prefecture, to continually assess needs of JET participants, in order to create best training and support services• Translated notices from Board of Education to JET participants (Japanese to English) Achievements:• Created and presented seminars on Teaching Communicative English, Lesson Planning, Living in Japan, Giving Speeches in English, etc. (to non-Japanese, Japanese, and mixed audiences); consistently received feedback scores of 90% or higher• Initiated bi-weekly English lessons with Japanese co-workers at Gifu Prefectural School for Blind and Visually Impaired; students ranged from elementary school to adult Japan Exchange & Teaching (JET) Programme Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan English Teacher, Takayama Technical High School August 2006-July 2009 Selected to participate as only non-Japanese English teacher at public senior high school Responsibilities: • Created original curricula and lesson plans for team-teaching with Japanese co-workers • Taught 18 lessons per week to 450 students over 3 grade levels; team-taught with all 4 Japanese teachers in English department Achievements: • Instigated re-organization of English language program; developed new system of level-based classes, with adjusted curriculum and evaluation systems • Introduced new methods for teaching textbook lessons; developed lesson plans and original materials, which became permanent part of future coursework • Developed original curricula introducing American culture (movies, music, food), travel experiences, volunteer activities, world-wide networking • Initiated 150-student drawing and letter exchange with fashion high school in New York City • Coached winning student in Takayama City’s High School English Speech ContestEDUCATION Rice University, Houston, TX, GPA: 3.9/4.0 B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, magna cum laude, May 2006 Activities: Choreographer & Officer, Dance Theatre; Co-chair, Hanszen College Cultural CommitteeADDITIONAL • Languages: fluent in Japanese (Language Proficiency Test – Level 1), proficient in Mandarin Chinese (advanced speaking & listening, intermediate reading & writing), limited French • Soccer team captain, Gifu women for All-Japan Language Teachers’ Tournament (2008-2010)
  2. 2. • Travel and Volunteering: house-building volunteer (India, 2008), solo travel (S.E. Asia, China, Korea), hosting international travelers in home-stay (Takayama, Japan, 2006-2009)FOR REFERENCE ONLY (NOT TO BE INCLUDED IN YOUR ACTUAL RESUME)PA Duties, as taken from PA Handbook:1. Counseling and consultation2. Provision of information necessary for JET participants’ daily lives3. Mediation and promotion of understanding between JET participant(s) and Contracting Organization(s)4. Response to crisis situation involving JET participant5. Keeping and handling of records in relation to 1-4 above6. Outreach to JETs about JET Programme counseling system7. Orientation at training seminars8. Promoting formation of self-help network for JET participants