Building a PLE


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Short presentation in simple English to show the basics of a Personal Learning Environment to non-native English speakers.

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  • Building a PLE

    1. 1. CLASS INTRODUCTION Class Name Building a PLE (Personal Learning Environment) Kevin Ryan Fall 2010
    2. 2. PERSONAL Every PLE is different. Every PLE is individual.
    3. 3. LEARNING Natural, fun, exciting, rewarding, hard, time-consuming Not education, not grades, not classes
    4. 4. ENVIRONMENT Natural, fun, exciting, rewarding, hard, time-consuming Not education, not grades, not classes
    5. 5. TOOLBOX Think of it as a toolbox for language learning
    6. 6. LOOK AT TOOLS Try out lots of tools, play with them. Discover how to use them.
    7. 7. USE THE TOOLS IN ACTIVITIES The Daily Special has suggested activities. Use those, or try your own activities. Be creative.
    8. 8. USE PEOPLE Your network of friends, teachers, experts, can all help if you ask.
    9. 9. USE SOFTWARE on your computer or on the Internet
    10. 10. USE THE LIBRARY or conferences, or school facilities
    11. 11. SIX PARTS TO A PLE We will look at all 6 parts during the class.
    12. 12. PLE PART 1: PROFILER You have to decide what you want to learn and how you want to learn it. Then paint a picture of yourself.
    13. 13. PLE PART 2: AGGREGATOR Aggregate: Bring together, collect. Get everything you need from the Internet into one place.
    14. 14. PLE 3: EDITORS, PUBLISHERS Tools to help you MAKE things that give information to other people.
    15. 15. PLE 4: HELPER APPLICATIONS Little tools that help you do other things.
    16. 16. PLE 5: SERVICES
    17. 17. PLE 6: RECOMMENDER When you get lost or frustrated It recommends a new place to start.
    18. 18. WHY PLE? AUTONOMY Give a woman a fish and she eats for a day. Show the woman how to fish, and she eats for a lifetime.
    19. 19. 2 GOALS Learn English Build a PLE
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