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Better way of saying Better way of saying Presentation Transcript

  • Better way to say
  • Say a word… 1. C – Noun – Caterpillar 2. A – Verb – Act 3. A – Adjective – Adverse 4. H – Verb – Holler 5. U – Verb – Ululate
  • Say a word… 1. H – Noun – Home 2. M – Adjective – Modest 3. B – Verb – Bragging 4. B – Adjective – Bashful 5. T – Adjective – Tentative
  • Meanings 1. Coincidence (Noun) – A remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection – The presence of Prem & Raj at the same function was an unfortunate coincidence 2. Abate (Verb) – Reduce or remove – The medicine helped to abate the pain in my leg 3. Abide (Verb) – Accept or act in accordance with – In the hostel everybody is expected to abide by the rules 4. Harmony (Noun) – In perfect agreement – The management and workers were in complete harmony about the way forward 5. Unision (Noun) – Simultaneous performance of action or utterance of speech – The boys responded to the leader in perfect unision
  • Meanings 1. Diaspora (Noun) – The dispersion of any people from their original homeland – The Indian diaspora can be found in all corners of the world 2. Affluent (Adjective) – Wealthy – The affluent people of this city are very considerate towards the less fortunate 3. Affordable (Adjective) – Reasonable priced – Considering all that is being offered, the course at Focus With Tokas is very affordable 4. Candid (Adjective) – Frank – Thomas was very candid with his doctor 5. Broach (Verb) – Raise for discussion – After the introductory session, the participants broached the subject of payment
  • A better way of saying… 1. Real/genuine – Only genuine students of Focus With Tokas can access Pentatonic – Bona Fide - Adjective 1. Vulgar or pretentious display; designed to impress or attract notice – Xerxes indulged in vulgar display of his wealth – Ostentatious - Adjective 2. Full of energy and enthusiasm – After the rains, the flowers looked full of energy – Vibrant - Adjective 3. Lacking physical strength, esp. as a result of age or illness – After the bout of flu, Nick felt the lack of physical strength – Feeble - Adhective
  • A better way of saying… 1. Weak and delicate – My grandmother is 93 years old. She looks so weak and delicate – Frail - Adjective 1. Steady or resolute – The teacher gave the mischievous student a steady and resolute stare – Unwavering - Adjective 2. Because or as a result of – Pramod became the president because of his family connections – By virtue of… - Phrasal Verb 3. A useful or valuable thing, person, or quality – Manoj proved to be a valuable resource for the company – Asset - Noun
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