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Open Source Marketing
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Open Source Marketing


if you like it check out my blog at eventmanagment.blogspot.com

if you like it check out my blog at eventmanagment.blogspot.com

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  • 1. Julius L IVING I N A N O PEN S OURCE W ORLD – v0.01 eventmanagement.blogspot.com
  • 2. Presentation Overview What is open source anyway? Open vs. Proprietary Mozilla Firefox Perspective for marketers Question sessions
  • 3. Concepts and Applications Cola Beer Hardware Software Design Journalism Politics Yoga Marketing Open source is Access to the source Availability for modifications Permission to distribute Community Effort
  • 4. Proprietary Software Copyright, Licences, Patents Source protection Software is licensed
  • 5. Bazaar Linux The Open Source Process Cathedral GNU
  • 6. The Open Source Process cont’d Pyramid process Everyone can contribute Fork Peer Competition and Reputation
  • 7. Case Study Mozilla Firefox - History Started on the Mozilla Suite based on Netscape Initially developed by Hyatt and Ross Born as a fork against Software bloat Phoenix – Firebird – Firefox (1.0 Released 11/2004)‏ Based on XUL User Interface Markup Language
  • 8. Case Study Mozilla Firefox - Numbers
    • - +25 million downloads in the 99 days
    • after the initial 1.0 release
    • A year later Firefox had its 100 millionth download
    • 11/05 Firefox 1.5 was launched with 2 million
    • download in 36 hrs
    • 12/05 Enters Top ten Global Brands
  • 9. Case Study Mozilla Firefox - The Brand
  • 10. Open Source Marketing Consumer access the source i.e. the Brand Marketers dialogue with consumers and co-produce ads Communication is real not constructed Brands are not proprietary
  • 11. Open Source Marketing Applications - 1
  • 12. Question time
  • 13. Reference
    • Raymond, E.S. 1999. The Cathedral & the Bazaar , O’Reilly
    • Torvalds, L. and Diamond, D. 2001 J ust for fun : the story of an accidental
    • revolutionary HarperBusiness New York
    • Weber, S. 2004 The Success of Open Source Harvard University Press,
    • Cambridge USA
    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mozilla_firefox
    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Mozilla_Firefox
    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Source
    • opensource.org/docs/definition.php
    • http://www.collaboratemarketing.com/open_source_marketing/
    • http://www.cluetrain.com/
    • www.firefoxflicks.com