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This infographic comes from a presentation I gave at #EIBTM25 in Barcelona.

A full write-up can be found here http://www.eventmanagerblog.com/event-technology-infographic

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Event Technology Infographic

  1. 1. HOW TECHNOLOGY - is - CHANGING EVENTS PRE-EVENT BEFORE... AFTER Spons ored MAILING LIST SOCIAL ADS Social Advertising is a powerful substitute for mailing lists. Marketers are investing more in it. Yet its effectiveness is tied to a wider social engagement strategy. 36% 39% 89% yet 67% of Ad Agencies are planning to buy of users Ads on YOUTUBE rarely pay attention on TWITTER to Ads on social networks on FACEBOOK BEFORE... AFTER BROCHURE RESPONSIVE WEBSITES Responsive websites deliver a coherent experience to prospective attendees regardless of the screen size or device used. With an average of 3.5 devices owned, it is difficult to predict where a purchase will happen. 3.5 A BAD mobile experience can cost you customers 2.7 mobile devices mobile devices 57% would NOT RECOMMEND a business with a bad mobile site. 40% have TURNED to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience. 23% of adults have CURSED at their 2011 2012 phone when a site doesn’t work. BEFORE... AFTER DED ATTENDEES DECI D WE DECIDE TO ATTEND IF TO ATTEND BASE ON IMPULSE OUR PEERS DO The risk of purchasing an event ticket is mitigated by online peers recommendation. Serendipity engines with social graph integration such as Lanyrd or Plancast play an increasingly important role in how attendees make decisions. a study PROFESSIONALS TRUST to cording online information - almost - 39% AS MUCH AS Ac information gotten from inperson SOCIAL MEDIA USE patterns of professionals research are NOT PRE-DETERMINED by BUSINESS DECISIONS age or organizational affiliation on social networks BEFORE... AFTER PLANNERS SELECTED SPEAK ERS ATTENDEES CHOOSE THEM Co-creation and attendees involvement in the event design can be easily achieved with technology tools such as SXSW is doing with its Panel Picker. Involving attendees has clear benefits for engagement, satisfaction and word of mouth. Greater satisfaction and commitment result from PARTICIPATION OR CO-OPERATION with a service provider Increased likelihood of positive word-of-mouth INCREASED ATTITUDINAL LOYALTY BEFORE... AFTER ATTENDEES LOOKED LIKE ATTENDEES MEET AND GREET ONDS CLUELESS VAGAB IN ONLINE BACKCHANNELS Online Backchannels are still crucial to diminish perceived risk of attending, yet meta-networks that rely on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn infrastructure should be preferred to ensure engagement is consistent over time. OFFLINE INTERACTION - decreases - ONLINE COMMITMENT AT THE EVENT BEFORE... AFTER L WE HAD TO TRAVE LONG MILES WE WATCH IT WHEREVER AND WHENEVER WE WANT Livestreaming and video on demand are powerful tools to promote the event and involve audience remotely. These tools actually favour in person participation and save costs. A study found that ON AVERAGE companies save 82% of the online audience found the $1,000 in travel costs VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT HELPFUL in by engaging in making a decision VIRTUAL to attend in-person next time ENVIRONMENTS BEFORE... AFTER EVENT GUIDE MOBILE APP Instinctively mobile apps are much better tools that paper guides. Yet the positive impact of event apps on attendees satisfaction or average uptake is somewhat obscure. Investing with caution is recommended. 21% UPTAKE is correlated to of event planners see EVENT APP MOBILE APPS promotion as a top priority investment for 2013 but generally between 10%&45% depending on the tech friendliness of the audience BEFORE... AFTER NK WE USED TO THA THE HOST WE LIKE OFFLINE NFC technology helps to interact with event elements such as speakers or live performances. Liking an aspect of your event is as easy as swiping a mobile phone next to a sticker. BEFORE... AFTER BADGES WERE BADGES DUMB ARE INTELLIGENT Badges can benefit of the power of RFID. Attendees are able to enter contests, check in in different areas of the event, send pictures online. They just need to swipe their badge. POST-EVENT BEFORE... AFTER FEEDBACK FORMS SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING Social Media Monitoring tools are becoming an integral part of the event manager toolkit. Monitoring what is happening real time at an event makes it easy to understand successes and failures. HOW MUCH DO PEOPLE PAY FOR SMM TOOLS? 54.7% $100/month or less 19.7% between $100 and $500/month 19% between $500 and $5,000/month 4.4% between $5,000 and 10,000/month 2.2% of respondents say they spend 10000/month or more on monitoring tools BEFORE... AFTER W IDES E ASKED FOR SL M WE FIND THEM ON THE BUT NEVER GOT Slideshare is becoming a prominent channel to streamline slides. The opportunities for promotion and increase attendees satisfaction are evident. ARIBA 400 more than generated LEADS 40k VIEWS with their custom slideshare channel for their Ariba Live event Proudly brought to you by www.eventmanagerblog.com designed by Beatrice Tagliaferri linkedin.com/in/beatricetagliaferriREFERENCESThe b2b social media guide http://www.b2bsocialmediaguide.com/category/social-stats/advertising/The rise of the mobile worker http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/public/smallbusinessmasterclass/article3400136.eceSEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design http://www.practicalecommerce.com/articles/3395-SEO-Benefits-of-Responsive-Web-DesignSocial Medias Role in Decision Making by Business Professionals http://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/scn/go/portal/prtroot/docs/library/uuid/e0c2a4fc-0ceb-2c10-0785-f40bb184cd2f?overridelayout=trueCo-creation: New pathways to value An overview http://personal.lse.ac.uk/samsona/CoCreation_Report.pdfOnline and Offline Interactions in Online Communities http://clifflampe.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/WikiSym_2011.pdfCan online events *really* enhance your business? http://www.kinura.com/2012/10/can-online-events-really-enhance-your-business/Technology Survey 2012 http://www.expoweb.com/article/technology-survey-2012#.UL3baZPm7IGAll about Social Media Monitoring Tools http://www.stateofsearch.com/all-about-social-media-monitoring-tools-infographic/www.lanyrd.comwww.buzzband.com