Wish You A Merry Cristmas and A Happy Ney Year!
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Wish You A Merry Cristmas and A Happy Ney Year!






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Wish You A Merry Cristmas and A Happy Ney Year! Wish You A Merry Cristmas and A Happy Ney Year! Presentation Transcript

  • How merry Christmas is said :
    Afrikaans: GeseëndeKersfees
    Chinese: (Cantonese) Gun Tso Sun Tan'Gung Haw Sun
    English: Merry Christmas
    French: Joyeux Noel
    German: FröhlicheWeihnachten
    Hindi: ShubNayaBaras (good New Year not Merry Christmas)
    Italian: BuoneFesteNatalizie
    Japanese: Shinnenomedeto. KurisumasuOmedeto
    Polish: WesolychSwiatBozegoNarodzenia or BozeNarodzenie
    Russian: Pozdrevlyayu s prazdnikomRozhdestva is NovimGodom
  • Orthodox Christmas
    In the Eastern Orthodox Church, Christmas Eve is referred to asParamony. It is the concluding day of the Nativity Fast and Is celebrated as a day of strict fasting by those devout Orthodox Christianswho are physically able to do so.In some traditions, nothing is eaten until the first star appears in the evening sky, in commemoration of the Star of Bethlem.
  • Orthodox Christmas
    The liturgical celebration begins earlier in the day with the celebrationof theRoyal Hours, followed by theDivine Liturgy combined with thecelebration of Vespers, duringwhich a large number of readingsfrom the Old Testament are chanted,recounting the history of salvation. After thedismissal at the end of the service, a new candle is Broughtout into the center of the church and lit, and all gather round andsing the Troparion and Kontakion of the Feast.
  • Christmas in Goergia
    Georgians are christianorthodoxs, we fast for 39 days before christmas, until jenuary 6thchristmas eve .
    Several years ago, Patriarch Ilia II asked Georgians to light the candles and put them in the window, so that angels could see and come to defend our families. Patriarch's request has become a valuable tradition for all of us. Nowadays, everybody does so and at 00:00 if you look out of the window, you can see hundreds of beautiful twinkling and sparkling candles, that are lighting the darkness.
  • Christmas in France
    Nearly every French home at Christmastime displays a Nativity scene or crèche, which serves as the focus for the Christmas celebration. The crèche is often peopled with little clay figures called santons or "little saints."
  • Christmas in France
    In addition to the usual Holy Family, shepherds, and Magi, the craftsmen also produce figures in the form of local dignitaries and characters. The craftsmanship involved in creating the gaily coloredsantons is quite astounding and the molds have been passed from generation to generation since the seventeenth century. Throughout December the figures are sold at annual Christmas fairs in Marseille and Aix.
  • Christmas in France
    In Southern France, a log is burned in people's homes from Christmas Eve until New Years Day. A long time ago, part of the log was used to make the wedge for the plough as good luck for the coming harvest.
    The traditional Christmas is a chocolate log.
  • Christmas in United States of America
    Santa Claus was born in US in the 1860's he was named this as he had a white beard and a belly, so he was named Santa Claus as this was the Dutch word for St Nicholas, Sintaklaas. . Although the Dutch had bought him with them in the 17th century, he did not become an important person at Christmas until the Novelist Washington Irving put him in a novel that he wrote in 1809. This first Santa Claus was still known as St. Nicholas, he did smoke a pipe, and fly around in a wagon without any reindeer, but he did not have his red suit or live at the North Pole, he did however bring presents to children every year.
    In 1863 He was given the name Santa Claus and bore the red suit, pipe, and his reindeer and sleigh
  • Christmas in China
    The Christian children of China decorate trees with colorful ornaments. These ornaments are made from paper in the shapes of flowers, chains and lanterns. They also hang muslin stockings hoping that Christmas Old Man will fill them with gifts and treats.
  • Christmas in China
    The non-Christian Chinese call this season the Spring Festival and celebrate with many festivities that include delicious meals and pay respects to their ancestors.
  • Christmas in Poland
    Traditionally, Advent is an important season in the Polish year, with special church services, known as Roraty, being held every morning at 6am. The four Sundays of Advent are said to represent the 4,000 years of waiting for Christ.
  • Christmas in Poland
    Before sitting down at the table, everyone breaks the traditional "Oplatek" .
    "Oplatek" is known as the bread of love, friendship and forgiveness, person who do not approached the Christmas Eve table without forgiving and forgiveness, without being able to wish everybody well with a whole hart.
  • Those were some of the countries where Christmas is celebrated. But December miracles do not end with this day. Only a week later, on 31 of December, the world is blowing-up with thousands of fireworks, lighting in southands of colours.
  • Wish You A Merry Cristmas and A Happy Ney Year!