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For advertisers in the online advertising space, partnership marketing is the ideal solution to current ecosystem challenges – due to its ability to increase brand equity, enabling improved targeting accuracy and higher ROI.

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keekoo Case Study

  1. 1. Advertising Analytics Case Study: keekooHow the Right Measurement Frameworkand Partnership Marketing CanDramatically Increase Efficiency,Effectiveness & ROI of Digital Advertising
  2. 2. Advertising Analytics Case Study: keekooToday’s world of media buying and selling is fast-paced, with competitive advantages accru-ing for those who create deeper marketing partnerships, and those who can make decisions inreal time. Real-time data creates the opportunity for greater efficiency and improved campaignoutcomes. Marketers and their publisher-partners who are fleet of foot and able to quickly un-derstand the extent to which their campaigns are delivering as planned, and who can then takecorrective action as needed – are realizing improved financial ROI.keekoo, a major online, private sales company, sought’s assistance toimprove the quality and efficacy of its digital advertising, increase brand awareness in momsand moms-to-be and amplify ROI. The vendor used traditional run-of-network publisheradvertising prior to its partnership marketing with company implemented various digital media channel strategies, but found overtime thatits lack of partnership marketing and real-time data created many limitations. Its limitedability to overcome current advertising network challenges thwarted opportunties toincrease ROI.As a performance-based advertiser, keekoo needed a solution that would provide detailed, real-time analytics to improve its campaign outcomes.The challengeFor advertisers in the online advertising space, partnership marketing is the ideal solution tocurrent ecosystem challenges – due to its ability to increase brand equity, enabling improvedtargeting accuracy and higher ROI.
  3. 3.’s team first created a customized, strategic approach for planning, execut-ing and measuring the effectiveness of the campaign’s ability to drive lead generation and in-crease brand awareness and sales. Due to keekoo’s standards for excellence, all creative designwas required to pass a certain quality threshold, which incorporated’s ex-pertise on what resonates best with its specialized audience of moms and moms-to-be, duringthe pre-market phase. Throughout the in-market phase, keekoo’s digital campaign wasmonitored on a continuous basis, using real-time data and a custom dashboard, whichwas developed during the pre-market phase. Thisdashboard continually fed data to both keekoo The data provided select keyperformance indicators at the publisher, place-ment and’s marketing team workedclosely with keekoo to identify every opportunity,for improvement of the campaign’s delivery. In-market adjustments were then made, based on acomparison of real-time results to campaign goals.In-market optimization was carried out at the publisher level, moving media dollars acrosspublisher channels as necessary, with making adjustments on its sitechannels as needed.These adjustments are much more difficult or impossible to do in real time within Ad Networksor RON Publisher relationships.Advertising Analytics Case Study: keekooThrough partnership marketing,’s Marketing team has found it ispossible to evaluate and improve any digital media campaign during each stage of theadvertising process: pre-market, in-market and post-campaign. In order to reach itsspecific digital advertising goals,’s team worked directly with keekooto create the right strategy, measurement and optimization tactics.The approach% of ROS Impressions Converting to MembersEmail ConversionsNewsletter ConversionsCo-Registration ConversionsCPM/eCPMROI
  4. 4. Advertising Analytics Case Study: keekooPost-campaignFinally, to asses the actual impact of its campaign, keekoo and used goalsagainst delivery metrics that evaluate the conversion and gross sales lift from digital advertis-ing efforts. With these tools, keekoo and were able to measure changesin key conversion metrics, in addition to the gross sales lift, generated by its campaigns.Insights gleaned from these real-time results not only inform in-flight campaignoptimization, but can also help improve future campaign planning and execution.Media ChannelAvg EF.comConversionAvg RONConversionsBaseImpressionsAvg EF.comPerformanceFrequencyeMail 6,950 4,112 1MM 169% MonthlyCo-Reg 17,500 12,300 N/A 143% MonthlyDisplay 1,210 872 250,000 139% Monthlykeekoo In-Market Analysis (Q3/Q4) Benchmarks in keekoo’s custom dashboard, used to ensure a consistentand systematic approach to improving delivery of a media plan.keekoo In-Market Analysis (Q3/Q4)“ leverages brand insights, imagination and innovation to create engagingbrand experiences that resonate with our life stage audience. As strategic partners forour clients, we are built to quickly develop and execute ROI-driven, custom solutionsfor quality brands like keekoo.”NOAH ANDERSON,
  5. 5. Advertising Analytics Case Study: keekooAfter extensive research and success in the preconception, pregnancy, and parenting markets,the team was able to show how keekoo’s significantly improved financialROI justified continual partnership marketing with’s real-time mea-surement approach. Armed with this data, keekoo is able to quickly understand the extent atwhich their campaigns are performing, and can then take corrective action as needed.The results“At keekoo we are continually seeking to improve the overall effectiveness of every mediadollar spent. The key to enabling our decisions is understanding who each impressionreaches, how those ads convert, and how well those conversions turn into sales. Being ableto partner with has created opportunities for both near real-timeoptimizations as well as enhanced future planning, that are simply not available’s competition.” SCOTT WHITLEY, CEO keekoo.comkeekoo In-Market Analysis (Q3/Q4)Competitive Set ROIDisplay DisplayCo-Reg Co-RegeMail eMailkeekoo’s ROI from EF.Com139%143%169%
  6. 6. Advertising Analytics Case Study: keekooIt also evaluates the degree to which impressions reach the campaign target audience,based on real-world performance against vertical competitors.About keekookeekoo is an amazing new online store, specializing in everything that moms and moms-to-beneed – all at up to 80% off! It offers all of the latest and greatest brands and items from bumpto baby and beyond, through its daily members-only sales events. Its members enjoy up to80% off, and its team works hard at hand-selecting the most fabulous maternity, beauty,nursing, baby apparel, gifts, accessories and newborn gear that its members both need andlove.About (EF) is an online home and established resource to a growing communityof more than three million members who share their own everyday parenting experiences withthose who are seeking guidance and support as they move through their family’s journeys, frompreconception, to preschool and beyond. EF focuses on delivering innovative content and com-munity tools to its members, and world-class advertising and marketing channels to its clients.The editors at EF, as well as the entire EF community, are dedicated to providing daily contentfor families seeking expert and parent advice, information and support… and to giving back tothe communities supporting us.About’s Partnership Marketing Solutions To learn more about the approach toadvertising, please contact us via’s Partnership Marketing is an integrated solution for completecampaign delivery validation and in-flight optimization. Unlike existing ad-exchange,ad network or RON solutions, partnership marketing provides communication, deliveredacross a variety of channels, such as ads delivered in-view, in the right geography, in abrand -safe environment and to the right consumer at the right time.