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community based tourism in donsol
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community based tourism in donsol


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lecture given by professor carlos libosada.

lecture given by professor carlos libosada.

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  • 1. Community-based Tourismin Donsol, SorsogonCarlos M. Libosada Jr.Assistant ProfessorUniversity of the PhilippinesAsian Institute of Tourism
  • 2. Donsol Located in the province of Sorsogon A 4th class municipality High level of unemployment Fishing and farming as main economic activities Zero tourism
  • 3. Before Tourism The whale sharks were not bothered with by the people Whale sharks were already being hunted in some parts of the Philippines Whale sharks were killed for the fins and exported. Locals dried the meat as. Later, the shark’s fin market adapted to the new delicacy called whale shark tofu
  • 4. When whale sharks were “discovered” in Donsol Three whale sharks were killed in two weeks A single whale shark could enrich a fisherman by as much as 100,000 pesos If there were 50 whale sharks, local fishermen could earn a total of 5 million pesos
  • 5. But at what price?
  • 6. Potential Effects of Whale Shark Harvesting Short-term riches to some fishermen Entire whale shark population may be wiped out in a single year Lost long-term economic opportunity Donsol will remain in the same state before the whale sharks were “discovered” Area-wide poverty will remain in the area
  • 7. Tourism Ecotourism was deemed as a practical alternative over fishing The whale sharks will be saved The people will benefit on a long term against fishing
  • 8. Realities The people were not prepared for the sudden influx of tourism in the area There was a distinct lack of tourist facilities and services in the area There was a danger of tourism introducing anarchy instead of opportunity There was the possibility of outside investors getting most of the opportunities resulting in massive leakage and lost economic benefits for the people of Donsol
  • 9. Programs Community preparation and stakeholder organization Identification of opportunities and constraints Management planning and workshops
  • 10. Objectives To ensure that the whale sharks are saved from unsustainable and harmful fishing activities and provide a more sustainable form of resource utilization To ensure that the local communities of Donsol would directly benefit from the whale shark tourism program  To provide jobs and economic opportunities
  • 11. Organized Stakeholders Butanding Interaction Officers Boatmen Association Homestay Association Tricycle Drivers Association Van Drivers and operators Paddleboat Association (2004)
  • 12. At 10 boats per day, the income to the people of Donsol wasalmost 100,000 pesos per dayBoat Hire – 25,000Accomm (@ 300/pax) – 18,000Meals (150/meal X 3) - 27,000Shopping (200/pax) - 12,000Local Transport - 12,000 TOTAL - Php 94,000
  • 13. Economic Benefits Jobs Revenue Investments Added liquidity
  • 14. Major Present Challenge How to increase the tourism season in Donsol January – May, open season for whale shark interaction
  • 15. New Major Product Firefly Watching Benefits  Organization of paddleboat operators  Increased use of present and future tourist facilities  Jobs will be more stable  More investments
  • 16. THANK YOU