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VOIP Presentation


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voip presentation for rhyes

voip presentation for rhyes

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  • 1. VOIP
    Voice over Internet Protocol
  • 2. How It Works?
    Voice over Internet Protocol is a general term for a family of methodologies, communication protocols, and transmission technologies for delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol
    VOIP systems employ session control protocols to control the set-up and tear down of calls as well as audio codecs, which encode speech-allowing transmission over an IP network such as digital audio through an audio stream.
  • 3. 6 Powerful benefits of a VoIP Software
    1. Ease of Use:
VoIP is all about the user easiness. You do not have to install any large complex equipment. If you have internet connection in your home all you need is VoIP software. Install it and then start making calls.
    2. Saving Money:
The greatest advantage is the money saved. The amount of money saved via VoIP is huge.
    3. Portability:
VoIP software are portable with your mobile devices also, so if you want them to be installed on your mobile phones or iPhones then you do not have to worry there are many of them that you will be able to install on your phone, like Skype.
    4. One Stop Solution:
With VoIP you can chat, send files, share pictures, videos, talk, you can make conference calls, and you can make video calls and even video conferences. So it is a one stop solution with fewer fees to pay.
    5. Functionality:
The functionality of the VoIP is not so complex, to make a call or to listen one you need a microphone and the headphones. You might get speakers also. You will need a huge speed internet connection so that there is no distortion in voice.
    6. Business Networking:
You can conference call, obtain your faxes; you can have your voice mail boxes, Caller ID, call forwarding etc
  • 4. Business use
    Cost: The major advantage of not paying per call - and on length of call and on the destination location - results in substantial savings. You still do pay for calls to PSTN numbers but you tend to pay less. Calls between your own offices across the country can all be free. As calls to other VoIP users are free your call costs are likely to go down as more people sign up for VoIP.
    Manageability: Employees spread all over the country working from branch offices (or even their homes) can all be given extensions of a single number with the ability to route calls between themselves. Customers are unaware that employees aren't all in one central office location. There are numerous other advantages to this better control.
  • 5. Business use (Continued)
    Equipment: While having VoIP phones involves it own equipment it does dispense with the complexity, cost, and training that most PBX equipment demands.
    New features: VoIP allows businesses to access new features they may not have enjoyed before e.g., video conferencing.
    Integration: (or "Convergence") You can better integrate your phones, voicemail, email, SMS, faxes and other communication.
    Feedback/Monitoring: You can get better stats on phone usage, better monitor remote phone users' phonetime etc.
  • 6. Skype
    Skype is a software application which allows users to make voice calls over the internet, calls to other users within the Skype service are free.
    Skype have there own Skype cell phone the coolest thing about Skype’s mobile phone is it’s prepaid service, but when you run out of minutes to talk to real landlines and cell phones. You can still talk, Instant Message, Pictures and video message all through Skype for free,
    The network is operated by a company called Skype Limited headquartered in Luxembourg and partly owned by eBay.
  • 7. X Box Live
    Microsoft has more than 750,000 customers paying an average of $50 a year to access Xbox Live and logging approximately 500,000 hours of online game play each day. Not too shabby to think of 500,000 VoIP hours or 30,000,000 VoIP minutes per day!
  • 8. Free VOIP!!
    Sites that Let you Use Mobile VoIP for Free
  • 9. Disadvantages
    With all the latest technology you should expect a decent sound quality but there are no guarantees specially when talking abroad.
    As great as VOIP technology is, there are some major disadvantages that you have to consider prior to investing in VOIP.
  • 10. Thanks for watching