Wrm Corp Overview Columbus


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Wrm Corp Overview Columbus

  1. 1. Construction Industry Round Table<br />Columbus, OH<br />
  2. 2. Who We Are<br />WRM’s purpose is to assist companies serving the construction industry to generate leads and drive sales<br />WRM facilitates EXCLUSIVE invitation-only limited membership round tables of business development professionals serving the construction industry who meet to develop leads, exchange ideas, share best practices, learn new techniques and tactics, and network<br />WRM provides value-added business development, lead generation and personal development products and services to enable the success of its members<br />Hosted by H.H. Gregg and rolling out to 20+ markets<br />
  3. 3. 10 Member Benefits<br />Exclusive invitation-only construction industry round table consisting of business development professionals from 20 – 30 non-competing companies<br />Monthly 1.5 hour lead generation and networking meeting facilitated by WRM<br />Monthly lead reports using building permit data obtained from 42 municipalities in the Columbus area<br />Monthly summary / graphical trend analysis reports<br />“7 Steps to Better Business Relationships” boot camp and follow-on coaching sessions, including supporting book and workbook<br />
  4. 4. 10 Member Benefits (cont’) <br />Personal development coaching and training sessions<br />Periodic social marketing coaching and training sessions<br />Web member portal with CRM features including master contact data base and lead tracking, round table member contact information, and other related information <br />Links from portal to member web sites to help improve member web site search rankings<br />Monthly newsletter including events and market information in the Columbus area<br />
  5. 5. Membership Requirements<br />Provide a product or service to the construction industry<br />Currently in the top 5 companies in market share for a primary business offering<br />Do not compete with the primary business offering of an existing member of the round table<br />Actively attend and participate in monthly meetings<br />Share lead and market information freely<br />Submit a complete membership application<br />$300/month fees for membership package<br />
  6. 6. Testimonials & References<br />I am very impressed with the process, format, and the results from our WRM group.  The solid leads and current information has been “right on” in regards to making contact with the decision makers; whether a builder, vendor, or general contractor.  The monthly meetings provide relevant training and personal leadership from you.  Meeting with me on a monthly basis at my office to take on assignments directly related to my organization’s goals and initiatives has also taken my business to levels that I may not have achieve for many months or even at all. Thank you for this great opportunity and I look forward to our bright future together.  <br /> <br />Mark Skipper<br />Mustard Seed Landscapes<br />
  7. 7. Testimonials & References<br />It has truly been a pleasure working with the team at WRM. The information provided from this team has been very helpful in generating sales in a difficult market. WRM has been proactive in generating leads and helping cultivate relationships. This is a very professional organization and I endorse them with confidence they will generate positive results for others. <br />Scott Stallings<br />V.P. Sales and Service<br />Accent Cabinet Company<br />
  8. 8. Testimonials & References<br /> WRM is an invaluable tool for my sales team.  No other association or organization can produce more accurate, quality, and to the point information in my experience.  The relationships that are made through this group literally add incremental income to my bottom line.  Just as importantly, it is the best return on my investment when compared to associations, directory advertisements, golf outings or network breakfast clubs.  In reality it is a monthly trade show with the products or services being other vendors.  By being a member of WRM, I essentially have 20 to 25 extra sales people out on the street working for me.<br />John Hickey<br />Commercial Division<br />h.h. gregg<br />
  9. 9. Next Steps<br />Q&A<br />Complete membership application<br />Pay first month’s fees upon acceptance<br />Receive member portal access<br />Attend our kick-off meeting in March<br />Close more sales!<br />