Water project program


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Water project program

  1. 1. Thank You! Thank you for coming to our presentations this evening. We appreciate your support and time in being here. We hope you enjoyed the presentations and learned some new things about water! International School of Monterey 5th Grade Presents: Water Projects Symposium Water is Life! Contributors: Thursday, April 18th 6:00 – 8:00 pm
  2. 2. Program Welcome to the 5th grade classes’ Water Project Symposium! Students will be presenting projects simultaneously in four different classrooms. Each presentation will be no more than 15 minutes with a 5 minute passing time. You can stay in the same room and watch all the presentations or you can move from room to room depending on your interests. Enjoy!! Room – ( Mrs. Cornfield’s Classroom) TIME 6:00 6:20 6:40 STUDENT/S Cole DiPretoro & Alex Cabanilla Lina Fang, Ellah Foster & Francesca Arugon Kendrick Mauck/ Jakob Kolpaczyk 7:00 7:20 7:40 Josh Berndt Niklas Kennedy Gabriel Gidieon, Leonardo Zepeda & Analisa Velaquez Suna Karaki Mohammed Gasmelseed SESSION TITLE Storm Drain Runoff in Monterey Water Scarcity Steelhead Trout in the Carmel River/ Steelhead Trout in the Salinas River The Hoover Dam Amoebic Dysentery Drought E. Coli Botulism Program Room P – 6 (Mr. Spedding’s Room – 5B TIME 6:00 STUDENT/S Dale Sanchez 6:20 6:40 Tyler Onciano Eve Wharton Derya Bolgun Jon Berry Justin Vu Riley Mann 7:00 7:20 7:40 Room P – 4 6:00 SESSION TITLE The Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency Desalination in the Middle East Marine Debris Cholera Typhoid Fever Ameobiosis Cloud Seeding (Ms. Welsh’s Room – 5A) 6:40 Misa Franknedy Courtney Bishop Pehrson Timmons, Cameron Hill & Michael Mugan Elijah Quenga & Filip Mostic 7:00 Brandon Chun & Edwin Gao 7:20 Henriette Diouf & Trinity Mobley Nicholas Mesman 6:20 7:40 Room P – 5 (Mr. Marine’s Room) TIME 6:00 6:20 STUDENT/S Danya Novak, Chloe BerrySmith & Sierra Brinton 6:40 Allyssa Fernandez & Sophia Boureston Shawn Sandberg & Leo Tilley 7:00 7:20 7:40 Fletcher Gaucher & Rohan Sethi Magnus Lauer Cherrie Paghasian SESSION TITLE The San Clemente Dam Removal Project Typhoid One Last Drop Drought Ocean Acidification Arsenicosis Pacific Trash Vortex Thank you to our supportive parents and to the many experts who have given their time and energy to assist our learning! Lead Poisoning Arsenic Poisoning Water Contamination in Kenya Fish Slides and Ladders Water-bourne Diseases - Parasites Global Warming Affects on the Arctic Cholera