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Pyp gutz angieruk

  1. 1. PYPGutz By: AND
  2. 2. Table of Contents ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Introduction Week 1 and 2: The Development of the Heart Week 3 and 4: The Ventricles of the Heart How it connects to our Central Idea Fun facts Images Conclusion The End! Questions? Special Thanks to...
  3. 3. Introduction In this presentation you’ll be learning about the development of the heart and the ventricles of the heart. That was what we studied, and we think that it is important to sustain your life. The heart plays a big part in the systems and processes of your body.
  4. 4. Week 1 and 2: The Growth of the Heart ● Fetus’ Heart, how it starts and grows in your mom’s abdomen ● Child’s Heart, how your heart develops during your childhood ● Adult’s Heart, how does it function after it’s fully developed
  5. 5. Week 3 and 4: The Ventricles of the Heart ● ● ● ● The right ventricle, what it does The left ventricle, what it does The development of the Ventricles How do both ventricles work together?
  6. 6. How it Connects to Our Central Idea Central Idea: Systems have structures & processes which interact to sustain life ● How does the development of the heart work with other parts of the body to sustain life? ● How do your ventricles work with other parts of the body to sustain life? Hmm..
  7. 7. ● The ventricles of the heart are actually two out of four chambers: two atriums, and two ventricles ● Your heart is finally developed when you’re 25 days old (in your mom’s stomach) ● Your heart is fully developed by the time you’re in adulthood Did you know?
  8. 8. Images
  9. 9. Conclusion In conclusion, we learned a lot over our four weeks of inquiry. The heart development and heart ventricles were a very interesting topic, and we learned a lot. Thanks for listening! In conclusion, we’re best friends.
  10. 10. THE END!!!!!!!!!!! Ta Daaaa!!!! Great Job!!
  11. 11. Questions??? What? I didn't get that.
  12. 12. Special Thanks to... ● Julia and Fatima for giving us the idea to make a quiz ● Mr. Spedding for printing out the handouts and quiz ● Hannah for helping us with the images Thank you!!
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