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  1. 1. By : Nicholas
  2. 2. Table of contents What is Cholera VibrioCholerae What causes it Symptoms Where is it found Vaccines How can we help John Snow
  3. 3. What is Cholera It is found in unsanitized water or water contaminated by feces Found by John Snow Causes severe symptoms Caused by a bacteria called Vibrio Cholerae It is a waterborne disease Only 2 vaccines
  4. 4. What is Cholera Cholera had a major outbreak in Haiti since a tsunami in 2010 It is found in Asia, Africa, Haiti and Peru 649,449 cases have been detected in Haiti and 8,057 deaths
  5. 5. Vibrio Cholerae V.Cholerae is what causes cholera It has the ability to be immune to any habitat It used to be called V.Comma because of it’s comma shape This bacteria can’t be killed by chlorine The bacteria can duplicate itself It is not contagious This bacteria was found by Robert Koch
  6. 6. What causes it it is caused by unsanitized water or water contaminated by feces It is mostly found in places that have poor sanitation It is also caused by us throwing trash in the ocean The bacteria that causes the disease is V.cholerae
  7. 7. SymptomsThe symptoms are: Diarrhea/Rice Water Vomiting Cramps Nausea Dehydration Death Headache
  8. 8. Where is it found It is found in Asia, Africa, Haiti and Peru It is found there because of poor sanitization It is also found there because waste has contaminated the water
  9. 9. Vaccines There are no vaccines in The United States of America There are only 2 vaccines in the world and they are in called Doctoral and Shanchol which are available only in Vietnam None of the vaccine are recommended The vaccines cant destroy the V.Cholerae however ,it can hold it off for 6 months
  10. 10. Protecting your self Make sure the water you use is safe If you are traveling make sure your water is treated Wash your hands often
  11. 11.  Wash your hands before serving or eating food Avoid raw food
  12. 12. How can we help We can help by not letting are waste water go to the ocean Educating other (boil water) The HIV group is helping people in Africa by making cholera protection kits Over 400 people were saved by the protection kit
  13. 13.  Produce companies in our area secure their water by making barriers like ditches, berms and fencing so the water does not get contaminated
  14. 14. John Snow Pro.John Snow is a British chemist He found out that most the people that got sick were next to a water pump His theory was that the water from the pump was contaminated with feces He got this theory from a map that showed where the people got sick
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