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Nicholas Nicholas Presentation Transcript

  • By: Nicholas
  • Chemotherapy is the use of toxic chemicals to kill to cancer cells. It works in many ways. Chemotherapy main goal is too kill cancer cells To stop them from spreading so it does not come back Make symptoms better
  •  In 1940 and it was discovered by Paul Ehrlich Discovered during World War II It was accidently discovered -when people were exposed to mustard gas View slide
  •  There are more than 300 drugs used in chemotherapy All drugs fall into four categories1. Antimetabolites2. Alkylating agents3. Topoisomerase inhibitors4. Anthracyclines View slide
  •  Make the tumor smaller Kill cancer cells Help when using other drugs like radiation Kill cancer cells that have come back Kill cancer cells that have spread A tumor is a layer of tissue within the human body
  •  The chemical agents they use kills the cancer cells Tumors get smaller making surgery easier Gets rid of pain by making the tumor smaller Helps people enjoy life longer
  •  It also kills normal  Nausea cells  Infection Anemia  Fatigue Loss of appetite  Diarrhea Hair loss Mouth sores Vomiting How long the negative side effects last depends on the type of chemotherapy and how your health is.
  • Anxious Depressed Afraid Angry Frustrated Helpless LonelyPeople can join support groups to help.
  •  Adjuvant-Given to improve survival when cancer is no longer evident Primary-Use of chemotherapy drugs as the main treatment Induction-Initiation of chemotherapy with plans of further treatment Combination-The use of two or more chemotherapy drugs
  •  Injection-Through muscle in your arm ,thigh , hip, fat part of your arm, leg or belly Intra-arterial-Directly into the artery that is feeding the cancer Intraperitoneal-Directly into the peritoneal cavity Intravenous-Directly into the vain Topical-in a cream that you rub on to your skin Oral-comes in a pill, capsule, or liquid Peritoneal cavity is the area that contains organs such as intestines, stomach and liver You do not need to stay at a hospital, chemotherapy is given at the doctors office, in a clinic, at home or as an outpatient at the hospital.
  •  Cancer treatment is getting better all the time because scientist are always trying to come up with ways to beat it Many people with cancer go into recovery There are now over 300 types of drugs to treat cancer
  •  herapy/CA00029.html .asp?articlekey=21716 158401.php erapy.aspx Chemotherapy and you –national cancer institute