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  1. 1. My culture project by Fatima
  2. 2. Table of Contents  Introduction  Thesis Statement  The cultures I represent  My American side  What I do from my American side  My background cultures that I inherited  My culture from my father side  Belief  language  Costumes  Food  Sports • My culture from my mother side  Belief  language  Costumes  Food  Sports
  3. 3. Introduction Culture is defined by language , religion , cuisine , social habits , and arts . The United States is populated largely by people from different backgrounds. America’s culture is a mixture of these groups’ cultures. I represent three different cultures , I am part Algerian , part Sudanese and part American . But I inherited half Algerian and half Sudanese. The Algerian and Sudanese cultures have many similarities.
  4. 4. The Cultures I Represent I am 33 1/3% Algerian,33 1/3% Sudanese, and 33 1/3% American because I was born in Queens ,New York in America , My dad was born in Sudan , and my mom was born in Algeria.
  5. 5. My American Side  In my home and outside I live like an American sometimes. I wear jeans and T-shirts and other American clothing.  I also eat American food such as macaroni and cheese, burgers( halal ), hotdogs(halal), and other American food.  I watch sometimes baseball and basketball.
  6. 6. What I Eat From My American Side Hot dog(halal) Macaroni and cheese Burger(halal) Chicken wings(halal) Cheesecake Apple pie
  7. 7. Sports
  8. 8. The ten aspects of the American culture 10 elements of the American culture My American Culture My Algerian Culture My Sudanese Culture View of Optimism yes yes yes Saving Face yes yes yes Views toward being informal yes yes yes Attitude towards Change sometimes sometimes sometimes Views of Suffering yes yes yes Attitude toward taking risks sometimes sometimes sometimes Views on Equality yes yes yes Views on money no no no Attitude towards beauty no no no Views on Fate yes yes yes
  9. 9. My background cultures that I inherited I inherit 50% Algerian and 50% Sudanese. In my home I live like a Sudanese and Algerian too. I take my culture very seriously and I am a Muslim from both of my sides.
  10. 10. My culture from my father side My father was born in Khartoum, Sudan and bo his parents are from Sudan as well. His family was always Muslim and they all follow all the Muslim rules and obey god completely.
  11. 11. Belief  In religion Islam: we pray to god five times a day and read the Quran to have a connection with god. Muslims have six main believes.  We believe in God  We believe in the prophets  We Believe in all the holy books  We believe in the angels  We believe in the here after  We believe in destiny  The Islam religion has five pillars.  There is only one god and Mohammed is his messenger  Salat which is praying to God  Fasting on the month of Ramadan  Zakat which is giving to the poor 2.5 percent of your money when reach a certain amount.  The hajj at least once in lifetime if we can.
  12. 12. Languages  The first Sudanese language is Arabic, but they have many different languages . The English language is their second language.
  13. 13. Costumes Women wear a semi-transparent piece of fabric thatis called a toub and wrapped over their clothing which is usually a long-sleeved shirt and a long skirt. Toub Henna
  14. 14. Men’s Clothing Jalabia
  15. 15. Food mahshi Bread Falafel Fava bean salad Cucumber salad Barbeque Kisra Gurasa Baklava Sudanese cookies Kaak Kunafa
  16. 16. Sports  Sudan’s number one sport is soccer  Sudan also plays other sports
  17. 17. My culture from my mother side  My mother was born in Algeria and both her parents are from Algeria. Her family is also all Muslims and obeys god completely.
  18. 18. Languages  Algeria's first language is Arabic and second language is French. Also some people speak Amazigh language.
  19. 19. Costumes Hijab Karakou Kabile dress Constantinoise robe Tlemcen brides outfit
  20. 20. Men’s clothing These are Traditional clothing people used to wear burnous
  21. 21. Food Bread pancake s mhajib Bread donuts Bourak Muergaz Grilled pepper salad Couscous Sweet meat Olive with chicken stew soup Baklava Makrou Grewish Brides Karan
  22. 22. Sports  Algerian number one sport is soccer  Algeria also pays other sports to
  23. 23. Any Questions?