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  • 'He enjoyed his childhood', but 'he didn't have family after age 7'. WTH??! How do you enjoy a childhood when your dad dies, your mom flakes out and leaves you alone, and your 'evil uncle' sends you to a military academy? In Kaiser's 'Radio Flyer' vid, it doesn't sound like much enjoyment was happening at that school. : ( Did HK approve that 'he enjoyed his childhood' bit? Some of us aren't buying it.

    The rest of it's interesting, though. Thanx for posting it.
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  • 1. Hen ry Kaiser iderBy Evan Sn
  • 2. Childhood ..The early years
  • 3. B orn/raised● Henry Kaiser was born on September 19th, 1952.● He was raised in Oakland, California.● His father, Henry J. Kaiser, made a wealthy fortune for the family by finding, Kaiser Permanente. 
  • 4. C hildhood● He didnt have family after age seven.● He enjoyed his childhood.● He did not have any siblings.
  • 5. Schooling● Mrs. Sullivans Nursery School● Joaquin Miller Elementary School● Palo Alto Military Academy● Montera Jr. High● Robert Louis Stevenson School● Harvard University Harvard University, Hartford, Massachusetts
  • 6. Sports● Henry didnt enjoy sports much.● He liked SCUBA diving and miniature golf.
  • 7. hings to do (for fun) T● Read● Watch movies● Listen to music● Play music● Scuba dive● Freedive● Play with dogs and cats● Spend time with friends
  • 8. Music● Learned to play guitar in college● Incorporates music in movies 
  • 9. o ple that Ins pired him Robert A. Heinlein Pe● Robert A. Heinlein● Nikola Tesla● Arthur C. Clarke● Samuel R. Delany Arthur C. Clarke Nikola Tesla Samuel R. Delany
  • 10. A n interesti ng fact...● As a child he wanted to be a train engineer.● He journeyed to Madagascar to record 6 CDs!● Henry has been under the frozen cold ice diving in Antarctica.● He performed many solo concerts in the USA, Europe, and Japan!● Volume 2 of a world out of time was nominated for a Grammy award!
  • 11. ●   
  • 12. CareerToday
  • 13. ies that he has made Mov"Encounters at the End Of the World" (playedat Osio Theater in Monterey).
  • 14. Places he has beenAntarctica, Australia, Japan, Madagascar,South Africa, Canada, Sweden, Norway, NewZealand, France, England, Russia, Germany,Switzerland, Holland, Hong Kong, ThePhilippines, New Guinea, and Mexico.
  • 15. D iscoveriesOne fish in Antarctica, but it is unnamed fornow.
  • 16. e that inspir e him now Peopl● Jerry Garcia● Akira Kurosawa● Derek Bailey● John FaheyJerry Garcia Derek Bailey Akira Kurosawa John Fahey
  • 17. F uture know n travels● Going to study Korean music for the last two weeks of June.● Going to Antarctica for the 10th time!
  • 18. Everyd ay Life...In the present!
  • 19. PetsKida, Malamute dog, age 5Miso, cat, aged 16Rags, cat, aged 15
  • 20. R esidenceHenry Kaiser, currently lives in Bonny Doon inSanta Cruz County, California
  • 21. Free time● Likes to read● Watch movies● Listen to music● Play with pets
  • 22. eday he wants to... Som● Go to Patagonia, (a tundra in Alaska) and dive with the whales. 
  • 23. Do you consider yourself an explorer or an adventurer?"Neither, I consider myself an experimentalimproviser. I do experiments and I go placesand I see what happens."  ~Henry Kaiser
  • 24. Do you consider yourself an explorer or an adventurer?  "Neither, I consider myself an experimentalimproviser. I do experiments and I go placesand I see what happens."  ~Henry Kaiser