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Elaina jillpruetz

  1. 1. Jill pruetzBy: Elaina Meininger
  2. 2. Childhood-Jill was born on December 15,1965 inYoakum,Texas-Jill grew up in a small town with a middleclass family-Jill never really wanted anything she justloved her life she did want a horse, but she gotto ride her cousins horses sometimes.-Jill liked to play outside as a child-Jill always loved animals, she grew up withcats and dogs
  3. 3. Jill Pruetz
  4. 4. Jill as a young adult-Jill took an anthropology class incollege and that is what inspired JIll inarchaeology and primatology-Jill worked in belize,Peru, Kenya, CostaRica, Panama, and Nicaragua as ayoung adult-Jill did field work and then she gothooked-Jill went to volunteer with chimpanzeesand she said that she....
  5. 5. Jill as a young adultcontinued...............would explore chimpanzees one dayand then she ultimately did-Jill says that one of the things thatchanged her life was doing fieldwork inbelize-Jill went to college at Southwest TexasState University-Jill graduated college with B.A inAnthropology and Sociology-Jill ran cross country and track
  6. 6. Chimpanzee
  7. 7. Timeline of Jills lifeBorn 1965 Yoakum, South Texas--Graduated Yoakum High School 1984-Attended Southwest Texas State University(1984-1989) and graduated with a B.A. inAnthropology and a B.A. in Sociology (rancross-country and track in college)-Worked as research assistant at MichaelKeeling Center in Bastrop, TX with captivechimps.
  8. 8. Timeline of Jills lifecontinued....-Attended University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1990-1999) and graduated with aPh.D. In Anthropology-Worked as a postdoctoral scholar at MiamiUniversity, Department Zoology (1999-2000).Surveyed chimp sites in Senegal.-Started work in Anthropology department atIowa State University (2001-present). Startedresearch at Fongoli, Senegal chimpanzee site(ongoing)!
  9. 9. Jill Pruetz
  10. 10. Jills thoughts-Jill always loved the idea of going to Africaand to explore wild animals, she feels that it ismore free in Africa and people arent thecontrollers of nature-When Jill was a little girl she thought the onlyway in terms of a career with working withanimals was to either to be a veterinarian or arancher
  11. 11. Jill Pruetz
  12. 12. Jill as an adult- When Jill was an adult she started to studyanimals but ever since 2001 she has beenstudying chimpanzees-Jill as an adult returned a baby chimpanzeeback to its mother- Jill has one nephew and 2 identical twinnieces, 2 dogs in the United States and 3 dogsand 1 cat in Africa!-Jill is not married because it would interferewith her exploring
  13. 13. Jill Pruetz with a chimpanzeeskull
  14. 14. how Jills exploring haschanged the world- Jill introduced people to the amazing savannachimpanzees. That she studies in Fongoli, so shewas really just a voice for them in a way. Theyhave always been out there and doing somepretty amazing things-like hunting otheranimals with "spear"
  15. 15. Difference between Savanna chimpanzees anddeep forest Chimpanzees
  16. 16. Life changing moments of jill-One of the things that changed Jills life was goingto the field in Belize to do archeology she realizedthat, that was what she wanted to do-Another life changing moment was when shestarted working with chimpanzees she knew thatshe wanted to work with chimps the rest of her life- One of the most life changing moments for Jillwas when she got to confiscate a baby chimpanzeenamed Aimee and return Aimee to her mother. Jillsays,"It was one of the best moments of my lifereturning Aimee back to its mother."
  17. 17. The baby Chimpanzee that jillbrought back to its mother
  18. 18. Evolution
  19. 19. Jills Studies-Jill noticed that chimpanzees make,and usespears out of sticks to hunt bushbabies-Jill recorded 37 tool type hunting attempts onbushbabies. Jill noticed that it happens moreoften in the beginning of the rainy season atFongoli, Africa-Jill has studied that chimpanzees havedifferent calls for things.For example, whenthey are surprised by something they will callout a noise compared to when they are happy.
  20. 20. Chimpanzee using a spear
  21. 21. The EndQuestions or comments??