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  1. 1. SummerProjects By Danya
  2. 2. ReadingThis summer I read the Heroes of the Olympians series. The first book is called The Lost Hero. It is about three kids whoall meet at the Wilderness School, which is a school for trouble makers,and go on a quest together. The kids’ names are Leo, Piper and Jason.All of them are demi-gods. That means that one of their parents is a godand the other parent is regular or a mortal person. Leo’s father is thegod of tools and fire. Piper’s mom is the goddess of love and beauty.Jason’s dad is the god of the sky. All of the kids have two things incommon one is that they are all demi-gods, and the other is that they allhave a problem. Leo’s problem is that he keeps seeing vision of Gaea,who is the evil goddess of the earth. Piper’s problem is that a giantkidnapped her famous father who is an actor. Jason’s problem is that hismemory was taken away and he can’t remember anything from hispast including his name and age. They all got moved from their school and transferred to aGreek camp for demi-gods. At camp they get put on a mission to savethe queen of the gods. When they go on the mission they run into awhole bunch of monsters, saved Piper’s dad and Hera and becamebetter friends. When they saved Hera, the queen of the gods, she gavemost of Jason’s memory back. When Jason gets his memory back hefinds out that he is not from the Greek camp, but that he is from aRoman camp.READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT THE END!
  3. 3. Reading Continued The second book is called The Son of Neptune. The three maincharacters are named Frank, Hazel and Percy. It is also about kids whomeet and go on a quest together. Except this time they meet at a Romancamp. Percy Jackson has the same problem as Jason had. He can’tremember anything either. The other two had worse problems. Frank’sproblem was that his life depended on a piece of firewood. Hazel’sproblem was that she was brought back from the dead. It all started whenPercy found himself running away from gorgons, monsters with snake hair,who couldn’t die. Whenever Percy killed them they would turn into sandthen reform back into them self. Then Percy finally escaped from them. Heran down to a highway and found an old hippie lady who needed his help.Percy took the old lady to the place that she told him to go to. It was aRoman camp for demi-gods. When they got to the camp the old ladytransformed into a warrior with a goatskin cape. It is Juno, a Roman versionof Hera. Juno tells a prophecy and what needed to happen and then left.That is when the friends meet. The next day they all get put on a quest to go rescue Death froma giant. They all go on the mission, rescue Death, kill a giant, come back tocamp and win a war all in one week. Then Percy gets his memory back,and he also gets a letter from the Greek camp saying that a war ship iscoming with four of the people from the prophecy of seven. They werecoming to pick up the other three people. READ THE NEXT BOOK TO FIND OUT THE END!(It is coming out in the fall)
  4. 4. Create and ConstructFor my create and construct project, I helped start building a shower enclosure, with mydad, at our friend Mitch’s house. I had to be careful with all the tools. I also had to be awareof other people and space around me. To be safe I had to wear a hardhat. Below is the order of how we made a shower: Read the plans Layed out and snapped chalk lines Cut existing floor and floor framing Built the stem walls Framed new shower floor The Plummer will then come and install the rough drain. There are many moresteps to finish the shower but I had to go back to camp.
  5. 5. Exploring I went to a dance school in Philadelphia for two weeks this summer. The school is called theRock School for Dance Education. I stayed in a Jack and Jill dorm at Cabrini Collage withtwo teenagers, without my family.Every morning I would go to breakfast at a dining common, then after breakfast I would goon abus to downtown Philly. That is where the Rock School is located. The classes started at8:45 Eastern Standard Time (it is three hours ahead of California time). I did a ballet class foran hour and a half and then I had a point class for an hour. We then had a nice long lunchbreak in the school cafeteria. After lunch I had another ballet class for an hour and a half.After that long day I got back on the bus and drove back to the dorms. While I was in class. I met and learned about my teachers. Most of them taughtat the Rock School year round. I had eight teachers that were all special in their own ways.They all taught differently but they taught the same style of Ballet. Most of my teachershave taught at the Rock School for over ten years. They were all fantastic! One of my roommates got promoted to a higher level, so she left later in themorning than me and came back laterin the afternoon. Her name is Gianna Nale. She isthirteen. She is also from California. I have known Gianna since I was five weeks old. Giannagoes to the same Ballet academy, in Carmel, as I do and she used to go to ISM. My otherroommate’s name is Ally Chumney. She is fourteen. Ally was in a level lower than Gianna.Ally is from South Carolina.
  6. 6. Exploring Continued To leave Philadelphia we had to travel with a grown up. Gianna’s mom,Jeannine, flew out to pick us up. Jeannine toured us around Philadelphia for a couple ofdays. We got to see the Liberty Bell, walked by the United States Mint, toured theIndependence Hall, tasted a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich, and did many other things. When we got on the airplane in Philadelphia, to head home, we had to wait onthe tarmac for two hours because of lightning. When we started flying, that also took acouple hours and when we landed in Houston our timing got worse. We couldn’t get tothe gate for an hour and then when we did get off the plane we had to run to the nextflight. Jeannine was in her high heals trying to keep up with Gianna and I. I was getting anasthma attack. When we got to the gate we found out that the flight was delayed anhour, which meant we would miss our connection home. I almost cried. We decided thatinstead of taking a long flight to LA and then having to find a hotel there late at night, wewould just stay in Houston. That is what we did. The next day we left to go to Denver andthen on to Monterey. On the flight to Monterey we almost did not get to land, because offog. I was really nervous, but the pilot was able to land in Monterey and we all cheered. Iwent in to the airport and saw my family. That put the biggest smile on my face. By going to this school I have learned many things. I have learned how to be abetter dancer by improving my technics and posture , and how to live by myself withoutmy family. I also learned how to make friends and how to stand the “wet” heat. Now Iunderstand how responsible you have to be to live by yourself, and why you don’t moveout when you are a kid.
  7. 7. Getting My FirstPoint ShoesTo dance en pointe, inPhiladelphia, I needed to get theshoes. I went with my mom toPrima Dancewear, in San Jose, toget my pointe shoes. The ownerhelped me pick out the correctones. The company that makes thepointe shoes is called RussianPointe. The type of shoe is calledDiamond. They were 80 dollars forthe shoes and I had to get toepads and tape so the total was112 dollars! I was SO excited to getthem.
  8. 8. Arriving at the Rock School
  9. 9. Drawing by Danya
  10. 10. In Philadelphia I wentsightseeing, shopping,and Cheese Steaktasting. I rated myCheese Steak, 6 out of10. I also went to adance school, sawfireworks and the libertybell.
  11. 11. Give Yourself AwayOne weekend my neighbors had a nursery liquidation to raise money forcharity. I went over to their farm and asked them if I could volunteer. Theysaid that I could. So, I showed people around and sold some plants. It wasfun. My sister also came but she didn’t want to help. She really likessucculents so I helped her pick one out. It is really cute and you hardly needto water it. It felt good to help someone without personal gain.
  12. 12. Dinner For my multiple course meal project I chose to make a three course dinner at mycousin’s house in Clovis. First I decide what to make. I went to the store and got all the ingredience that Ineeded. Then I went home and determined how much time it would take to make it. I washed my hands and then started to cook. I started with making the stuffingfor the turkey. I cut up celery, pulled apart bread, cracked an egg and added spices. ThenI stuffed the turkey and set it in the oven with help from an adult. I set the timer and let itcook for four hours. While the turkey was cooking I set the table and started makingcroutons for the salad. To make the croutons you need sourdough bread, olive oil, garlic powder andgarlic salt. First step of making croutons is to cover the bread with olive oil then put garlicsalt and powder on. I did this on both sides of the bread. The second part is to let thembake at a low temperature for a long time. Next I made a salad. In that salad were some tomatoes, that I picked from thegarden. I also made zucchini, mashed potatoes, and bread rolls. Then I set the table andset the turkey, stuffing, bread rolls, zucchini, and mashed potatoes out as the first course.Then we had the salad, with the croutons for the second course. The third course wasstrawberry shortcakes. I cut up strawberries and made a yummy whipping cream withcream, sugar and vanilla. I used all the food sorts. Dairy, vegetables, fruit, fats, grains and poultry. It was agreat meal that everyone enjoyed. After dinner, I cleaned up all the dishes spotlessly.
  13. 13. My Three Course Meal
  14. 14. More Summer Fun I visited my cousin in Clovis for 4 days. We went swimming, took their dog to dog training, spent hours jumping at the Sky Walk, went to the movies and saw Ice Age, I cooked a 3 course dinner for them, and we got to hang out with Louise Mandrelat a theater. My mom got some free passes to the Rodeo in Salinas . I went with my family. My favorite part was the parade. I also liked the barrel racing. I really didn’t like the bull fighting, or when they would ride the bull, or when they would make the horses go wild and see how long the rider could stay on the horse. I got mad and almost cried because I thought that it was really cruel. One of the things that a Rodeo Clown did while fighting a bull was that he ran away from the bull and jumped on a fence. Then he jumped on the bull’s head and ran across it’s back. That made the bull mad and so the bull knocked the man over and started trampling on him. His clown friends got the bull away. They had to get doctors to have a look at the man. I am attending a theatre camp at the Hartnell College for the last two weeks of summer. We have done dance classes, singing classes and plays. It is great fun!!! It is the second time I have been to a college this summer. We even got student IDs.
  15. 15. Hanging out with Louise Mandrel Rodeo Hartnell Students