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  1. 1. My Culture Project By Danya
  2. 2. ContentsThesis Statement 1Food 2Food Continued 3Art 4Religion 5Clothing 6Clothing Continued 7Home 8Home Continued 9Other Aspects of My Culture 1010 Elements of American Culture 11Conclusion 12
  3. 3. Thesis StatementI am Danish, Californian, my family’s culture (our own blend of the two).Depending upon where I am at a particular moment, any one of these comesthrough, more Californian when I’m here, more Danish when I’m in Denmarkbut always me wherever I am.My ancestors were Native American, Swedish, English, Croatian, Italian,Scottish, Irish and Welsh. I don’t consider myself influenced by these culturesbecause I was not raised with the concentrated beliefs and values of themother than what little that has passed through the generations of ourancestors to me.
  4. 4. Food• I eat a mix of Danish and American foods. Because I live in California, I eat a diet that incorporates a lot of fruits and vegetables.• I always eat with my family. We usually sit at the dining table for any meal. Because of where we live, (20 miles from the Peninsula) we sometimes don’t have time to go home between school and activities so we eat in the car, at the beach or a park.• My mom shops for food, cooks and serves most of our meals. The food is usually served in pretty bowls or platters. We all serve ourselves.• I have to help with setting and clearing the table. My dad does most of the dishes.• My parents don’t believe in using too much sugar, so I always have water or milk with my meals.• It is important to my parents that I have good table manners. I have to sit properly, chew with my mouth closed, and ask to be excused before I leave the table.
  5. 5. Food Continued Danish CalifornianWhen I travel to Denmark I notice the difference in food. In In California I still eat a lot of Danish style food, but I also eatDenmark there is not a big selection of fruits as in California. American food.This is because most of the fruits are imported. It is alsobecause it is harder to grow fruit there throughout the yearbecause of the climate. In Denmark the main foods include There are a lot of restaurants with food from differentfish, pork, potatoes, bread and dairy. Some of the mainindustries in Denmark are farming and fishing. Denmark is countries. I think that this is because in America people fromsurrounded by water which, over time, lead to a big fishing all over the world came with their values and tastes in food.industry. It is the ocean, not the land, that had this influence We enjoy Italian pizza, Vietnamese noodle soup, Chinese stirover culture fry, Mexican everything, Bagels and Smoothies.When I am in Denmark over the Summers l eat a lot of fruit,pastries and ice cream. The ice cream cones in Denmark arefresh and homemade. They make an amazing cone all over In California there is a large supply of food because thethe country called “GammeldagsIsvaffel” (Gammeldags, old winters aren’t very harsh and because the land is fertile.days) it has three kinds of ice cream, guf (marshmallowcream) and strawberry sauce. We eat a lot of local food, Artichokes from Castroville, fishIn Denmark people only go out to restaurants if they are from the bay and fruit from Watsonville.celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday oranniversary. When I buy food at a cafe in Denmark I sit at atable outdoors, or I picnic, or walk and eat. It is a Danish My life in California is really busy lately so I eat a lot in the car,culture to cook meals at home and sit around the dinning but when my family has time, we love to sit around the diningtable and eat with your family. table and eat the meal that my mom cooks.Some of the meals that I eat in Denmark are called: My favorite dish is called; Hakkebøf med bløde løg, it is prettyFrikadeller, nye kartoffler, Frugtsalad, Lagkage med chokolade,smørrebrød. much a hamburger with cooked onions.In Denmark it is very important that you eat with your family.When I go to Denmark I sit outside, in my grandmother’sgarden, or inside at the dining table, and eat dinner with myfamily. It is very peaceful to sit outside in the warm summerevening with the birds chirping and us eating good food.
  6. 6. Art Danish CalifornianWhen I go to Denmark I see art everywhere; from I like to paint with water colors and my favorite thingthe streets to the Queen’s castle. (I got to tour her to paint is people.castle with my family a couple of summers ago). I like to make scrap books, knit (using the EuropeanI always go to a town in Denmark that has a fantastic method), sew and crochet. I design clothes for dolls.Viking museum and an outdoor theater where they I am in many local plays with PacRep; Willy Wonka,put on a Viking play every Summer. Someone found 101 Dalmatians, Aristocats, and Beauty and thea lurs, old Viking horn, very near my grandmother’s Beast.(Mormor’s) house. I love to dance ballet and I’ve performed in theOne year I saw a show that The Royal Danish Ballet Nutcracker every year since 2005.put on at an outdoor theater. They preformed for I live in a Californian ranch style house that usesfree and showcased every thing from old classic advanced technology, but the house is mostlyballet to modern ballet. It was amazing! decorated with Scandinavian furniture, but there isWhen I go to Copenhagen I see street performers do also art/artifacts from around the world.all sorts of performing arts; everything from music tojuggling.There are many fairy tales in Denmark. I like HansChristian Andersen’s stories.
  7. 7. Religion Danish CalifornianThe main religion in Denmark is Christian, Lutheran. The religions in America vary. There are religionsThere are Lutheran churches in all most every town. from many different countries; Catholic, Buddhist,The church is supported by the government trough Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu etc. I do nottaxes. I visit a Lutheran church, near my practicing a religion, but my mom is Lutheran, mygrandmother’s house, every time I go to Denmark. dad calls himself a secular humanist. I would say thatMy parents got married in this church and my the religious culture in my family leans towardgrandfather is buried there. Christianity without all the religion. We celebrate many holidays. Christmas, Easter,Many of the national holidays are Christian based. I Fourth of July, Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Halloween,have experienced them with my family. We celebrate Valentines, and St. Patrick’s Day.Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day. On There is a brass Ganesh at our dining room, a BuddhaChristmas Eve we dance around the tree singing statue and African animist masks in the bathingcarols. We also have a big feast with rice pudding at room, a Nepalese Kali shield in the bathroom, athe end. There are almond pieces in the pudding, but Philippian Santa carving and a Nataraja statue in thewhoever gets the one whole almond wins a marzipan living room, and a Coastal Salish painting ofpig. Marzipan pigs symbolize luck and prosperity for Grandfather Raven, Orca, and Salmon in the kitchen.the coming year. They all look great and are interesting.
  8. 8. Clothing• I dress like most American girls my age. I wear Jeans, T-shirts, sweatshirts and sneakers or sandals. This is also the fashion in Denmark. They are influenced by the movies and TV shows that came from America. So I fit in over there with my fashion.• I like to wear colorful clothes and accessories.• I like to wear jewelry. A friend has made most of the jewelry that I have. I have also made some too.
  9. 9. Clothing Continued Danish CalifornianI noticed that in Denmark most of the people wear In California People wear a lot of sweat pants, jeans,the same clothing as Americans. Jeans, T-shirts T-shirts and ball caps. There is also a surf style that isetcetera but not always in the same way. here that I don’t see in Denmark. Ugh Boots (Australian) are a great example of a fashion fromI think that the clothing in Denmark is more colorful somewhere adopted by people in the same sportbecause people crave colors in the winters when somewhere else and then it makes it into theeverything is grey and dark. The colors is to keep the mainstream culture. I don’t surf but I wear Uggspirit up. I like to wear colorful clothes. boots.When I go to Denmark I have to dress accordingly to I wear T-shirts, jeans, dresses and school uniforms.the four seasons.When I went to Denmark last Summer the trend forpeople my age was baggy pants, a small jeans vestand a jumper. We bought some of these clothes inCopenhagen. When I brought them back to Californiano one else was wearing these things, so I didn’twear them in public very much.Not all trends are the same between Denmark andCalifornia.
  10. 10. Home• I have my own room and that is where I keep all my things.• We eat in our dining room.• We don’t have a TV.• We gather in the living room to read, play games, and hang out with each other.• Education is very important to me and my parents.• I get consequences for making bad choices but I also get consequences for making good choices. For example I will loose privileges for making bad choices and I might get to go out for ice cream if I make a good choice.• I have to say “please” and “thank you”. I have to be respectful to elderly and I have to look people in the eyes when they talk to me. I am not allowed to interrupt a conversation.• I am expected to help out around the house. By helping out I am learning the responsibilities of a family so I am not being paid for doing chores. Some of my chores are: - Cleaning my room - Help with dinner - Setting the table and do the dishes - Take the trash and compost out - Do my laundry
  11. 11. Home Continued Danish CalifornianI noticed that in Denmark people like their home to In California there are many different types ofbe neat and tidy. When I went to Denmark I was houses: wood, cement, steel etc. The most importantamazed how pretty the houses and gardens are. The thing is that the houses have to be built to withstandinside of the house is very lovely because the winters earthquakes.are long and you need to be inside a lot. I would notenjoy being in a messy house for such a long time. Inthe summer people like to be outside so they keep Living in the suburbs make it necessary for us to usetheir gardens beautiful. a car everyday.The summer days are very long. The sun is up until We are located at latitude 36.93. It is the same10 or 11pm because Denmark is located at latitude55.7 degrees which is the same as Ketchikan Alaska! distance from here to the equator as my home inPeople like to be outside on these long and warm Denmark is to the North Pole!summer nights. It is hard to go to sleep so there arecurtains on the windows to keep out the late nightlight.In Denmark the houses are built to handle the fourseasons. They have to be very insulated and most ofthe houses are build of bricks.The houses are located in villages and close to publictransportation.
  12. 12. Other Aspects of My Culture Danish Californian• When I visit Denmark over the summer, I stay in my • I live in Royal Oaks in a country house. Our grandmother’s house in Lynge. It is a small farming neighbors live further away, to us, then in the village where the neighbors live close together. city.• I noticed that Danes, including myself, greet others by saying, “Hello, how are you ?”. In Danish of • One of the greetings that I use a lot, in course! California, is “ Hi, how’s it going ?”• In Denmark there is a difference in personal space. I • I noticed that there is less personal space in think that the Danes have a wider amount of California then there is in Denmark. personal space.• The languages in Denmark are Danish and English. • The languages that I speak, and are spoken• The currency is kroner and øre. commonly through out the state, are English• I don’t think that Danes are as obsessed with money and Spanish. as most Americans are. • The currency in America is dollars and cents.• I attend some of the summer festivals when I visit • I noticed that people in the states are more Denmark. obsessed with money then people in Denmark.• The Danish government is a Constitutional Monarchy. • We go to culture festivals and food festivals• I think that Danes are very equal between genders. • Our government style in America is Democracy.• The Danish geography is mostly a low rolling • I don’t think that genders are totally equal. landscape. • The landscape here has everything.• I bike a lot in Denmark because of the landscape and because of the size of the country. • The sports that I do in California are dancing, biking and some times volleyball and soccer.
  13. 13. 10 Elements of American Culture 10 Features My Feelings1. Value youth and beauty: VOGUE No2. New is better, change is good Sort of3. Optimism: BE HAPPY! (They lived happily ever after) Yes4. You can be whatever you want to be: I want to be an actor Yes5. Success = Money Success = What we own No6. Speak your mind Yes7. We are informal: Come on in and have a cookie! Yes8. We are friendly and open: Hi, how are you today? Yes9. Equality Mostly10. We take risks, we are innovative and creative Sort of
  14. 14. ConclusionMy culture comes from what I was raised with. From the food that I eat to theclothes that I wear. The reason that I feel half American and half Danish isbecause I have lived in both of these countries, and learned and practiced thecultures. My sponges and my lens would be orange (Danish) and blue(American) because I have developed from both my mom and dad’s culturesand made my own. I have two different cultures all in one.