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  • 1. International Desalination By: TylerInternational School of Monterey, Seaside, CA April 2013
  • 2. Guiding Questions• What is Desalination?• Where is it used in the world?• How do other countries use desalination?• What are the benefits/enviromental Impacts?• How can we take what other countries are doing and apply it in America?
  • 3. What is Desalination?• Desalination is a method of removing salt, saline and minerals from unpurified water to become drinking water.
  • 4. Methods of Desalination There are three main methods of Desalination 1. Reverse Osmosis (RO). 2. Vacuum distillation. 3. Multi-stage flash distillation. The method that is used most frequently is RO.
  • 5. Reverse Osmosis
  • 6. Vacuum Distillation• The process of boiling H2O to a point of purification.
  • 7. Multi-stage flash distillation
  • 8. What are the Byproducts ? There are three main byproducts of Desalination • Salt • Brine • Minerals and Heavy Metals.
  • 9. Worldwide Desalination Plants
  • 10. Plants with Large Capacity
  • 11. Worlds Most SignificantDesalinators• Israel – largest seawater Reverse Osmosis Plant in the world.• Spain - has the largest Desalination capacity in the western world.• United Arab Emirates – has the worlds largest Desalination plant in the world .
  • 12. Jebel Ali,United Arab Emirates On April 8, 2013 the largest Desalination Power plant opened in the United Arab Emirates• Largest Desalination plant in the world.• Method: Multi- Stage Flash Distillation.
  • 13. Jebel Ali,United Arab Emirates• The plant is located near a large body of water, Persian Gulf.
  • 14. Jebel Ali,United Arab Emirates(con’t)• Produces 300 million cubic meters of water per year.• It produce energy and is a desalination facility.Special Feature: Produces energy that aids in the desalination process
  • 15. How do other countriesuse Desalination ?• Household Uses• Drinking & Bathing• Agriculture• Manufacturing• Medical & Firefighting
  • 16. What are the benefits ?There are many benefits to desalination• It can produce large amounts of water in areas where freshwater is limited.• Recreational uses in arid areas.• Clean water improves food production.• Clean Water reduces the spread of diseases.
  • 17. Environmental Impacts• Uses High energy/some burns fossil fuels.• Intake pipes suck in fish and sealife.• Outflow is brine – high content of salts, acids, etc.• Heavy metals are passed to humans through seafood.
  • 18. How can we use whatother countries are doingand apply it in America?
  • 19. Uses in America ~ Benefits ~1. We could use it as an alternate water source • Wildlife, Recreational to using freshwater uses, from our aquifers. • Air Quality would improve2. Solar Powered Desalination – Would be less of an impact to the atmosphere by not • Provide drinking water in releasing harmful high populated areas gases.3. Build Desalination in high populated areas.
  • 20. Bibliography/Referenceshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/desalination Jeff Salton, (April 8, 2010)http://www.gizmag.com/sea-kettle-life-raft-makes- IBM’s solar powered desalination sea-water-drinkable/15903/http://www.gizmag.com/mit-solar-powered-portable- plant to hydrate the Saudi desert desalination=system/16757/picture/123... online.http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-04-08/u-a-e-s- largest-power-water-desalination-p... Paul Ridden (August 1, 2010).http://www.gizmag.com/ibm-solar-powered- desalination/14760 The Sea-Kettle life raft will makehttp://www.7daysindubai.com/Power-surge-huge- drinking water from the sea. UEA-plant-opens-Jebel-Ali/story-1864... MIT develops solar powered, portable desalination system. Randy Hakely (April 8, 2013) U.A.E’s Largest Power, Water desalination Plant Is Inaugurated. Power surge as hug U.A.E plant opens in Jebel Ali.myraA7days.ae
  • 21. Questions?