Hacking the funnel
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Hacking the funnel

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My talk at the Chicago Lean Startup Circle.

My talk at the Chicago Lean Startup Circle.

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  • A cardinal principle of Total Quality escapes too many managers: you cannot continuously improve interdependent systems and processes until you progressively perfect interdependent, interpersonal relationships.

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  • \n
  • programmer to marketer\nmediocre at product good at marketing\n
  • 10X product strategy\ndon’t do this for the first 10, you know them\n10-100 hit the trough\n
  • \n
  • 1. 1 page per source\n2. A/B testing\n3. Ad/message matching\n4. context of use - Photo of product used in real life\n5. videos increase conversion\n6. directional cues for call to action\n7. balance data vs. conversion. long forms don’t work. test this\n8. edit ruthlessly. remove half of your words. then half again too many words kill\n9. enable social sharing\n10. social proof - testimonials and social streams\n11. one page, one purpose each element supports a single objective\n12. post conversion marketing - confirmation screens, next step links and options to follow you \n\n\n
  • home tour pricing\ntoo many links give them too many options\nhalf life\n
  • its not about gut, its about data\nhippo highest paid person’s opinion\n
  • how it works - this is oversimplified...\n90th %\nuse a calculator\ntools - unbounce, optimizely, google website optimizer, visual website optimizer\n
  • \n
  • 60% improvement\npundits aren’t always right\n
  • \n
  • you want landing pages for each of these\nthe message on the page should match the message in the media\n\n
  • a web page for each keyword\nyou should coordinate ppc with seo\n
  • timing of messages\nthought leadership or curation\ndon’t discount google+ link juice\nfacebook fan page\nlinked in posts\n
  • down on ppc because they don’t understand how to use it. 60B industry\nkeywords. ads must match message\nlook at what your competitors are doing keyword spy\na/b test the hell out of it\non board of company that gets almost all their new customers this way Bernhard makes it work.\nsearch for coupons\nlong tail keywords\ntry them all, don’t form opinions bing has better CAC/higher plan customers\nstartup america\n
  • flipboard or feedera\nNews google alerts\nwrite a bunch of tweets at once\nguest blog post both ways\ncross post your blog - BIC\nvideo series = whiteboard fridays\nDetailed based on extensive research or interview with SME\n
  • Explain all that goes into CAC\nuse your rate in the outside world, don’t discount your time\n
  • activation conversion path track events\nAlso good to know how many times someone comes before they convert\nWhy GA sux. kissmetrics or mixpanel\nvanity metrics - page views people buy software pageviews don’t correlate\nfacebook fans (edgerank), twitter followers (followerwonk)/retweets, mentions\nemail open rates (tests subject lines, instead of CTR) \n
  • Activation is who moves from free trial to paid\nWhat is the key path for folks who convert?\n\n
  • email drip marketing welcome, features, offer to help, ask if you can call them for an exit interview, survey\nA/B test this\nin app - banner or lightbox\nphone calls\n
  • \n
  • initially, you will be below 10%\nbreak it down into events\n
  • newsletter - tips tricks, new features, featured customer\nPhone - call them, customer interviews, push for apps\nconferences and webinars\nonline forums like user voice, get satisfaction\n
  • cross sell, upsell\nadd ons\ncreate some kick ass features and put them in a premium plan\n
  • referrals referral programs subscriptions, ipads, gift cards, etc.\ndiscount codes for their buddies\nsharing with sign up (limited viewer or limited time usage) - creates virality\ncontests\nadvisory board\nlikes on facebook, tweets\n
  • \n
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  • 1. Hacking the Funnel Metrics and Strategies to Get, Keep, and Grow Customers
  • 2. “Business has only two major functions:marketing and innovation” --Peter Drucker
  • 3. What is a funnel?
  • 4. No More Than 3 Pages
  • 5. Awareness
  • 6. Paid vs Earned
  • 7. OR
  • 8. Paid• Adwords• Bing/Yahoo• Facebook• Twitter• Linkedin• Affiliate marketing• Email lists
  • 9. 1-7-30-4-2-1Marketing Calendar Bi- Daily Weekly Monthly Quarterly Yearly annually Publish a whitepaper Blog post Guest Blog Produce an Host an event Post Create an annual VideoNews updates ebook industry Webinar Newsletter report Participate in RSS Feeds Create an forums Participate in Podcast infographic Redesign a trade show Twitter your site A/B testing updates Share a Have a Create a new presentation contest Host a Update some brochure on Slideshare roundtable content Create a video series
  • 10. Acquisition Key Metrics • CAC per channel • Conversion rate per channel • Average sale/channel • Most viewed channels
  • 11. Engagement 1.Login 2.Upload Pictures 3.Tag Pictures 4.Share Pictures 5.Comment on other’s pictures Key Metrics:• % who convert from free to paid• Which events did they do
  • 12. Retention Key Metrics • Lifetime value • Average time between visits • Key events triggered • Complaints, support tickets/ customer • Net Promoter Score
  • 13. Retention Tactics
  • 14. Key Metrics•Referral Rate•CAC for referrals
  • 15. Resourcestoddwyder@gmail.com @toddwyder
  • 16. ?