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Mad anthony wayne
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Mad anthony wayne


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  • 1. The Mad Anthony Wayne Blockhouse Memorial
    By: William Kraus and Todd Willis
  • 2. Going to the Mad Anthony Wayne Memorial
  • 3. Sight Observations
  • 4. Sound and Smell Observations
  • 5. Questions That Arose
    How tall is the Blockhouse?
    How long did it take to build?
    What materials were used to build it?
    How old is the Blockhouse?
    Why was it built?
    What was it used for?
    Who is Mad Anthony Wayne?
    What did he do?
    Why was he buried here?
    Why was the Blockhouse shaped like it is?
  • 6. Context of the Work
    Social: The Blockhouse may be used as a tourist destination and an educational attraction for children learning about the Revolutionary War
    Cultural: Location- why was the Blockhouse built behind the Soldiers and Sailors home?
  • 7. Context of the Work Cont.
  • 8. General Anthony Wayne
  • 9. His Final Resting Place
    “General, if you will only plan it, I will storm hell.”
  • 10. Anthony Wayne Memorial
  • 11. Connection to Avalon Exhibit
    Creating a still-life picture that tells a story
    The use of dolls
    The condition of the exhibit portrays Mad Anthony’s stay at the Blockhouse in his final days
    Dire situation
    Replication of an environment
    Objects on the table were not under glass like at the Avalon exhibit. You could touch them
  • 12. Mind Map
  • 13. Projects for Students
    Students can research information about what was going on during the time when Mad Anthony Wayne was alive.
    Anthony Wayne was a General in the Revolutionary War. What generals and what is their job?
    Use popsicle sticks to build the Blockhouse
    Design their own flags
    Measure the dimensions of the building
    Calculate the height of the Blockhouse by using Trigonometry (use the shadow)
  • 14. Projects for Students Cont.
    Why did the builders use wood to make the structure? What properties of wood make it an ideal building material?
    How has the environment caused the weathering of the building? (i.e. the effects of water, ice, heat, cold, wind)
    Write a story about the Revolutionary War or Mad Anthony Wayne.
    Learn how to spell words like; Revolutionary, soldier, sailor, General, etc…
    Write a song about Mad Anthony Wayne
    Learn about war drummers and how they used a drum to keep the march in time
  • 15. Line of Inquiry
    Why did they build a second Blockhouse? How did they reconstruct the site without disturbing the grave site?
  • 16. Key Ideas
    Important historical site for Erie because of how it connects to the Revolutionary War.
    This site is ideal for school children who visit because it has an exploratory aspect with a lot of historical contextual information.
  • 17. Personal Reflections
    Building looked really old
    Reminded us of a museum
    Reminded us of a camp site cabin
    Nervous about walking up the spiral staircase to the second floor
    The way the light got in through the cracks in the windows created unique lighting
  • 18. References (2011). Where Mad Anthony Wayne Died. Retrieved from