Why iPads?
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  • 1. iPads at DLS DLS 2012+
  • 2. A New Approach • This is a growing wave in educational conversations. • Numerous schools recognizing the potential for improved instructional techniques and dynamic learning.? • Apple recently began to focus on creating high school textbooks for download.
  • 3. Education Decisions • Every DLS student will be issued at iPad as part of their learning tools. • Students will be issued a certain set of educational apps but will also be able to personalize it with additional other appropriate apps, etc.
  • 4. Why the iPad vs laptop, etc? 1. Engages Students Students respond well to it, helps create an interactive learning environment. 2. Easy to Use (battery life, size, boot time, intuitive, etc)
  • 5. Specific Topic AppsThe iPad offers teachers specialized apps for dynamic lessons on certain units or content areas.With it, students can access information more easily and more graphically than before. For example…
  • 6. Interactive Maps for Geography
  • 7. Anatomy/Biology Diagrams
  • 8. Music Theory
  • 9. Historical Information
  • 10. Explanations of Literature
  • 11. Combine/Replace TechnologyThe iPad also takes existingtechnology and combines itinto one device for easier accessand smoother integration. •Laptops •Clickers •Student Slates •Cameras •Interactive •TV/Monitors White Boards •Books •Flashcards •Calculators
  • 12. Presentations/Video Projects • Creating daily access to tools such as iMovie and Keynote for every student to use in class presentations.
  • 13. Graphing Software• Replacing graphing calculators in math classes with larger screen devices
  • 14. Downloadable Literature Online literature books etc, beginning to remove the need to carry a large load of books back and forth, making backpacks lighter for students.
  • 15. Downloadable Textbooks Textbooks with interactive graphics, diagrams, hyperlinks, and pop out dictionary definitions, etc.
  • 16. Annotate TextAbility for students to take notesdirectly in their textbooks.
  • 17. iBooks Author• Teachers able to create their own textbooks that match their instruction.
  • 18. White Board Projection• Teacher able to project their screen to projector, or to show it on every student iPad.
  • 19. Record/Share Presentations • Teachers able to record their voice and interactive whiteboard-like presentations for upload for students to watch again later.
  • 20. Student Response Slates • Students can respond to teacher by showing their work or collaborating on solutions within a class period.
  • 21. Student Note Taking• Students able to take notes including diagrams. Handwriting recognition software offers easy conversion possibilities.
  • 22. Place Pictures Within Notes • Students can place pictures within their notes and annotate. These pictures could be of a class handout, or something done in class that day.
  • 23. Camera/Microphone • Use the camera to take pictures of the notes on the board or a copy of a friends notes if absent. • Microphone used to record voice in Spanish or music class and submit online. • Use Dragon Dictation to help write papers with less typing.
  • 24. Student Response Systems • Teachers able to use interactive polling software during class to test how well students are mastering a concept.
  • 25. Productivity + Communication• In addition to classroom applications, iPads offer a different way of moving and sharing information .
  • 26. School Data Systems• Portable administrative access to relevant school data.
  • 27. Cloud Data• Student data stored in accounts accessible both at school and at home.• Makes it harder to “forget your homework at home.”
  • 28. Face Communication• Work collaboratively with other using the camera to talk face to face or show what you are discussing.
  • 29. Assistance Opportunities • iPads offer organizational aids like: alarms, calendars, organizational apps. • Students with vision or hearing issues can change the font or picture size as well as have text read aloud in low light situations (like riding back from a game.)
  • 30. Electronic Submission • A class worksheet can be distributed electronically, filled out by hand (or by stylus) on the ipad screen, handwriting can be converted to type, and assignments submitted online (from home) with a time stamp of when they were received.
  • 31. Questions?• We know that new tech possibilities create numerous questions.• The answers we do have will be shared in the coming months.• The answers we do not have we are excited to learn together.
  • 32. iPads at DLS DLS 2012+