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Hydrogen project






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    Hydrogen project Hydrogen project Presentation Transcript

    • Wow! Hydrogen Emma Cordray
    • Section One! State of Matter (Gas) Atomic Number 1 Valence Electron Chemical Symbol Element NameBy EC (Emma Cordray) Atomic Mass
    • Hydrogen is Number One! (literally)
    • Section Two!Atomic Mass- 1.01 AMU3 Common Isotopes- 1. 1H (Protium) 2. 2H(Deuterium) 3. 3H (Tritium)Common Compounds- H2O,NH3,CH4, C11H22O11, H2O2, HCI (Water, Ammonia, Methane,Table Sugar, Hydrogen Peroxide,Hydrochloric Acid)
    • I Section Three! disc d over eDiscoverer- Henry Cavendish Hyd roge nOctober 10, 1731- February 24, 1810Attended Cambridge University from 1749-1753, but left without a degreeAn English Chemist and Physicist whodiscovered Hydrogen and also discoveredNitrogen1st to describe the composition of waterMade the first accurate measurement of thedensity of the earthHydrogen was discovered in 1766 in theUnited Kingdom
    • Environmental/ Social Impacts- Section Four! Harmful- highly flammablewith a nearly-invisible flame thatcan cause accidental burns. Also,getting it from mines is harmful topeople and the environment! Fuel Cells- an engine thatburns pure hydrogen makes nopollution. In fact, the only productis clean water! NASA has usedliquid hydrogen since the 1970s!Problem- we could run out of thehydrogen and the water to fuel thecells. We are already running outof water, without the fuel cells!This is promising for heat,
    • 1 Electron My Drawing ofHydrogen 1 Proton No Neutrons!
    • Section 6!Family Group and Name- Group One, No Name! (it is notan Alkali Metal)Non-metalDensity: 0.00008988 g/cm3Melting Point: -259.34 degrees CelsiusBoiling Point: -252. 87 degrees Celsius NASA image-Colorless immense amounts ofOdorless hydrogen in remoteTasteless galaxies
    • Uses of Hydrogen!Cost- pure- $12 for 100 mg.1. Haber Project (production of ammonia)2. Hydrogenation of fats and oils (charge with orcause to be combined with Hydrogen)3. Methanol Production4. Hydro-cracking (breaking large hydrocarbonsinto smaller pieces)5. Hydrodesulfurization6. Metal Refining
    • Did you know...The sun is made partly of Hydrogen?
    • Uses of Hydrogen- Fuel CellsHealthier alternative for currenthydrocarbon(oil, gas, and coal)based economy.The only byproduct is clean water-NO POLLUTANTSProduces energy with none of thepollutionUnfortunately, this is not possibleuntil solar or wind energies can beused commercially to split waterinto hydrogen and oxygenProblem- we dont have enoughavailable water to use for this
    • Interesting Facts!10% of the weight of living organisms ishydrogen!Liquid Hydrogen has the lowest density of allliquid!Hydrogen is the only element that can existwithout neutrons!Believed to be one of 3 elements produced in theBig Bang! (Others were helium and lithium)Most abundant element in the universe!We owe most of the energy on the planet tohydrogen. The Suns nuclear fires convert
    • Thanks for learning about Hydrogen! Emma Cordray
    • Bibliography: