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Green Touch Presentation Rel.4.1

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Non- Non disclosure agreement N -di l t The information contained i thi Th i f ti t i d in this document, is the property of Comway ltd, is the know-how d ltd i th k h developed over th l d the years and is therefore considered confidential. Therefore, this document cannot be divulged, divulged used or copied, in whole or in copied part, outside of your organization. GreenTouch its a Brand of Comway ltd.
  3. 3. Advertising T d Ad ti i Today The future needs to communicate with people. People are thirsty of information, messages, texts, t t sounds, news, and everything th t can d d thi that simplify, assist and guide the process of purchasing goods or services. h i d i The accessibility of information is the key driver in satisfying the technology user Improving customer service (while increasing sales) and increasing the efficiency of the ) ff f process are the key requirements for the retailer. t il
  4. 4. Why Digitall Si Wh Di it Signage? ? There are three characteristics of Digital Signage: 1.showing information, with LCD screens or video projections; id j ti 2.showing a message in a specific place at a specific time; 3. h 3 changing th messages i real ti i the in l time without modify the billboards.
  5. 5. Dynamic Digitall Si D i Di it Signage Dynamic Digital Signage (DDS) is when the contents change frequently( are not static). The DDS is what the advertisers are looking for at this moment: accurate choice of the target, obtaining attention of customers, and return on the investment customers investment. DDS combines a power of mass communication with a precision of niche market. market DDS is the result of the convergence between computers, computers electronic displays and mediamedia. The driving force that justifies the rapid growth of the DDS is the strong market demand for a communications medium that provides the opportunity to reach a target with a better focus and efficiency than the traditional y media.
  6. 6. Digital Signage - Wh iis it? Di it l Si Who One can manage and update different kinds of contents (avi, mpeg, Live TV, satellite feeds, etc..), static and animated graphics, textual information fixed or in motion graphics (horizontal scrolling - Vertical scrolling or crawling) using CMS web application and multimedia authoring system. pp g y The contents are sent directly to the online server via any internet connection. The server sends via Internet or other connection or wireless IP based content to several devices. The display device can be placed anywhere and consists of LCD screens or Innovative Interactive Screen on glass surfaces (Shops Windows, B k Wi d f (Sh Wi d Bank Windows, etc..). t )
  7. 7. Digital Signage - B Di it l Si Benefit fit Reduce costs and save time You can change the content from one remote location and you can customize c stomi e the information displayed on each screen or gro p of screens displa ed group screens. Quick and easy update of contents You Y can quickly and easily change th di l i kl d il h the displayed i f d information and advertising ti d d ti i content, from a single remote pc via Internet, using the CMS software, You can customize the information displayed on each screen or g p of p y group screens in your screen’s network. Earn profits with the network of screens You can make money from the network of screens like a TV channel, selling advertising space. The service can be offered to more advertisers than static advertisements in print with less crowding of the spaces and more p g p effective communication.
  8. 8. Digital Signage - B Di it l Si Benefit fit Improving the effectiveness of the advertising message A digital advertising is more attractive than a conventional advertising: once it attracts the attention of potential customers, it is more likely to influence their decisions. Use of Standard formats for media files You do not need to spend more money to recreate the existing information p y g and advertising campaigns. You can reuse the advertising content with a few changes made for TV, newspapers or the web. Support and technical S t dt h i l You can constantly check each screen of the network with centralized application and automatically activate the service
  9. 9. GreenTouch GreenTouch is a solution for publishing interactive advertising content. GreenTouch transforms a normal shop window into an interacti e area with indo interactive ith multimedia images, videos, music and motion graphics that can better capture g p p people's attention. GreenTouch uses "Touch Screen“ technology with which a business can implement information services, and the customers can look for information they want, even when the store is closed. GreenTouch is placed completely inside p p y the store. For security reasons no devices are placed outside.
  10. 10. Why GreenTouch ? 80% of purchasing decisions are made when the customer is already inside the store. y A shop window is a store’s business card and can be considered a natural "seller". seller Shop windows on the street at a glance show the identity of the store and its commercial vocation-that’s why it’s so y important to get customers inside the store. If well-arranged the shop windows are the well arranged best invitation to enter the store.
  11. 11. Why GreenTouch ? You must use the hot spots of the shop window, because not everything that is exposed in the shop’s window shop s gets the same attention from customers. The observation of actual customer behavior shows that the same product you sell a lot more when it is placed in a "point of attraction" than when it is exposed in other areas of the shop window. When the customer is in front of the window, his gaze 170 cm tends to focus on the band is approximately 15 degrees below eye level level. Considering the average height, the ideal plan for the display of objects is therefore approximately 1 45 m 1.45 above the ground. The point of the shop window on which the attention is naturally focused at the center of the vertical wall at eye level, exactly where GreenTouch places his Interactive Solutions Solutions.
  12. 12. GreenTouch - S l ti G T h Solutions Shop Window OloStand Kiosk
  13. 13. GreenTouch – Shop Window GreenTouch is placed completely inside the store. For security reasons no devices are placed outside outside. • Size: 40”, 50”, 60”, 80”, 100”. 4:3 - 16:9. • Rear Projection from Ceiling or Table. • Video projectors 3000/3500/4000 Ansi Lumen • PC Optionals. • Controller mini-USB 2.0/RS232. •Di Driver and S ft d Software f Mi for Microsoft Wi d ft Windows XP/Vi t /Wi d XP/Vista/Windows 7
  14. 14. GreenTouch – OloStand GreenTouch is placed completely inside the store. No devices, even for security reasons, it is placed outside. •Size: : 40”, 60”. 4:3, 16:9. •Video projectors with asferic mirror 3000 Ansi Lumen. •PC Opzional •Controller mini-USB 2.0/RS232. •Driver e Software for Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
  15. 15. GreenTouch – Kiosk GreenTouch Kiosk is inside the shop, public spaces or even outside outside. Using the technology "Touch Screen" you can implement i f i l t information services "S lf S i " ti i "Self Service". GreenTouch Kiosk is ideal for communicating in an innovative way. In a single p g product, combining a large LCD display, , g g p y, high resolution (1920x1080 HD READY) is capable of displaying images (slide show of photos, movies videos movies, photos movies, videos, movies video clips clips, commercials, etc..), and to provide a audio quality, given by speakers supplemented by 10 W Size: 32”40"; 42"; 46"; 52"; 57"; 70". (Indoor/Outdoor) PC Opzional
  16. 16. GreenTouch – Examples
  17. 17. Todd Mcnulty + 1 212 363 0240 Cataldo De Franco + 1 631 599 5497 Head Quarter - London Q Suite B, 29 Harley Street W1N 1DA – UK email: