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Presented at Gulf States PCMA in April 2012, the presentation provides tips and tricks to make cost-effective video marketing for your event. Also included is one of the world's ugliest title slides.

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  • ladies and gentlemen. . I present to you the worst title slide in Powerpoint history. Wait.. I thought it was the worst and then I realized I was missing some clip art....
  • My whole goal is to at least give you 1 useful idea today. If I’m attending a seminar or watching a webinar and I get at least 1 idea that I can use the next day, then I consider my time not wasted.
  • I remember a few years ago when one of my friends asked me if I remembered the Living in a Van down by the River sketch on SNL? Chitika is an online ad network and data analytics firm with offices in the U.S. and India Now how many of us just assume that it’s going to be on there and get angry when we can’t find it?
  • Dallas – pcmahq – The Expo Group – Playlists - 1 note.. story about Metalcon – don’t lose your password – about a year ago, they cleaned up the channel and got rid of a bunch of clutter. Very clean look.
  • mobile ready – auto convert to HTML 5 for mobile – cross platform. easily shared across social media platforms and on your site. no strain on your servers. stigma of having a youtube video on your site is pretty much gone.
  • 199 a year
  • Be yourself – tell a story –what’s the goal – share a case study or customer testimonial, - interview attendees – engage them during and after an event – capture highlights – buzz – hour of stuff? cut it up and piece it out – call to action – should always be sign up for our email list/newsletter at least like us on FB – short and sweet.
  • Demo Product/Service Testimonials Office Tour/Event Address Questions
  • Demo Product/Service Testimonials Office Tour/Event Address Questions
  • Tipsandtricksvideomarketing

    1. 1. Tips by Todd Carruth
    2. 2. At least one useful idea.
    3. 3. In the next 25 minutes... Why you should create a YouTube channel & other video storage options Tips on creating content and camera techniques You’ve got content. Now what?
    4. 4. Did You Know?Over the next 2 years In 2011, mobile web traffic up 35%.90% of all web traffic (100m smart phone subscribers in US) will be video YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine.
    5. 5. Go claim your channel!
    6. 6. Go claim your channel!mobile-readyeasily sharedno strainstigma is mostly gone
    7. 7. brand as your ownmobile-readyeasily sharedno strainclassy
    8. 8. Tips on creating content and camera techniquesbe authentictell a storyinterview attendeescapture highlightskeep buzz goingcall to actionshort and sweet
    9. 9. Tips on creating content and camera techniqueshow to holddouble tapsteady as she goesstep backbe preparedtry some apps
    10. 10. Tips on camera techniques from mobile phones to camcorders
    11. 11. Tips on camera techniques from mobile phones to camcorders
    12. 12. Tips on camera techniques from mobile phones to camcorders
    13. 13. You’ve got content. Now what?online editorsfree/cheapfasteasy to sharelimited to :30*
    14. 14. You’ve got content. Now what?AppsEdit on your phonegoogle video appsVideoliciousiSupr8iMovieAnimoto