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  • Good Afternoon
    Its an pleasure to be here today and thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak to you about Global Resourcing and what we are doing to create Centres of Excellence for Collections.
  • Hsbc ppt

    1. 1. (BPO) Case study HSBC
    2. 2. ITES / BPO Industry in India
    3. 3. ITES / BPO Industry in India Growth of Indian ITES - BPO USD Billion 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 1999 2000 2000 2001 2001 2002 2002 2003 2003 2004 2004 - 05 E Year The industry has grown and is maturing Global sourcing…..not just a passing fad….but a business imperative Global demand for ITES /BPO grew by 10.5 %, to reach USD 447.7 billion in 2004
    4. 4. 2004…Turning point Indian ITES / BPO – fastest growing segment Forecasted to reach USD 5.7 billion in FY 2005 Domestic revenues are expected to double in FY 2005 Industry employee strength of over 250,000 and expected to grow by 40 percent in ’05 Employment in sector to exceed one Million by FY ’07-’08 India remains the most widely used off-shore location and is expected to see maximum increase in spending in 2005…….Morgan Stanley source: NASSCOM
    5. 5. Drivers of Growth Competitive pressure Impact on profitability Focus on more cost efficient business model Ability of Indian vendors to ramp up operations rapidly Expanding service offerings Shift towards high value services Sustained cost advantage Delivery process enhancement and improvement Resource flexibility Large pool of technically qualified, English speaking resource
    6. 6. Potential High Growth Areas Customer Analytics and CRM HR Outsourcing Legal transcript support Knowledge process outsourcing Market research Equity research Engineering design Animation and simulation R & D ( non IT areas)
    7. 7. Potential High Growth Areas Financial Services outsourcing …..already witnessing explosive growth Insurance underwriting Fund management Risk assessment and actuarial analytics Commodities processing services Debt collection and recovery Equity research Financial data mining and modelling Corporate & Market research Banking & Financial Services Industry continues to be the largest vertical market for Indian ITES / BPO
    8. 8. Impact of this growth on Employment Impact of this growth will be on the general population. Sector can employ ordinary graduates or even non-graduates Most importantly, this growth will open avenues to a wide range of specialist skill sets From basic customer service to analytics, underwriting and even Engineering R & D. Employment in sector to exceed one Million by FY ’07-’08
    9. 9. Basic Skill Requirements Basic Computer knowledge (For general processes) Excellent Communication Skills (Neutral Accent, clear speech, good grammar & language etc.) Customer Interaction Skills (Customer handling skills, telephone etiquette, empathy and listening skills etc.) Understand the target groups and their cultures
    10. 10. Basic Skill Requirements Positive attitudes like: commitment to understanding customers solving their problems motivation to work hard. The process training is given in-house by the ITES companies but the base skills like communication; interactive skills and attitudes etc are expected prior to hiring and form the criteria of screening for ITES jobs.
    11. 11. Skills Requirement by Vertical SEGMENTS Call center SKILLS REQUIRED Remote customer interaction Good communication and language skills, accent understanding team leadership, basic computing skills Language and accent understanding Date search, Integration Computing, language and analytical skills Human Resource Services Country specific HR policies, rules and regulations Remote education Subject knowledge, computing and language skills Engineering and design Technical and engineering design and computing skills Translation, medical transcription and Localisation Animation Language understanding, basic computing (word processing knowledge) and understanding of various medical terminologies Drawing and creative skills, computer graphic skills Finance and accounting International/ country specific accounting rules Market Research Understanding statistical sales and marketing concepts Network Consultancy and management Understanding different network configurations and support equipment, technical/ computing skills
    12. 12. India …….global players
    13. 13. Career vs. Job Opportunity
    14. 14. HSBC Global Resourcing ……a career opportunity…….
    15. 15. The HSBC Group One of the largest banking & financial services organisations in the world Top 5 brands worldwide Over 9,800 offices worldwide 253,000 employees in 77 countries and territories Over 110 million customers worldwide with a total e-customer base of almost 20 million Global Resourcing Global function of HSBC, with direct reporting relationship with GHQ
    16. 16. Global Resourcing Is an essential element of HSBC Group and contributes to the Group Strategy of Managing for Growth which is based on a strong coherent management of costs and investments Consists of 11 Group Service Centres located across 5 countries in Asia Partners with other HSBC business areas to provide world-class customer service, contributing to HSBC’s business success Customer Service Customers Branch Group Service Centre
    17. 17. Group Service Centres Bangalore Colombo Guangzhou Hyderabad Kolkata Guangzhou Hyderabad Malaysia Shanghai The Philippines Vizag
    18. 18. Group Service Centres - Centres of Excellence Payments Trade CIBM Consumer Finance Customer Care Credit Insurance Mortgage HR Analytics Finance IT Operations Securities/ Investments Brings together a set of functions, expertise or skills, performed to a world class Group Service Centre, Vizag Established June 2004 standard
    19. 19. Working with HSBC Global Resourcing Opportunity to be a part of one the world’s fastest growing industries Work in a secure world class environment Rewarding growth opportunities Training and development to handle global challenges Competitive compensation and benefits
    20. 20. Growth in HSBC Global Resourcing RADHIKA DHARANIKOTA Processing Executive in Oct 2000 Manager – Project & Planning in Nov 2003 SRIDHAR REDDY System Admn Executive in Jan 2001 Manager – Data Centre in Jan 2004
    21. 21. Growth in HSBC Global Resourcing MONA SAXENA VIJI VARGHESE Processing Executive in May 2001 Asst Manager – Training in May 2000 Asst Vice President – Compliance in Jan 2005 Asst Vice President – Planning in Feb 2004 MANISH MANDHYAN SUNIL BINGI Asst Manager – Training in May 2000 Processing Executive in April 2002 Vice President – Operations in Dec 2004 Manager – Compliance in Jan 2005
    22. 22. In Summary ITES / BPO One of the fastest growing industries in India Dynamic, challenging environment Competitive compensation and benefits package Vast range of verticals to choose from caters to almost every industry – opportunity to develop specialist skills Unmatched learning, development and growth opportunities Global exposure Caring and empathetic employers Compelling Career Proposition
    23. 23. Questions